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CITY PROFILE: Santiago, a Premium Location Ripe for Change

Despite the influence the country has regionally, Chile hasn’t often featured in the Nearshore conversation. Though geographically large, stretching half the length of South America, the country is home to less than 20… Read More »

Q&A: Is the Metaverse Outsourcing’s Next Big Bang?

For most of us, the metaverse, a digital world where reality and virtual reality fuse, is a novel concept. But it’s been gaining a lot of traction recently. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is… Read More »

The Millenial Workforce: Preparing for the Gamechangers of the Digital Age

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. I have come across this statistic several times in the past few years. First published in 2011 by the Business Professional Women (BPW)… Read More »

Building the Cloud Backbone: Engineers Need “Thick Skin” to Manage Pressures

Team management is a thankless task. If it is well done few people will notice but the headaches of a poorly-run team will stick in minds for a long time. This is perhaps… Read More »

Omicron Brings New Level of Risk to Nearshore Operations

Just when we were cautiously optimistic about leaving the last 20 months of pandemic-filled difficulty behind, the Nearshore industry has, along with the rest of the world, been pulled right back into the… Read More »

Alive and Kicking: Breathing Life into Organizations with Live Enterprise

Sense. Feel. Respond. This is sentience and this is how living organisms sustain and grow themselves. We may have never noticed this, but it is hardwired into our lives.  Now think of our professional… Read More »

The Biggest Trends Shaping Nearshore in 2022

Next year, the Nearshore is going to be different. The past year was one of huge change in the region, as Covid-19 forced a reshaping of the global outsourcing hierarchy and the push… Read More »

As Net Zero Emissions Goals Increase, More Outsourcers are Getting on Board

Unlike the steel or car manufacturing industries, it isn’t immediately obvious that outsourcing pollutes. There are no billowing smoke stacks nor churning heavy machinery to point at. No heavy material needs to be… Read More »

Reputation Management: In Today’s Digital Landscape, Few Firms Get It Right

Reputation is everything. In the business world, how a company is perceived can have a dramatic impact on its performance. The erosion of consumer trust, a dampening of investor desire to provide financial… Read More »

Getting the Seasonal Ramp Up Right

Seasonal ramp-ups are part and parcel of providing customer experience at a BPO. Getting them right and addressing the needs of the client requires a multi-faceted approach that taps into existing talent pools,… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Guatemala City Carries the Whole Country on its Shoulders

Despite a BPO market approaching 25 years in business, Guatemala, and its capital, still remain a mystery for many Nearshore industry stakeholders. “Most prospects don’t really know much about Central America, it just… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The IT Positions Most In-Demand Going into 2022 (VIDEO)

Recruitment is in the spotlight globally. Issues like the ‘Great Resignation’ and the tech talent gap mean the question of worker recruitment rarely leave the headlines, but will that change moving into next… Read More »

Upskilling Gets Big Focus as Providers Grapple with High Demand

An analytical approach to problem-solving posits that breaking the problem down into smaller chunks is the best way to deal with it. When a problem seems so massive as to be impossible to… Read More »

Labor Law Experts Share Tips on Hiring and Firing in Mexico

Organizations looking to expand into the Nearshore region often come up against labor law regulation that is entirely different from their home country. Without specialist, country-specific knowledge, companies run the risk of making… Read More »

Relationship Red Flags: Eleven Reasons Why Vendor Managers Fire Providers

“The real theme of vendor management is not negotiation, nor saving money. It’s not all your contracts and transactional pieces, though these are all important. The real theme is the relationship,” Tim Norton,… Read More »

Chile’s Data Center Boom Puts Country and Connectivity on World Map

For years, Chile has been at the forefront of Latin America’s data center industry. The digital-first mindset of successive governments, coupled with investment into a national digital highway and expansive connectivity has produced… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Cochabamba Brims With Potential, Hoping to Build a Wider Foundation

Bolivia doesn’t often make the headlines in the Nearshore news roundup. Until recently, there’s been good reason for US companies to overlook it. An inactive investment promotion scene, mixed English abilities and an… Read More »

