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Four Best Practices for Developing High Availability Applications

User experience is now at the forefront of most organizations’ software development strategies. Service outages or system failures that disrupt users can quickly damage brand reputation, leading companies to find high availability solutions… Read More »


Freelance Platforms Are Disrupting the Traditional Nearshore Model

Benito Abraham credits the freelance platform Upwork with giving him and his career a new lease of life. After 12 years in a senior role at a traditional tech outsourcing company, he made… Read More »


What Impact Will the Recent US Election Have on Business in Latin America?

While legal wranglings over the recent US presidential election may drag on for some time, Joe Biden is almost certain to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America… Read More »


Price Benchmarking Grows More Intelligent, Forcing Greater Transparency

Benchmarking has long been a source of strain for the relationship between customers and service providers. The potential for disagreements over price comparisons and contractual obligations is huge, and market price analysis can… Read More »


Has the Pandemic Truly Accelerated Digital Transformation For Businesses?

In recent weeks, various publications have argued businesses have experienced accelerated digital transformation, having to adopt and invest in new technologies to keep operating efficiently and capitalize on the opportunities emerging in the… Read More »

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Covid-19 Vaccine: Not All Nearshore Regions to Benefit Equally

There has been some blockbuster news regarding a possible Covid-19 vaccine – first from Pfizer-BioNTech, then from Moderna. These ands other vaccine developments could have profound implications for Nearshore providers. The initial Pfizer-BioNTech… Read More »

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IT Providers Frustrated by Years of H1B Visa Chaos

As the US government continues to restrict the movement of tech professionals with H1B visas, foreign IT services providers are feeling frustrated, with a few of them questioning how to sustain the previously… Read More »

Biden and a New Era of Engagement in the Caribbean

The United States is enduring a period of intense internal struggle. As these battles wage on, one naturally questions the level of engagement the new Biden Administration will have with the English-speaking Caribbean… Read More »

The 7 Biggest Reasons to Renegotiate Your IT Contract

IT contracts can have a lot of pitfalls. Deciding to renegotiate is a big step but for many clients the last few months have exposed partner weaknesses that are too large to ignore.… Read More »

Corporate Venture Capital and the Nearshore Opportunity

The pandemic has accelerated the push to digital transformation, with corporate venture capital (CVC) on the move. This global phenomenon includes Latin America, where CVCs are extending their reach. “CVC thrives when there… Read More »

Teleperformance Gets Behind “Cloud Campus” Model in Colombia

The Covid-19 lockdowns that began earlier this year threw the BPO sector into disarray. International media outlets have reported extrensively on the delays and disruptions to service as contact centers across the world… Read More »

The United States vs. Google Will Have a Lasting Impact on the Tech Industry

The recent lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Google for monopolistic practices is very reminiscent of the United States vs. Microsoft case, which began in 1998, the same year in… Read More »

South Africa Takes Aim at the Americas and Wins With Empathy

When the full force of the global pandemic hit, many client organizations suddenly recognized that the quality of their customer relationships needed to be understood at a much deeper level. This realization led… Read More »

Nubank Plants a Flag in Colombia

Nubank, the fast-growing Brazilian neo bank, has announced that it plans to invest more than US$150 million in the next eight years in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of a new technology hub focusing… Read More »

How Chile and Ecuador’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Caught the World’s Attention

Chile and Ecuador have been identified as global leaders in early-stage entrepreneurship by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), but what makes these two Latin American nations stand out on the global stage? When… Read More »