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Artificial Intelligence: Resist the Hype and Embrace Critical Thinking

As global services executives adjust to meet new demands and markets, they are more enthusiastic than ever about leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their business processes. But Chip Wagner, the CEO of ISG… Read More »


Trump’s Suspension of H1B Visa Creates Instant Opportunity

Industry experts argue that new immigration restrictions in the United States will not benefit jobseekers and could ultimately create opportunities for Latin American technology talent. Last month, President Donald Trump issued an executive… Read More »


Will Chatbots Remove the Need for Accent Neutralization?

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, customer experience leaders are trying to adapt – on the fly – to changes in customer behavior. On their radar for several years now have been chatbots – robots… Read More »


Innovation Hotspots to Watch in Latin America

Within the last decade, technology and societal development have maintained a close complementary relationship. The evolution of technology has proved to be unstoppable and has created a generation where human beings are dependent… Read More »


Companies Reach for Expert Assistance in Remote Employee Screening

For many knowledge-services organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, recruiting during the era of Covid-19 means taking a leap in the dark. However, there are many systems available to assist in the… Read More »


Nobody Gets Fired for Outsourcing to India, But Here’s Why They Should

For many years India was the jewel of the American outsourcer’s eye. English speaking resources coupled with a flashy rate card proved hard for companies to resist. In fact, outsourcing to India had… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Recognizing the Connection Between Intellectual Property and Green Practices

The year 2020 has been a convulsed year, to say the least. The inauguration of a new year with one of the worst fire seasons ever seen in the history of mankind, followed… Read More »

Uruguay Thinks Creatively About Redistribution of IT Talent

The coronavirus pandemic has delivered a direct hit on a number of software services companies in Uruguay. Attempting to turn a negative experience into a positive outcome, leaders of the country’s IT ecosystem… Read More »

Tec De Monterrey Dean: Reasons to Believe in the Next Generation of Nearshore Professionals

Ignacio de La Vega is optimistic about the future. As a dean and professor at Mexico’s Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), he believes the prestigious college has already laid the groundwork for the… Read More »

Country-by-Country Update: Surging Demand Puts Electrical Grids to the Test

Ernst and Young, in a recently published review of energy trends, says demand for power is outstripping supply in  Latin America and the Caribbean, and matters are likely to get worse before they… Read More »

What Effective Leadership Looks Like in Remote Environments

Technically, we have been ready to work from home for many years. Work-at-home offers little or even no technical competitive advantage as virtually anybody can buy and implement the same tools. The real… Read More »

RPA Proves that Automation has Immediate Impact for Customers

Last month, on our edition of The Exchange, focused on third-party risk management, Linda Tuck Chapman, a globally recognized expert on third-party risk management and President at Toronto-based Ontala Performance Solutions, defined Robotic… Read More »

The State of High-Speed Internet in the Caribbean: What’s The Real Story?

High-speed Internet services always have been a factor in the Nearshore services proposition. But in the last two months, the Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically re-ordered typical operational priorities. Quality broadband connections are suddenly… Read More »

The Keys to Making Agile Work in the New “Remote Office”

Agile software development methodologies, like Scrum, rely on frequent communication, meetings, and visual aids, like blackboards and post-its, to boost concentration and team efficiency. In times of COVID-19, how are agile requirements affected… Read More »

Hiring in the Time of COVID-19 Remains Robust, Especially in Costa Rica

As the coronavirus pandemic triggers a worldwide recession, most of the attention has focused on companies being forced to lay off employees. However, amid the economic carnage, there are rays of hope and… Read More »