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Sitel Sutherland lawsuitr court trial legal

Legal Experts See Difficult Road for Sitel in “Stolen Business” Suit

The odds might not favor Sitel Group in the next chapter of its legal battle with Sutherland Global Services, which accused the former of allegedly stealing confidential company information and using it to… Read More »


Pfizer’s “Open Campus” Symbolizes Why Aesthetics Are Truly a Big Deal

Beauty and comfort can go a long way in many contexts, including the hunt for qualified workers. Pfizer’s aware of this and has made it part of its workforce strategy to fill-up its… Read More »

autonomous vehicles

Understanding the Sensor Technology That Drives Autonomous Vehicles

Worldwide, automation use cases are spreading rapidly across various industries and sectors, with sensor-based technologies playing a fundamental role in enhancing the reach of automation. LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is one of… Read More »

nexus 2022 david r bell

Nexus 2022 Keynote: The Real World Still Matters in a Digital Landscape

Even though the world is walking deeper into its own digital creations, the fact remains: the real world is out there too, and it still holds a strong influence over its virtual counterpart.… Read More »

Sitel Group

Sutherland Alleges Sitel is Responsible for Millions in Stolen Business

Sutherland Global Services and Sitel Operating Corporation –two of the biggest players in the global BPO industry– are gearing up for a trial over alleged claims of stolen trade secrets and the loss… Read More »

Uruguay, the Underdog of LATAM’s Tech Ecosystem 5-1 screenshot

Nearshore Forum: Uruguay, the Underdog of LATAM’s Tech Ecosystem

Uruguay might be a relatively small player in a land of giants, but the country is gaining fame and momentum in Latin America’s technology landscape. Nearshore Americas had the opportunity to chat with… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Roll Video: Tackling LATAM’s IT Talent Crisis

The years keep piling up, and the tech world hasn’t been able to escape the stranglehold of its talent crisis. At Nexus 2022, a group of tech executives discussed what their respective companies… Read More »

“I Don’t Believe in US Expats Leading LATAM Teams,” Auxis CEO

“We’ve never had an expat run a country operation. We’ve never relocated somebody from the US”, said Raul Vega, Co-Founder, President and CEO of Auxis, a Nearshore outsourcing and consulting firm that has… Read More »

Roll Video: Risk and Opportunity for Nearshore Investment

What can be said about the risk of investment in the Nearshore? Economist and tech specialist Anthony Porter spoke to NSAM at Nexus 2022 about risk and opportunity for investors in the Nearshore:… Read More »

Delivery Model Diversity is Transforming Workforce Planning and the Needs of HR

BPO and ITO service providers are now spoiled for choices when it comes to their delivery options. From a traditional office setup, to full-on remote and a wealth of hybrid models, companies face… Read More »

Infographic: Top 10 Nearshore Countries for Digital Nomads Seeking a Visa

The age of the digital nomads is upon us, and governments throughout the world are jumping at the opportunity of attracting working, travel-starved foreigners with disposable income into their shores. Latin American and… Read More »

Roll Video: Flex Work, Digital Expansion and Global Recalculation in Nearshore CX

Things are moving fast in the CX space. With the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic apparently behind us, the world is still adapting to new, and more flexible work models, catching up with… Read More »

Roll Video: Nearshore’s Positioning for Digital Transformation

How well are Nearshore partners positioned to propel the digital transformation of their clients? NSAM had a one-on-one at Nexus 2022 with Rajeev Gupta, Nearshore LATAM Head and Mexico Country Head at TCS,… Read More »

Seven Strategies to Counteract Scope Creep in Software Development

Scope creep is one of the many realities faced by development teams working in the Nearshore. Whether it is avoidable or not can be debated, but the fact remains: your feet will be… Read More »

Roll Video: The Value of Site Location in a Shifting Landscape

As the landscape changes, site location becomes even more relevant for Nearshore operations. At Nexus 2022, a panel of experts conformed by Jeff Pappas (Managing Director at Mohr Partners), Sakshi Garg (VP at… Read More »