Experience is the New ROI in Business Process Management

Buyers of business process outsourcing have historically prioritized efficiencies and effectiveness as key outcomes of these services. The drivers for internal shared-service centers, or captives, were similar —deliver on business metrics, improve processes,… Read More »

Net Promoter Score: How CX Leaders Are Keeping An Old Metric Fresh

When organizations look for feedback on how their customers feel about the products and services they offer, the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is often the first port of call. NPS is an indicator… Read More »

Niche AI Startup and Ambitious Founder Aim to Reverse Brain Drain in Guyana

Most recent talk of Guyana has revolved around its oil and gas boom, which, having turned the country’s fortunes on its head, also provided the thrust behind this small slice of South America… Read More »

IDB Loans $45 Million to Boost Wireless Broadband Infrastructure

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has loaned U$45 million to QMC Telecom, reinforcing the carrier’s plan to boost wireless broadband infrastructure in Mexico, Colombia and Peru. Deepening broadband penetration is the need of… Read More »

The Tried and Tested Methods of Getting the Most From a Nearshore Team

The best workers are highly motivated. However, to understand what drives employees, and specifically software developers in Nearshore environments, it’s crucial to know what sets them apart.  “In today’s environment, it’s important to… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: What’s Next for the Latin Americas’ Office Real Estate Market? (VIDEO)

Is the news that the real estate market is in free fall hyperbole or should commercial landlords begin to fear for the future of their office blocks? José Ignacio González, director of marketing… Read More »

Winning Contracts and Influencing People: Nearshore Vendors Battle to Earn Trust

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Whether personal or business, without trust a relationship can’t flourish. This is particularly true of an outsourced business relationship where parties are separated by thousands of… Read More »

Talent and Opportunity Drive Rising Wave of Software Development Deals

With four decades of experience working in software services and global outsourcing, Steve Mezak knows his way around Silicon Valley as well as many other tech hubs in The Americas. As chief “Software Services Deal-Maker”… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Montego Bay Climbs to New Heights as Jamaica’s “Frontier” Destination

The recurrent image of celebrities vacationing in Jamaica, frolicking on the beach, is part of what has come to shape perceptions of the country in the minds of many US consumers. Jamaica offers… Read More »

How to Scale Up BPO Operations in the Nearshore

As a medium-sized BPO, Collective Solution has approached its strategy to scaling up in and across geographies in the Nearshore by focusing on its existing footprint and moving into new countries where demand… Read More »

Education in Focus as Argentina Moves Towards Differentiation

Argentina has long been a safe bet for companies in the Nearshore market. “The knowledge services industry is the third largest export industry in Argentina, generating around US$6 billion annually. Around 60% of… Read More »

Social Enterprises Use Innovative Tools to Nurture New Developers

The severe drought of IT talent the Nearshore is experiencing means that companies are casting their nets ever wider as they search out professional profiles. Social enterprises, like Mexico City’s Hola Code, are… Read More »

Companies Must Hit a Moving Target to Build the Workplace of Tomorrow

As Covid-19 upended lives across the globe, the world was forced to shrink behind four walls. Mounting exhaustion from frequent video calls, combined with family commitments and the disorienting effect of working hours… Read More »

Rising Salaries and Spiking Attrition Create Trouble for India

For decades, India has shouldered the bulk of global IT services, relying on the world’s largest and most equipped talent pool in a single nation. The country, home to over 6,000 engineering and… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The Changing Role of the Digital Leader

With digital technologies now being found in all areas of business operation and structure, the role of the digital leader is now fundamental to the health and competitivity of an organization. The trend… Read More »

US Visa Delays Frustrate Next Wave of Nearshore Entrepreneurs

Charly Cardeño is the CEO and founder of Elemento 43, a Cartagena-based software services company. Motivated by opportunities to expand to the US market, he has been planning a trip to the US. … Read More »

Q&A: TCS Opens in Guatemala as Nearshore Demand Surges

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has chosen Guatemala as its new Latin American location, breaking into Central America for the first time. The last time TCS expanded in Latin America was with its move… Read More »

CITY PROFILE: Barranquilla Thrives as a “Disruptor” Location Loaded with Upside

Not so many years ago, Colombia’s status as a Nearshore destination was on rocky ground. Despite its population – now around 50 million – the country’s bilingual talent was sorely lacking, Nearshore Americas… Read More »

