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The Journey of the Nearshore Entrepreneur

The contributions of the entrepreneur to the Nearshore services sector cannot be overstated. These founders – thousands of them – have given the Nearshore industry a real identity, bringing their own...

The Turning Point for Knowledge Services in Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean have never been easy places to start a new business, particularly in knowledge services. Access to funding and a limited talent pool are frequently cited as common...

Infographic: What’s Booming in IT Exports

Growth projections for global services exports in Latin America in 2020 are positive. Only the cloud-based services sector will grow at a faster rate (3x more than the regional GDP), according to the...

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The Dynamics of Business Transformation

Many CEOs and their boards are fixated with transforming their organizations. Whether this has to do with their business model, the elusive “Digital Transformation”, or to intervene to improve culture or innovation...

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