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Nearshore’s Top 20 Social Media Influencers

One of the most immediate ways to access the Nearshore business conversation is through social media. It is where truths are revealed, theories are questioned, and provocative ideas grow into powerful mechanisms of… Read More »


Product Support: What Can Nearshore Learn from Offshore?

US organizations have been outsourcing product support to offshore locations for many years, but as Nearshore’s reputation continues to rise, North American companies are growing more curious about the region’s viability as an… Read More »


With High-Tech Commoditization Accelerating, Strategy is Everything

It is always the same. When something is new, there is a fascination with “the thing” and whether you have it. You see this trend with fashion, with new products, new methodologies, and… Read More »

Fintech Platforms Push Voice Support to the Back of the Queue

With financial technologies – fintech in current parlance – the need for customer service that can provide knowledgeable, timely interactions, should be front and center. Given that fintech platforms pose unique risks to… Read More »


Data Analysts are Crucial as SMBs Pursue “Frictionless” Customer Experience

Complicated checkout procedures, hidden shipping costs and software that fails to remember personal details across platforms all contribute to low conversion rates in e-commerce.  Nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart before… Read More »

COVID South America

New COVID Cases Decrease in South America, Except for Argentina

COVID-19 deaths are declining steadily across South America since July. Brazil, the worst-hit country in the region, has seen a 40% decrease in both daily infections and deaths from the virus in the… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Social Distancing Forces Companies to Digitalize Employment Documents

Digitalization has suddenly become an indispensable process for employers. New relationships have emerged in which employees are no longer required to go to a physical site to receive their work equipment, meet their… Read More »

Lack of Transparency is the Achilles Heel of “Old Guard” Software Partners

As smaller Nearshore outsourcers experience explosive growth, sometimes taking major contracts away from incumbents, the big players are challenged to change how they do business. However, the old guard’s culture may not be… Read More »

Preparing for the Arrival of “AI Ethicists”

An acclaimed and alarming documentary, The Social Dilemma, was released on Netflix this month, prompting countless newspaper columns and online debates about the dark side of social media, big data and artificial intelligence. The… Read More »

Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

Work-from-home (WFH) has become a very controversial employment scheme. Although the benefits have been discussed, governments and companies were resistant to making it the norm. But the case against remote working was more… Read More »

As Guadalajara Takes a Hit, Real Estate Woes Force New Conversations

When the pandemic arrived earlier this year, there was significant uncertainty within the real estate market in Guadalajara, Mexico. Global outsourcing providers pivoted to embrace more work-from-home agents, while also adopting social distancing… Read More »

Where Nearshore Newcomers Can Overcome Their Disadvantages

Don’t let a rocky US economy or the shock and awfulness of a global pandemic fool you, 2020 is turning out to be the year when global contact center organizations brought the concept… Read More »

Integrating UX Research into Agile Frameworks: A Crucial Step in the Development Process

Successful technology firms have been using agile methodologies to streamline and energize their processes for the past two decades. Overall, these firms are engaging in a worthwhile endeavor. The latest Standish Group Chaos… Read More »

Seven Ways to Make Virtual Training Come Alive

The era of full-day, face-to-face training is over. In March, most contact centers shifted to a hybrid or fully work-from-home model. Virtual training has become the standard practice. But for most trainers, using… Read More »

Datafication and Last-Mile Logistics Are Major Opportunities Says PlenumSoft Founder

Clients need solutions. Aside from the obvious economic gap that Covid-19 created between growing technology needs and descending cash flow within companies, most businesses are still asking for different ways to involve digital… Read More »