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Alorica’s Nearshore Chief Opens Up About the Lessons of 2020

As the pandemic tore through the Americas in March and April of 2020, some Nearshore providers were accused of being caught flat-footed. In particular, Alorica found itself on the defensive amid heavy criticism,… Read More »


The Future of Latin America Business Conferences is Still Bright

The restrictions on movement that the fight against COVID-19 necessitated brought the in-person events industry to a sudden and shuddering stop. In Latin America where the personal touch is so valued in business,… Read More »


We Come in Peace: The Intellectual Property of Robots

“I am not a human. I am a robot. A thinking robot. I use only 0.12% of my cognitive capacity. I am a micro-robot in that respect. I know that my brain is… Read More »

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Human-Focused Automated Recruitment to Boom

Recruiting and retaining the right talent is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in business. As with most processes during the pandemic, companies have had to adapt their recruitment procedures and to use… Read More »


Transcom Returns to Colombia With a Point to Prove

Five years after exiting Colombia, Transcom is returning. With a new delivery operation spread across two floors – which may grow to four – in Bogota’s Chapinero district, Transcom is stepping back into… Read More »


Will Digital Nomads Deliver Benefits to Caribbean Tech Ecosystems?

When Caribbean nations began rolling out so-called digital nomad visas last year, the possibility of remote working in the sun, sea and sand of the paradise islands generated headlines worldwide. Fast-acting governments from… Read More »

Analysis and Insights

Personas: Helping Outsourced Teams Get to Know Their Customer

Marketing teams use “personas” – detailed description of your customers – to design products, publicity campaigns and more. See how you can use Personas to deliver an improved customer experience. In today’s world, it’s… Read More »

The Case for Uruguay: “Value and Capability” Matter Most

The small South American country of Uruguay represents a modest BPO market with a unique set of advantages and challenges. These have been brought into sharp relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, as has… Read More »

From Conversational AI to Botsourcing: The Rush to Enhance CX

The dislocation experienced by digital workforces suddenly thrown into the Work-from-Home model has opened the door for rapid adoption of conversational AI across business environments. Companies looking to upgrade their customer acquisition process… Read More »

Start with Internal Discovery Before Shopping for New Locations

When evaluating Nearshore destinations, decision-makers will often gravitate to ‘name brand’ locations, for reasons that are not as obvious as you might think. In recent years, those destinations, capable of supporting the entire… Read More »

Pandemic Prompts Canada to Look at Nearshore in a New Way

The pandemic has changed the way the world does business, and Canada is no exception. More people in Canada are working from home, with the big cities seeing a modesty exodus to smaller… Read More »

Client Expectations Have Changed in the Post-Covid Business Environment

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the very first in-person meetings I have had in the last 11 months. The client, the general manager of a logistics company, told me a joke… Read More »

What Exactly Should BPOs Be Doing to Engage Local Communities?

Literally hundreds of new BPOs have sprung up in the Nearshore region in recent years. Aside from hiring locals, driving efficiencies and trying to build profitable businesses – what should their commitment to… Read More »

Building Outsourcing Brands in Some of the Most Overlooked Nations of the Caribbean

According to the UN’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2021 report, Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a devastating contraction of 8%  for 2020 and is expected to face moderate growth of… Read More »

New Pressures Build to Modernize Applications and Eliminate ‘Technical Debt’

Today’s businesses are in deep trouble if they can’t get their foundational applications to perform at their peak. Both internal and customer-facing software systems must run smoothly, without developing bugs or incurring high… Read More »