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Nexus 2024: CXO Panel Explores Why Captives Will Continue to Rise

In a couple years, when nearshore investors think of captive centers, they might not be envisioning an office building or campus anymore. The traditional definition of a captive conjures pictures of logo-specific offices where foreign workers learn the ins and… Read More »

site location NVI nearshore value index

NVI 2024: Nearshore Value is All About Tech Readiness

A year after Nearshore America’s first Nearshore Value Index (NVI), some things hold true, while others have seen important changes. Deciding where to invest is still a difficult exercise which requires careful research, thoughtful consideration and, paradoxically, the readiness to… Read More »

bismarck lepe nexus 2024

Nexus 2024 Keynote: The Reward is in the Journey, Says Bismark Lepe

“I think there’s a lot more opportunity. Whether or not countries, individuals  [in the nearshore] take this opportunity is still waiting to be seen,” commented Bismarck Lepe, Wizeline’s Founder & Executive Chairman, who delivered the keynote address at Nexus 2024 … Read More »


Nexus Opening Night: Forging New Partnerships

Nexus 2024 has officially kicked off.  Attendees of the nearshore industry’s premier event gathered during the evening of June 12th for Nexus 2024’s Opening Night. Hosted at Jersey City’s Hyatt Regency, overlooking the Hudson River and with the Manhattan skyline… Read More »

US H-1B visa regulations

Automation and WFH Kneecap H1B Visa Applications in the US

H1B visas aren’t as solicited as before. Once a highly sought permit in the US for the importation of highly skilled foreign workers, H1B visas (and their beneficiaries) seem embroilled in a losing battle against the popularity of remote work… Read More »