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6 Ways to Energize and Evolve Your Nearshore Ecosystem

Strong Nearshore IT/BPO ecosystems don’t emerge by accident. Communities of entrepreneurs, corporate partners and civil leaders are successful, fundamentally, because stakeholders share in a common ideal. That ideal is almost always defined by the core belief that what’s best for the community is far more important than the self-interest of individuals.

There are great examples of thriving Nearshore ecosystems, and also numerous locations where ecosystems are falling behind or simply not functioning. Far too often, we see that individual IT and BPO firms are operating in isolation, instead of recognizing the shared interest of their peer service providers, universities, and local professionals, such as lawyers, real estate leaders, and staffing agencies.

Strong and healthy ecosystems typically possess a well-designed plan to cultivate personnel for knowledge services industries, so here are the six most critical steps you need to take to energize the industry in your location.

1 – Engage in Dialogue

In order to collaborate, you need to find time to meet with your local colleagues and partners. Successful ecosystems emerge because people take the time to have real conversations, getting to the heart of what can really help the local IT/BPO community. That dialogue is usually initiated by more informal gatherings, where trust can be created and shared visions become clearer.

2 – Build a Sustainable Framework

Think about your ecosystem having the ‘fuel’ it needs to thrive for years to come, not just the next 6 to 12 months. That means participants have to map out strategies that channel talent from universities into the workforce, and diversify the ecosystem so that a broad range of investors will be attracted to the destination.

3 – Host Conferences, Forums, and Online Meetings

Once you have a strong framework and a clear message to communicate to the world, you can begin to think more seriously about public platforms to disseminate that message. By committing to forums – either in person or online – you are communicating to the world that your ecosystem matters and that it deserves greater attention and awareness.

4 – With Talent, Start Young

Talent needs to be nourished from a younger age and students need to see that a role within IT/BPO is a worthwhile career to pursue. Getting close with educational institutes will allow you to regularly present to prospective employees, and even collaborate with the schools to develop curricula that is centered on a career in the industry.

5 – Get Ahead with Next-gen Technology

Burgeoning tech like automation and AI aren’t going anywhere – they’re here to stay, so you need to show that your Nearshore operations can handle them. If you haven’t already started, implement small experimental models with new tech in order to get results that can be presented as success stories after one or two years. This is what clients want to see.

6 – Figure out Where Local Investment Agencies Fit in

Too often we have seen local ecosystems weaken because too much expectation is put on the city or country investment agency. Don’t expect these groups to do all the work. Instead, ask that those agencies participate in regular meetings, and seek their input. Their ability to sell your destination is greatly enhanced when they are “seeing and feeling” the energy that makes your location so unique.

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Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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