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Breakdown: CFOs Don’t Buy the GenAI Hype

Despite all of the hype (or perhaps because of it), CFOs have yet to jump into the generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) bandwagon. A recent survey by Deloitte, as well as comments by IT vendors and software development firms, show that… Read More »

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Fintech in the Caribbean? Jamaica Raises its Hand

Various jurisdictions in the Caribbean are very well known for their financial sectors. Countries such as The Bahamas, Dominica and The Cayman Islands have well-established offshore banking services. However, as offshore banking receives more scrutiny from organizations like the European… Read More »

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Hirings Remain Hot Even as Delivery Center Openings Decrease

A stormy macroeconomic landscape has led to a downsizing of nearshore/offshore delivery center setups in the Americas. While the trend is far from spelling certain doom for the region’s future as a hub for the delivery of BPO/ITO services, it… Read More »

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Breakdown: What LATAM’s Low R&D Numbers Really Tell Us

R&D investment has been identified as a major factor in the success of the tech industry’s innovation ecosystems. With several Latin American cities claiming to be the region’s equivalent of Silicon Valley, one would assume that R&D investment holds an… Read More »

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Special Report: Jamaica’s Soft Skills and “Can Do” Attitude Put the Country in a Unique Category

Jamaica keeps gaining ground over other geos in the race to become a top player in the global services sector (GSS), thanks in great part to its population’s inherent soft skills. Nearshore Americas’ latest white paper dives deep into the… Read More »