Why “The Latino Connection” is Growing More Formidable in Latin America IT

Followers of news coverage on Latin America & Caribbean in US and international media may be aware of the profound pessimism about the region. Endless cases of corruption, the effects of the pandemic,… Read More »

On Location in Bogota: Colombia Puts Nearshore at Center of Recovery

Colombia’s post-pandemic economic reactivation began in earnest this week at the Colombia Investment Summit 2021, as a host of ministers and private business leaders, including President Iván Duque, asserted the safety, prosperity and… Read More »

A Region Divided: How Some Nations are Jumping on Vaccinations and Others Are Not

After some false starts and questions of access to vaccinations, the growth in vaccination rates across The Americas has elevated the optimism about the region’s economic recovery. Recently, Carissa F. Etienne, Director of… Read More »

Four Ways For Mexico to Rediscover its Nearshore Spark

Sharing a border with the United States means that Mexico will always be in the minds of business customers looking to participate in the remarkable advantages of Nearshore services. But in recent years,… Read More »

How to Manage Remote Developer Teams

Advances in cloud-based platforms, and structural shifts brought on by the pandemic, have increased the importance of best practices when it comes to managing remote developer teams. In many ways, remote and in-house… Read More »

Exclusive: Globant on Acquisition of Atix Labs and Blockchain Journey

Global IT and software development company, Globant, has acquired Blockchain experts, Atix Labs, founded in 2013, in a move that will strengthen Globant’s position in the trailblazing blockchain solutions market, expected to grow… Read More »

El Salvador’s Bullish Growth Spreads Across Software and BPO

As outsourcing growth continues apace following the global impact of the pandemic, the Nearshore region is enjoying a serious uptick in demand. But in one small Central American country in the news for… Read More »

10 Tips for Retaining Top Talent at Call Centers

For most contact centers managers, a significant amount of organizational effort is put into hiring qualified employees. But there can sometimes be less emphasis on retention.  This might be because a job is… Read More »

Covid-19 in the Caribbean: Delta Spoils “Reopening Party”

Although Covid-19 cases are declining considerably elsewhere in Latin America, some countries in the Caribbean are seeing a sudden surge in the number of new infections. Barbados is seeing such a spike in… Read More »

US Vendor Governance Leader: India is Still Far Superior to Nearshore

Nearshore’s ascendency within the global outsourcing industry has taken a huge leap forward in light of the pandemic.  For US-headquartered companies, the global travel restrictions and ongoing safety concerns meant the world’s major… Read More »

Honduras and Its “Brilliant People” Inspired US Entrepreneur’s Unique Journey

Business journalism often exclusively focuses on the numbers, the cold, hard figures that are essential factors for decision makers. This is particularly true when it comes to Nearshore issues and internationalization strategies. From… Read More »

Technology at the Core of Employee Support During Pandemic, Says The Office Gurus

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has forced BPO companies to rethink the way they deliver services. Businesses that thrived during the period quickly understood the need to evaluate and rethink the tools… Read More »

Webinar: Fintechs are in Crisis and Jamaica Has Answers

Nearshore Americas will host a webinar on the challenges that financial technology firms are facing following the intense demand that has grown for their services over the last 18 months. Scheduled for October… Read More »

Starting a New Nearshore Relationship? Read This Before Taking Your First Step

The client-vendor relationship is the foundation of the Nearshore industry. It’s the motor that drives borderless business in The Americas, and the route to companies receiving quality outsourcing services from a larger talent… Read More »

10 Tips for Hiring Bilingual Contact Center Agents

In a Nearshore environment, there is a significant need for bilingual contact center agents. The strongest demand is for those individuals who are fluent in the region’s dominant three languages – English, Spanish,… Read More »

Hybrid is Creating Inequality Among Workers, Causing Angst for Employers

As the reality dawned upon us that Covid-19 will be around for a lot longer than we’d expected or hoped, the future of the workplace became a huge topic of conversation. For Nearshore… Read More »

Growing by Leaps, Conversational AI is Making a Real Impact

The heralding of AI within the CX sector promoted predictions of an all-robotic workforce, where human customers and artificial intelligence would communicate seamlessly, and contact center agents would be required for only the… Read More »

Crime and Personal Safety Issues Still Persist, But How Relevant to Nearshore?

