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ransomware cyber attack cybersecurity

Q&A: The Ins-And-Outs of Ransomware Negotiations

You’ve been successfully hit by a ransomware attack. What do you do? Assuming you decide to pay ransom –a choice that, at least in the Americas, remains covered in shades of gray–,  it’s… Read More »

taxes tax payments accounting

INFOGRAPHIC: Who’s Afraid of Tax Codes in LATAM?

For companies, tax codes can be one of the most intimidating factors when assessing whether to jump into the Latin American market. The diversity of tax systems in the region, plus language and… Read More »


Nexus Keynote: A Finance Minister Oversees a Once-in-a-Lifetime Transformation

The Finance Minister of the Republic of Guyana, Ashni Singh, will serve as keynote speaker at Nexus 2023, taking place June 14-15th, just outside New York City. Dr. Singh, who oversees Guyana’s US$3.6… Read More »

AI moore's law microchips

How AI Is Killing Moore’s Law, And What That Means For Business

Over the past decade, artificial intelligence (AI) has been the subject of study in an endless number of academic and business areas. From medicine and computer science to e-commerce, whole fields of knowledge… Read More »

Costa Rica tech innovation

Breakdown: In Tech Outsourcing, Expertise Reigns Supreme

Tech expertise is gaining luster in the eyes of companies interested in outsourcing IT operations to nearshore/offshore territories, changing the dynamics of a market driven for decades by lower labor costs. The numbers:… Read More »

colombia real estate office market bogota

Q&A: What’s Really Going on With Colombia’s Office Real Estate?

After years of turmoil, the office real estate market in Colombia is undergoing unavoidable changes. Once remote work trends took hold in the country, office real estate had to react fast. Company (and… Read More »

regenerative green tech

Innovation is the Pathway to a Regenerative Future in Business

The resources of the planet are being stretched beyond all limits despite the focus on sustainable business practices. The climate crisis continues to loom large, and resources are getting scarcer. It’s no longer… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Ranking the Top 20 ‘Value Destinations’ In the Nearshore Region

The team at Nearshore Americas is proud to announce the launch of the Nearshore Location Value Index, the industry’s first robust analysis of technology services’ destinations in the Nearshore specifically crafted to measure… Read More »

CINDE Suffers Deadly Blow, Darkening Costa Rica’s FDI Prospects

The Costa Rican government has taken the shocking step of halting funding for CINDE –the country’s national investment promotion agency – in a move that deliberately signals the government’s growing uneasiness with relying… Read More »

The Breakdown: It May Not Seem Obvious, But AI is Already Rewiring Global CX

BPO providers find themselves in a mad scramble to properly understand and implement the latest AI tools, with generative AI being at the forefront of their priorities.  The state of things: For months,… Read More »

Q&A: Questioning the Economic Basis for G-AI Use Cases

There’s a lot of noise surrounding generative AI, and few are the voices out there attempting to bring nuance to the many conversations about the technology’s role in human activity.  One of those… Read More »

There Is Little to Applaud in Recent CX Mega-Mergers

Acquisitions are nothing new to the global CX industry, but two mega mergers announced over the past month have triggered an unusual amount of indigestion.  Four of the biggest fish in the CX… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: High Expectations For Tesla’s Landing In Monterrey

It’s been a couple months since Elon Musk confirmed his plans for a Tesla mega-factory in Monterrey, but the announcement is still making waves in the Mexican city, located a couple hours away… Read More »

As Colombia and Chile Shrink Their Work Weeks, Are Wage Increases Coming Next?

Colombia and Chile have officially taken an axe to their respective work weeks, following a trend that seems to be taking hold in some European territories and showing signs of a groundswell in… Read More »

El Salvador Mourns Loss of Darwin Romero, Social Entrepreneur and Tech Pioneer

The heart of El Salvador’s entrepreneurial community weighs heavy with grief due to the sudden loss of Darwin Romero, Co-Founder of Applaudo Studios and one of the country’s most promising young businessmen.  Romero,… Read More »

BPOs Are Fleeing Content Moderation. Should the Nearshore Worry?

Content moderation has grown into such a hot button issue over the last several years that some BPOs have decided to abandon ship before the flames catch up to them. Given the size… Read More »