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ibex ebook

New Ebook Explores Crucial Advancements in Nearshore CX

Nearshore Americas is to release a new Ebook titled “The Digital Transformation of Nearshore CX”, illustrating how organizations can leverage the power of new digital technologies to enhance their customer experience (CX) service.… Read More »

digital teams

Why Data-Driven Approaches to Digital Growth Matter

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on approaches to digital transformation is set to be significant. As Forrester Research’s 30 Predictions Report points out: “2021 will be the year that every company —… Read More »

Zaha - Prospera

A ‘Private’ Development Hub in Honduras Leans on a Revolutionary Model

Tropical getaways for tech professionals eager to escape their own concrete jungles have been big news over the pandemic. But Próspera, a new ‘prosperity hub’ off the coast of Honduras, is taking that… Read More »

fintech banking

Booming Fintech Brings More Talent Opportunities to LatAm’s Door

The banking sector is going through a complete worldwide reshaping. According to McKinsey, Latin America stands out as the region that had the fastest growth in the payments sector in 2019. Latin America… Read More »

latin american map

Don’t Believe the Hype: Latin America is Not Melting Down

Read the news from Latin America lately? Doesn’t matter where you turn, it’s the same old story: the region – via corruption, violence and authoritarianism – is descending into a new level of… Read More »

uber eats

Q&A: Uber Weighs in on the Nearshore Explosion

Lisa Stoner is the Global Head of Support Operations at Uber, meaning she is responsible for six main pillars within Uber’s global customer care and community care environment. She deals with one-on-one customer… Read More »


Building a Future-fit Skilling Ecosystem for Human-ware Tomorrow

In the 1980s, Japanese carmakers faced a unique dilemma. They wanted to automate, but in a manner that would not alienate their workforce. The approach they adopted is what we now call human-ware… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Nearshore Forum: How Aviation CX Teams Met Pandemic Challenges (Video)

As countries closed their borders and travel restrictions were put in place around the globe last year, the aviation industry came to a shuddering standstill. Millions of customers, having their flights cancelled last minute,… Read More »

The Competition Grows: How to Get Ahead in Talent Acquisition

Many businesses’ major problem right now is hiring. That might sound odd given that the world is still in the midst of a pandemic and global economic upheaval, but recruitment competition is rising… Read More »

Exclusive: Saint Lucia Prime Minister Puts High Priority on BPO Readiness

The pandemic shook the foundations of global outsourcing. Market giants like the Philippines saw their total dominance falter, while minnows were given the opportunity to grow. Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet believes… Read More »

Powered by the Cloud, LMS Systems are Transforming Operational CX

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been a growing force within the BPO space for a number of years, but since the pandemic, their value has jumped. Rather than relying on traditional in-classroom training,… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Are the Colombia Protests Disrupting BPO? (Video)

President Iván Duque’s proposed tax hike triggered national protests in Colombia at the end of April this year. According to Human Rights Watch, over 60 people have now been killed during clashes between… Read More »

Creating Tech Hubs in Greater Caribbean Basin Would Serve US Domestic Policy

During the last five years, American policy makers, voters and even some business leaders have called for the reshoring of manufacturing. This trend has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic-induced need to guarantee… Read More »

Scaling in the Nearshore, Through the Eyes of a (Very Large) Healthcare Client

When the pandemic hit, healthcare services in the US went into overdrive. One major US health insurance firm, that sits in the top ten list of Fortune 500 companies, grew their outsourced agent… Read More »

Understanding the Legal Complications of “Hiring Anywhere”

Of all the changes that the world has undergone over the past 15 months, the abandonment of the traditional office and the mass adoption of work from home is among the most consequential.… Read More »

Setting Up Stateside: Why These Entrepreneurs Made the Move

The source of the Nearshore industry’s work stream begins of course with the customer. Understanding their goals and objectives, as a result, is incredibly important to the suppliers trying to win their favor.… Read More »