Safety and security are ever-present concerns for companies looking to expand outside of their home market. The Nearshore region, and Latin America in particular, has a reputation for trouble. Media coverage of Latin… Read More »

Agent Onboarding Has Seen Radical Change. Is that a Good Thing?

Talk of the “Great Resignation” as the return to the office draws closer in much of the world has shone a light on organisation’s strategies for the onboarding of new talent.  If mass… Read More »

Diversification Paves Way to Global Trade in Caribbean

A few weeks ago, Deodat Maharaj, Executive Director of the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA), published an op-ed calling for greater support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the region. The… Read More »

Mexico City, Still a Long Way From ‘Normal’

Late Wednesday evening, Mexico City’s vast Zocalo stood empty as Mexican President López Obrador gave the Grito de Independencia to mark the country’s independence.  For the second year running, the Covid-19 pandemic had… Read More »

How to Determine When a Function is a Core Competency

Many businesses, as well as the service providers that support them, speak of the importance of core competencies.  But what is a core competency? And how can an enterprise separate a core competency… Read More »

Creating a Truly Inclusive BPO Environment Means Everyone Wins

While recognition of the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) is growing, transformation initiatives need to do more than just pay lip service to the idea.  For many organizations, diversity and inclusion… Read More »

Talent Shortage Bites Hard, Delaying Technology Adoption

The global tech talent shortage has begun to take its toll, with the scarcity of qualified professionals forcing businesses to delay the adoption of new technologies like automation. IT executives now regard the… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: What the OECD’s Global Corporate Tax Reform Means for Nearshore

Earlier this year over 130 countries signed up for a global corporate tax reform agreement, spearheaded by the OECD, aimed at forcing international organizations to pay their fair share of tax, to be… Read More »

Face-to-Face Remains a Crucial Starting Point for Vendor-Client Relationships

Despite the distance, the Nearshore has – or had, depending on how Covid-19 progresses – relied on vendor and client representatives meeting in person before working together. The logic was clear: if a… Read More »

Cuba’s IT Ecosystem is Getting a Kickstart from a Well Positioned Player

Cuba is not a great example of a model based on knowledge and intellectual assets as sources of competitiveness and long-term economic growth.  The island’s centralized economic planning and overreliance on tourism, remittances… Read More »

The Latin American Universities Driving Nearshore Tech Talent Production

The global economy, hurtling towards into digital totality, is seeing a serious dearth of professionals, and the preparedness of education systems in distinct nations are being questioned. In Latin America, universities are playing… Read More »

Hiring Bonuses and Clever Incentives Shape the New Normal in the Contact Center

The pandemic has presented call center agents with possibilities that were uncommon before offices were shuttered on mass and employees forced to retreat into their own homes. The Work From Home model has… Read More »

Schools Reopen in South America, as Covid Cases Fall Dramatically

Schools across South America, an area hit particularly hard by the pandemic, are being reopened after a dramatic drop in Covid-19 cases have spurred hope of a return to normalcy sooner than expected.… Read More »

Exclusive: Wizeline’s New Majority Shareholder Will Empower an Enduring Vision

Wizeline, the global services technology provider founded by Mexican-American entrepreneur Bismarck Lepe, has taken a giant step towards its expansion goals after Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ) purchased a majority… Read More »

From Vacancy Rates to Buyer Behavior, Understanding the Real Changes in Real Estate

For more than a year, dust has gathered on the empty desks at offices across the Nearshore region. Commercial real estate locations from Buenos Aires to Bogotá are bereft of their usual bustle and… Read More » Stock Price Soars Thanks to Short Squeeze

Shares in technical support services provider have jumped more than 300% in the past 10 days as retail investors mass purchase shares and force a ‘short squeeze’ that will drive stock prices higher… Read More »

New White Paper Examines Jamaica’s Digital Services Sector

Nearshore Americas has published a white paper that shines a light on Jamaica’s rising digital services sector. With an annual revenue of more than US$700 million, Jamaica’s digital services industry is already supporting… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The Rising Risks of the Hybrid Model (Video)

