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internet regulation

Internet Regulation in Latin America: Will Governments Screw Up a Good Thing?

Every year, January brings an avalanche of reports from leading organizations and analysts that warn us about the risks and trends for the next 12 months. From AT Kearney’s Year-Ahead Predictions, to Fitch… Read More »

contract hiring

Hiring and Firing in Costa Rica: Bring Reams of Paper

Costa Rica has long been spearheading Latin America’s tech service outsourcing. With a population of just over 5 million, it punches well above its weight in the Nearshore, with IBM, Accenture, Hewlett Packard… Read More »


CITY PROFILE: Santiago, a Premium Location Ripe for Change

Despite the influence the country has regionally, Chile hasn’t often featured in the Nearshore conversation. Though geographically large, stretching half the length of South America, the country is home to less than 20… Read More »

metaverse vr headset

Q&A: Is the Metaverse Outsourcing’s Next Big Bang?

For most of us, the metaverse, a digital world where reality and virtual reality fuse, is a novel concept. But it’s been gaining a lot of traction recently. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is… Read More »

millenial workforce

The Millennial Workforce: Preparing for the Gamechangers of the Digital Age

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. I have come across this statistic several times in the past few years. First published in 2011 by the Business Professional Women (BPW)… Read More »


Building the Cloud Backbone: Engineers Need “Thick Skin” to Manage Pressures

Team management is a thankless task. If it is well done few people will notice but the headaches of a poorly-run team will stick in minds for a long time. This is perhaps… Read More »


Omicron Brings New Level of Risk to Nearshore Operations

Just when we were cautiously optimistic about leaving the last 20 months of pandemic-filled difficulty behind, the Nearshore industry has, along with the rest of the world, been pulled right back into the… Read More »

Live Enterprise

Alive and Kicking: Breathing Life into Organizations with Live Enterprise

Sense. Feel. Respond. This is sentience and this is how living organisms sustain and grow themselves. We may have never noticed this, but it is hardwired into our lives.  Now think of our professional… Read More »

News Briefs

IT's Most In-Demand Positions in 2022
Ariel Ayala of ManpowerGroup explains how companies are protecting against the talent shortage.

Analysis and Insights

The Biggest Trends Shaping Nearshore in 2022

Next year, the Nearshore is going to be different. The past year was one of huge change in the region, as Covid-19 forced a reshaping of the global outsourcing hierarchy and the push… Read More »

As Net Zero Emissions Goals Increase, More Outsourcers are Getting on Board

Unlike the steel or car manufacturing industries, it isn’t immediately obvious that outsourcing pollutes. There are no billowing smoke stacks nor churning heavy machinery to point at. No heavy material needs to be… Read More »

Reputation Management: In Today’s Digital Landscape, Few Firms Get It Right

Reputation is everything. In the business world, how a company is perceived can have a dramatic impact on its performance. The erosion of consumer trust, a dampening of investor desire to provide financial… Read More »

When Planning Becomes a Problem: Becoming Agile to Stay Focused on Long-Term Goals

We all know a detailed plan is crucial to the success of your team and your company, right? Perhaps not. The answer is more complicated than you might think. Planning is a task… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Guatemala City Carries the Whole Country on its Shoulders

Despite a BPO market approaching 25 years in business, Guatemala, and its capital, still remain a mystery for many Nearshore industry stakeholders. “Most prospects don’t really know much about Central America, it just… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The IT Positions Most In-Demand Going into 2022 (VIDEO)

Recruitment is in the spotlight globally. Issues like the ‘Great Resignation’ and the tech talent gap mean the question of worker recruitment rarely leave the headlines, but will that change moving into next… Read More »

Upskilling Gets Big Focus as Providers Grapple with High Demand

An analytical approach to problem-solving posits that breaking the problem down into smaller chunks is the best way to deal with it. When a problem seems so massive as to be impossible to… Read More »

Labor Law Experts Share Tips on Hiring and Firing in Mexico

Organizations looking to expand into the Nearshore region often come up against labor law regulation that is entirely different from their home country. Without specialist, country-specific knowledge, companies run the risk of making… Read More »

Relationship Red Flags: Eleven Reasons Why Vendor Managers Fire Providers

“The real theme of vendor management is not negotiation, nor saving money. It’s not all your contracts and transactional pieces, though these are all important. The real theme is the relationship,” Tim Norton,… Read More »