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Akamai Opens New Service Center in Costa Rica


United States’ Internet data delivery company Akamai Technologies has expanded further into Latin America by opening of a new service delivery center in Costa Rica.

Akamai, which offers cloud infrastructure services, has stated that its new center would create over 50 jobs through the end of 2014. The U.S. technology firm is capitalizing on the growing IT spending in Latin America and its cloud infrastructure solutions are believed to be seeing high demand in the LatAm region.

Akamai has recently named Jim Ebzery, an IT industry veteran and a former executive of Novell, as head for its sales and business development division in Latin America. The new center at Costa Rica will work in tandem with the sales and business development offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Akamai stated.

“We have seen some of our largest growth rates in Internet usage coming from this region. In fact, looking at our latest State of the Internet data, Brazil experienced a 40 percent year-over-year increase in the number of unique IP addresses connecting to the Akamai Platform,” Ebzery added.

Latin America represents roughly 10 percent of the world’s Internet population and IT spending has increased significantly in Brazil and Mexico. Gartner expects Brazil to exceed US$140 billion in IT spending during 2012. Mexico is the fifth-largest IT market among developing nations, and during 2012, Gartner expects Mexico to exceed US$56 billion in IT spending.

Akamai hopes to extend its service offerings to newer segments like e-commerce, media & entertainment and financial services.

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“Our goal is to enable enterprises to leverage cloud, mobile, media and data strategies, all while addressing the security challenges inherent in today’s hyperconnected world,” continued Ebzery. “The location of our Costa Rica center allows us to tap into a very skilled pool of local talent to expand the ranks of our world-class services and support team.”

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