As the cycles of the pandemic continue to pose problems to ideas of returning to the office in the Nearshore, risk exposure is a topic on the mind of all business leaders. Linda… Read More »

The Role of Human Resources as We Know it is No More

Never has Human Resources (HR) been as integral a part of an organization’s success as it is today. From a support function to having a seat at the decision-making table, HR has evolved… Read More »

Q&A: The Anthropocentric Future of the Global Services Industry

Inspired by discussions with over 70 global business leaders, Javier Peña Capobianco is helping construct a clearer understanding of the future of the global services industry. In his new book, The New Era… Read More »

Beyond Technical Ability: The Soft Skills Holding Tech Pros Back

Over the last decade or so, soft skills have moved from the periphery of a business leaders’ recruitment strategy to sit firmly at its center. So important have soft skills become that they’re… Read More »

Editor’s Choice: 12 Non-Profits with a Transformational Mission

The efforts of most organizations in the business world center on improving efficiencies to increase competitivity and productivity in a highly competitive market. But some, like non-profit groups, aim beyond achieving immediate benefits… Read More »

Why the Employee Experience Matters, and How to Elevate it

Having happier employees at work should be a top priority for any company. After all, happy and engaged employees are more productive. They make the workplace more upbeat and fun, strive to achieve… Read More »

Rising Threat Levels Prompt TCS to Launch Specialized Cybersecurity Ops

Surging cyberattack figures, including threat detection levels that grew by a reported 240% in Q3 of 2020 and 208% in Q4 according to anti-virus platform. McAfee, place global business practices in peril. In… Read More »

The Right Tools for the Job: Equipping Agents with Up-to-Date Tech Enables Success

Imagine this scenario: A skilled call center agent surpasses all the hiring requirements and is brought on board. They are highly motivated and eager to start their new job. Three months later, performance… Read More »

As AI and ML Become Prevalent, CFOs Embrace Faster Finance Processing

Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) have had a busy pandemic. Charged with keeping their organizations afloat during the ‘black swan’ event of the recent global economic meltdown, they’ve had their backs to the wall… Read More »

7 Reasons to be Skeptical About Digital Expansion in LatAm

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, academics, policy think tanks and government officials have proposed a new wave of strategies to advance digital performance and facilitate economic recovery. This is particularly true for Latin… Read More »

Cognizant Exec on “Fake Productivity” and Other Pandemic Lessons

Just over 18 months ago, business as we knew it came to a shuddering halt. Gone were the office check-ins, coffee meet-ups and the ability to walk across the corridor to chat with… Read More »

EPAM Adds Engineering Scale with Colombia Acquisition

US IT consultant EPAM Systems has expanded its footprints further in Latin America with the acquisition of Colombian software maker S4N. EPAM, based in Newtown, Pennsylvania and which already has presence in Mexico… Read More »

Pursuit of Knowledge and Tech are Key Drivers in Major M&A Wave

The suspension of M&A activity in the global customer care sector seen during the unpredictability of the pandemic’s peak has come to a sudden and definite end.  Large-scale acquisitions, such as Sitel’s acquisition… Read More »

AI Takes Call Center Language Screening to the Next Level

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is driving innovation around world. In 2020, the global AI market was valued at over US$62 billion, with an estimated compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.2% from 2021 to… Read More »

Nearshore Nations: The Forgotten Five

Though Latin America and the Caribbean consist of 33 countries, many nations sit outside of the core Nearshore industry view. While countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia continue to see their knowledge… Read More »

Labor Arbitrage Drove itel’s Guyana Acquisition

Last week, Jamaica’s itel announced its acquisition of Guyana’s Emerge BPO. The move gives itel a presence in Guyana and Honduras, and the ability to leverage a handful of at-home agents in the… Read More »

Ensuring Optimal CX Through Adaptability and Diversity

One necessary characteristic of delivering on an ideal customer experience (CX) is adaptability. A big reason for this isn’t only the diversity of a customer base, but also the frequent changes in regulatory… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Building Customer Experience in the ‘New Normal’ with Brad Cleveland (Video)

Brad Cleveland, customer service expert, consultant and author, has seen many major shifts in the customer experience industry during his 30 years’ involvement. But nothing like the last 18 months.  “I felt customer… Read More »

Nearshore’s Moral Dilemma: When is Poaching Acceptable?

