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Algar Tech Launches Delivery Center in Medellin, Colombia

Brazilian IT outsourcing firm Algar Tech has expanded its operations in Colombia by launching a delivery center in Medellin. Algar, which also operates in Argentina and Chile, says it wants to contribute to Colombia’s socio-economic growth by utilizing the country’s technology talent.

The Brazilian firm, which started outfitting its new office in January this year, is said to be hiring about 45 people in Colombia.

According to reports, Algar is hoping to cash in on the growing demand for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) services in the Colombian corporate sector.

Algar’s offerings include IT outsourcing, business process outsourcing, IT infrastructure services, hosting, collocation and systems development and integration.

Colombian export promotion agency Proexport claims to have assisted the Algar in expanding its operations in the South American country. In the past four years, Proexport says it supported 55 investment projects in a wide range of sectors including IT, BPO and telecom.

Algar, which is training a large number of people in IT services in Brazil, said Colombia’s human talent was one its primary attractions.

With more than 10,000 employees and three software development centers, Algar Tech is one of the most promising IT services firms in Brazil. A subsidiary of Grupo Algar, Algar Tech claims to serve hundreds of clients in vertical markets including government, healthcare, financial, education and utilities.

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In 2010, Algar purchased compatriot software developer Synos Technologies, thus significantly bolstering its presence across Brazil.

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