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Ebook: How Can You Build an Engineering Team in Mexico Using BOT?

Nearshore Americas will unveil a new Ebook illustrating how US companies can address the talent shortage at home by building a strong IT engineering team in Mexico under build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. Titled “Build… Read More »

interview recruitment

How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents (Even in a Tight Labor Market)

Putting top talent into customer-facing roles is the key to achieving high customer satisfaction, yet the current labor crunch makes it all but impossible for companies to keep their call centers staffed with… Read More »

antigua guatemala

Editor’s Choice: Nine of Latin America’s Best Coworking Spaces

The era of borderless working is in full swing. Despite a global pandemic, or maybe because of it, the surge of interest in migrating to new digitally-powered geographies is a trend that has… Read More »

retention recruitment

Retention Becomes “Extremely High Priority” as IT Firms Confront Rising Churn

The Nearshore is buzzing. M&A activity is rising as companies make decisive actions to push on with long-term strategies following the last 18 months. Meanwhile, cross-industry digital transformation is pressuring recruitment in Nearshore… Read More »

bitcoin el salvador

How Fintech Regulation Can Build Healthy Growth in El Salvador

Though El Salvador only recently hit headlines with its adoption of Bitcoin, it has had regulations that provide guidelines on the digitisation of financial services and fintech since 2015. The guidelines intend to… Read More »

regional strategies

Regional Strategies to Produce a Global Powerhouse

Think local, act global, is the new mantra of globalization. Believed to be an antithesis of regionalization for the longest time, globalization is now being touted as a sum total of several regional… Read More »


Why SMEs Need an Entrepreneurial Approach to BPO

Automation and technological advancements have made growth an easier proposition for companies, and more companies are growing. But this rapid growth can cause some growing pains. With this rapid growth, the need for… Read More »

News Briefs

Mexico to Plug the Gap
Gustavo Parés, Founder and CEO of NDS Cognitive Labs, argues that Mexico can play a large part in supplying highly-skilled, bilingual tech workers for the digital transformation US companies are pursuing.

Analysis and Insights

The Right to Disconnect: A Human Right?

In March 2020,  countries around the world authorized lockdowns to stem the spread of Covid-19. In response, many workplaces decided to apply work-from-home schemes almost immediately to keep businesses open and avoid a… Read More »

French BPO Webhelp Acquires Latin America’s OneLink

French outsourcing giant Webhelp has acquired Latin America’s OneLink in a deal that will push each companies’ global ambitions forward amid intensifying contact center industry consolidation. In an exclusive interview with Nearshore Americas,… Read More »

Miami’s Tech Moment Strengthens Bridge to Latin America

For decades, Miami has been the main entry point for migrants arriving from Latin American & the Caribbean into the United States. The connection between the South Floridian city and the region runs… Read More »

Work From Home Bringing Legal Changes in Costa Rica

The pandemic pushed companies worldwide to adopt work from home as their new working modality, while others have begun to use a hybrid approach that includes on-site work as well. Regardless of each… Read More »

Everise Takes Stock, Moves Past Pandemic with Guatemala BPO Expansion

Dave Palmer, president of global BPO Everise, believes that the many cries of the demise of the Philippines’ as the globe’s outright BPO champion (described as a ‘meltdown’ on these very pages) were… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The New Wave of Nearshore Demand

Latin America and Caribbean was among the most impacted regions of the world by the arrival of Covid-19, with Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia suffering some of the highest death rates in the… Read More »

Was El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Ever Necessary?

On Tuesday, June 8, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender via its Bitcoin Law. Bitcoin became a regulated and accepted means of payment under certain… Read More »

Concentration Risk Grows as Companies Bet Big on Service Providers

A few weeks ago, a faulty update to the content delivery network (CDN) of edge cloud platform provider Fastly brought down the websites of some of the world’s most recognizable brands.  Amazon, Spotify… Read More »

El Salvador’s Cryptocurrency Adoption Sparks Fintech Opportunity for Nearshore BPOs

Latin American economies have long expressed interest in the advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Now that El Salvador announced that it would be adopting Bitcoin as an official currency alongside the US… Read More »