Recruiting is a demanding industry. The financial perks of placing a candidate are high, but the pressure to do so is intense. And while demand is rising, recruiters are being pushed to bring… Read More »

How to Hire the Best Call Center Agents (Even in a Tight Labor Market)

Putting top talent into customer-facing roles is the key to achieving high customer satisfaction, yet the current labor crunch makes it all but impossible for companies to keep their call centers staffed with… Read More »

Editor’s Choice: Nine of Latin America’s Best Coworking Spaces

The era of borderless working is in full swing. Despite a global pandemic, or maybe because of it, the surge of interest in migrating to new digitally-powered geographies is a trend that has… Read More »

Retention Becomes “Extremely High Priority” as IT Firms Confront Rising Churn

The Nearshore is buzzing. M&A activity is rising as companies make decisive actions to push on with long-term strategies following the last 18 months. Meanwhile, cross-industry digital transformation is pressuring recruitment in Nearshore… Read More »

Regional Strategies to Produce a Global Powerhouse

Think local, act global, is the new mantra of globalization. Believed to be an antithesis of regionalization for the longest time, globalization is now being touted as a sum total of several regional… Read More »

Why SMEs Need an Entrepreneurial Approach to BPO

Automation and technological advancements have made growth an easier proposition for companies, and more companies are growing. But this rapid growth can cause some growing pains. With this rapid growth, the need for… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Why Mexico is Primed to Plug the Tech Talent Shortage

The world faces a tech talent shortage that has been exacerbated by the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Last year, global recruitment company ManpowerGroup published a report that said a stunning 54% of companies worldwide… Read More »

Cybersecurity Worries Bleed into Outsourcing Universe

Cybersecurity has always been a relevant topic to outsourcers and the Nearshore at large. By its nature, companies in the industry employ the services of a wide network of third party providers, stretched… Read More »

French BPO Webhelp Acquires Latin America’s OneLink

French outsourcing giant Webhelp has acquired Latin America’s OneLink in a deal that will push each companies’ global ambitions forward amid intensifying contact center industry consolidation. In an exclusive interview with Nearshore Americas,… Read More »

Ebook: How Can You Build an Engineering Team in Mexico Using BOT?

Nearshore Americas will unveil a new Ebook illustrating how US companies can address the talent shortage at home by building a strong IT engineering team in Mexico under build-operate-transfer (BOT) model. Titled “Build… Read More »

How Proving Language Ability Can Improve Your Contact Center’s Performance

Outsourcing contact center work from a Nearshore location has given many providers an edge, but it comes with a major challenge: for most agents, English is a second language. A contact center employing… Read More »

Miami’s Tech Moment Strengthens Bridge to Latin America

For decades, Miami has been the main entry point for migrants arriving from Latin American & the Caribbean into the United States. The connection between the South Floridian city and the region runs… Read More »

Data-Driven Strategies Supported by Cloud Enable Digital Growth

For Brazil-based Alelo, a financial services company specialised in the management of corporate in benefits, incentives expenses for SMEs, leveraging the cloud and using a data-driven methodology to develop digital products proved essential… Read More »

Everise Takes Stock, Moves Past Pandemic with Guatemala BPO Expansion

Dave Palmer, president of global BPO Everise, believes that the many cries of the demise of the Philippines’ as the globe’s outright BPO champion (described as a ‘meltdown’ on these very pages) were… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: The New Wave of Nearshore Demand

Latin America and Caribbean was among the most impacted regions of the world by the arrival of Covid-19, with Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia suffering some of the highest death rates in the… Read More »

Concentration Risk Grows as Companies Bet Big on Service Providers

A few weeks ago, a faulty update to the content delivery network (CDN) of edge cloud platform provider Fastly brought down the websites of some of the world’s most recognizable brands.  Amazon, Spotify… Read More »

