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Accenture Acquires Brazilian Data Analytics Provider Gapso

Accenture has agreed to acquire Brazil-based Gapso, a firm that provides data analytics services with a focus on supply chain and logistics applications. Analysts say the deal will open up the door for Accenture to explore business opportunities in South America’s lucrative mining and oil & gas segments.

Following the closure of the deal, Accenture will integrate Gapso’s assets into its Accenture Analytics division. Rio de Janeiro-based Gapso has dozens of data scientists, analysts and developers that analyze data generated on clients’ computer storage, helping them take quick decisions on streamlining their operations.

“By joining Accenture, we will be able to build on our achievements and engage in a more powerful, broader-scope of analytics conversations with clients,” said Oscar Porto, Gapso Business Director.

Accenture says all of Gapso’s staff will join its operations in Brazil. About seven months ago, Accenture acquired a similar data analytics firm, i4C Analytics in Italy.

The latest acquisition will likely position Accenture as one of the major analytics players in Brazil, helping it gain access to deep-pocketed clients in sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, mining, and sugar and ethanol industries.

“By combining Accenture’s and Gapso’s broad analytics skills and capabilities, Brazilian companies in the natural resources and agribusiness industries will have access to the best data scientist talent and solutions in the market for driving real, data-driven, operations outcomes at scale,” said Rodolfo Eschenbach, Accenture Digital lead in Latin America.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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