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data center

Chile’s Data Center Boom Puts Country and Connectivity on World Map

For years, Chile has been at the forefront of Latin America’s data center industry. The digital-first mindset of successive governments, coupled with investment into a national digital highway and expansive connectivity has produced… Read More »

Robert Menendez

US Senator Menendez Warns of Imminent Dangers to Latin American Democracies

WASHINGTON – US Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today delivered the below opening remarks at this morning’s full Committee hearing on United States policy on democracy in Latin America and… Read More »


CITY PROFILE: Cochabamba Brims With Potential, Hoping to Build a Wider Foundation

Bolivia doesn’t often make the headlines in the Nearshore news roundup. Until recently, there’s been good reason for US companies to overlook it. An inactive investment promotion scene, mixed English abilities and an… Read More »


Experience is the New ROI in Business Process Management

Buyers of business process outsourcing have historically prioritized efficiencies and effectiveness as key outcomes of these services. The drivers for internal shared-service centers, or captives, were similar —deliver on business metrics, improve processes,… Read More »


Net Promoter Score: How CX Leaders Are Keeping An Old Metric Fresh

When organizations look for feedback on how their customers feel about the products and services they offer, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is often the first port of call. NPS is an indicator… Read More »

costa rica bridge

Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa Law Offers Tourists More Options in Latin America

Many of us have heard about digital nomads who travel while working remotely for a company that allows them to travel, or as freelancers. The concept has been strengthened by changes that many… Read More »


Niche AI Startup and Ambitious Founder Aim to Reverse Brain Drain in Guyana

Most recent talk of Guyana has revolved around its oil and gas boom, which, having turned the country’s fortunes on its head, also provided the thrust behind this small slice of South America… Read More »

wireless broadband

IDB Loans $45 Million to Boost Wireless Broadband Infrastructure

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has loaned U$45 million to QMC Telecom, reinforcing the carrier’s plan to boost wireless broadband infrastructure in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Deepening broadband penetration is the need of… Read More »


The Tried and Tested Methods of Getting the Most From a Nearshore Team

The best workers are highly motivated. However, to understand what drives employees, and specifically software developers in Nearshore environments, it’s crucial to know what sets them apart.  “In today’s environment, it’s important to… Read More »

News Briefs

Nearshore's Real Estate Reality
Cushman & Wakefield's José González tells us about the real estate trends to come in the New Year.

Analysis and Insights

Nearshore Forum: What’s Next for the Latin Americas’s Office Real Estate Market? (VIDEO)

Is the news that the real estate market is in free fall hyperbole or should commercial landlords begin to fear for the future of their office blocks? José Ignacio González, director of marketing… Read More »

How Does Costa Rica’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy Compare with Other Countries?

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health surprised the country when, at the end of September 2021,  it announced that the National Commission of Vaccination, a technical and independent body within the ministry, had approved… Read More »

Winning Contracts and Influencing People: Nearshore Vendors Battle to Earn Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Whether personal or business, without trust a relationship can’t flourish. This is particularly true of an outsourced business relationship where parties are separated by thousands of… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Montego Bay Climbs to New Heights as Jamaica’s “Frontier” Destination

The recurrent image of celebrities vacationing in Jamaica, frolicking on the beach, is part of what has come to shape perceptions of the country in the minds of many US consumers. Jamaica offers… Read More »

Charting Medellín’s Route to International Innovation Recognition

Innovative ecosystems are increasingly becoming relevant entities in the global economy. They can be described as the networks of private and public stakeholders and community members supporting innovation and play a pivotal role… Read More »

Education in Focus as Argentina Moves Towards Differentiation

Argentina has long been a safe bet for companies in the Nearshore market. “The knowledge services industry is the third largest export industry in Argentina, generating around US$6 billion annually. Around 60% of… Read More »

Social Enterprises Use Innovative Tools to Nurture New Developers

The severe drought of IT talent the Nearshore is experiencing means that companies are casting their nets ever wider as they search out professional profiles. Social enterprises, like Mexico City’s Hola Code, are… Read More »

As the Fintech Sector Develops, Here are the Most In-Demand Skills

Fintechs are part of a thriving ecosystem in which the demand for qualified talent is higher than the offer. According to McKinsey, there are skill gaps of 43 percent and 26 percent for… Read More »

Rising Salaries and Spiking Attrition Create Trouble for India

For decades, India has shouldered the bulk of global IT services, relying on the world’s largest and most equipped talent pool in a single nation. The country, home to over 6,000 engineering and… Read More »