El Salvador’s Cryptocurrency Adoption Sparks Fintech Opportunity for Nearshore BPOs

Latin American economies have long expressed interest in the advantages of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Now that El Salvador announced that it would be adopting Bitcoin as an official currency alongside the US… Read More »

Q&A: Former GE Exec Offers Tips on Managing Outsourced Vendors

As the Nearshore industry and global outsourcing continue growing, many companies new to the outsourcing process are entering the space.  These companies have many questions they want answered. Among them are concerns over… Read More »

Why Colombia is the New Philippines

The Philippines has long had appeal as an outsourcing destination. Cost effective, with an abundant workforce and reliable infrastructure, the Asian nation enables providers to deliver an excellent service to customers in North… Read More »

Junior Developers and the “False Paradise” of Working from Home

The last year has been rough for everyone. But for those just starting out their careers, the pandemic delivered particularly obstructive effects.  The junior software developer position is all about absorbing and learning. … Read More »

Why Data-Driven Approaches to Digital Growth Matter

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on approaches to digital transformation is set to be significant. As Forrester Research’s 30 Predictions Report points out: “2021 will be the year that every company —… Read More »

New Ebook Explores Crucial Advancements in Nearshore CX

Nearshore Americas is to release a new Ebook titled “The Digital Transformation of Nearshore CX”, illustrating how organizations can leverage the power of new digital technologies to enhance their customer experience (CX) service.… Read More »

A ‘Private’ Development Hub in Honduras Leans on a Revolutionary Model

Tropical getaways for tech professionals eager to escape their own concrete jungles have been big news over the pandemic. But Próspera, a new ‘prosperity hub’ off the coast of Honduras, is taking that… Read More »

Don’t Believe the Hype: Latin America is Not Melting Down

Read the news from Latin America lately? Doesn’t matter where you turn, it’s the same old story: the region – via corruption, violence and authoritarianism – is descending into a new level of… Read More »

Q&A: Uber Weighs in on the Nearshore Explosion

Lisa Stoner is the Global Head of Support Operations at Uber, meaning she is responsible for six main pillars within Uber’s global customer care and community care environment. She deals with one-on-one customer… Read More »

Building a Future-fit Skilling Ecosystem for Human-ware Tomorrow

In the 1980s, Japanese carmakers faced a unique dilemma. They wanted to automate, but in a manner that would not alienate their workforce. The approach they adopted is what we now call human-ware… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: How Aviation CX Teams Met Pandemic Challenges (Video)

As countries closed their borders and travel restrictions were put in place around the globe last year, the aviation industry came to a shuddering standstill. Millions of customers, having their flights cancelled last minute,… Read More »

Exclusive: Saint Lucia Prime Minister Puts High Priority on BPO Readiness

The pandemic shook the foundations of global outsourcing. Market giants like the Philippines saw their total dominance falter, while minnows were given the opportunity to grow. Saint Lucia Prime Minister Allen Chastanet believes… Read More »

How to Scale Up Your Nearshore Agile Capabilities and Overcome Common Challenges

When Service Central found itself growing exponentially as customer demand increased, it needed to look at ways to maintain its agile processes while working collaboratively with their nearshore partner, Cinq Technologies.  Jeff Foster,… Read More »

Jamaica Puts Focus on Upskilling as Digital Sourcing Opportunities Grow

In 2020, tens of thousands of Jamaican workers — in industries as diverse as BPO, media and the public sector — were thrust into a sudden, mass experiment in new ways of working.… Read More »

Powered by the Cloud, LMS Systems are Transforming Operational CX

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been a growing force within the BPO space for a number of years, but since the pandemic, their value has jumped. Rather than relying on traditional in-classroom training,… Read More »

Nearshore Forum: Are the Colombia Protests Disrupting BPO? (Video)

President Iván Duque’s proposed tax hike triggered national protests in Colombia at the end of April this year. According to Human Rights Watch, over 60 people have now been killed during clashes between… Read More »

Creating Tech Hubs in Greater Caribbean Basin Would Serve US Domestic Policy

During the last five years, American policy makers, voters and even some business leaders have called for the reshoring of manufacturing. This trend has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic-induced need to guarantee… Read More »

Scaling in the Nearshore, Through the Eyes of a (Very Large) Healthcare Client

When the pandemic hit, healthcare services in the US went into overdrive. One major US health insurance firm, that sits in the top ten list of Fortune 500 companies, grew their outsourced agent… Read More »

Jamaica Lauded for Work From Home Adaptability

Since March 2020, Jamaica, like every country in the world, has been battling with the Covid-19 pandemic. As authorities implemented various lockdowns, Jamaicans moved dramatically toward online channels. Companies and industries responded with… Read More »

Understanding the Legal Complications of “Hiring Anywhere”

Of all the changes that the world has undergone over the past 15 months, the abandonment of the traditional office and the mass adoption of work from home is among the most consequential.… Read More »

Setting Up Stateside: Why These Entrepreneurs Made the Move

The source of the Nearshore industry’s work stream begins of course with the customer. Understanding their goals and objectives, as a result, is incredibly important to the suppliers trying to win their favor.… Read More »

Why Your MSA Should be Updated, Immediately

The Master Service Agreement (MSA) is an integral piece of the Nearshore jigsaw. It’s a contract that governs the expectations of a relationship between a buyer and a vendor, spelling out the rules… Read More »

Power Outages and Spotty Internet Raise New Questions About WFH Model

When the pandemic arrived to the region’s shores, the overnight adaption that BPOs forced to make underlined the reality of power and internet infrastructure for millions in Latin America: it is badly lacking.… Read More »

Strong Company Culture Makes All the Difference in the CX Space

Some Nearshore providers speak of the importance of culture but lack the ability to fully comprehend how it can improve outcomes for their clients. The key is to commit to full engagement with… Read More »

The Evolution of a Pandemic: Top Ten Articles that Rocked the Nearshore

Just over a year ago, a health crisis unlike anything seen in a century gripped the globe. Covid-19 caused borders to close, supply chains to lock up and offices to be abandoned as… Read More »

Unpredictability of Pandemic Puts New Pressures on Managing Peaks

Demand peaks and troughs are a natural part of the annual business cycle and  companies across industries prepare for them each and every year.  But Covid-19 has thrown a curve ball that tested… Read More »

Recognizing Weaknesses, DR Pursues Vast Internet Upgrades

Digital infrastructure has been pushed into the limelight by the pandemic and is the undisputed priority of businesses and governments today. For the BPO industry, which has made a rapid transition to virtual… Read More »

Sykes Goes to a “Non-Traditional” Geo in Costa Rica: What are the Lessons?

Breaking ground is never easy, even in the fertile soil of Costa Rica’s northwestern province, Guanacaste.  Flanked by the Gulf of Nicoya to the west and the Guanacaste mountain range to the east,… Read More »

Salaries for Specialized IT Talent Start to Spike in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is often considered to be the poster child for the Nearshore sector. Strong infrastructure and long-term governmental thinking have laid the foundations for the country’s in success in attracting major multinationals… Read More »

US Under Pressure to Send Vaccines to Latin America

The White House is reportedly under tremendous pressure to send vaccines to the Latin American countries hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. And the Joe Biden administration is also increasingly realizing that sending… Read More »

Ray Wang: Why Digital Transformation is Reshaping the Boardroom

The idea that the world is undergoing a great change at the hands of Covid-19 may sound glib. The idea of ‘great change’ has been trotted out numerous times across numerous publications over… Read More »

USMCA: An Enduring Feature of Mexico’s Nearshore Superiority, if It Can Be Maintained

The USMCA is a free trade agreement between the US, Mexico, and Canada that eliminates tariffs on most imported and exported goods. The agreement, which was ratified in 2020, is also unofficially known… Read More »

Q&A: TCS Peru on “Building Ecosystems” Within the New Economy

Sangram Sahoo, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Peru country manager for almost 18 years and regional VP for over nine, has seen huge changes under his watch, but nothing like the events of the… Read More »

Q&A: Jamaica’s Tourism Minister on Designing a “New Architecture” to Engage the World

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a greater impact on tourism and travel than any other disease outbreak in recent history. For the Caribbean, where tourism represents an important share of the region’s GDP,… Read More »

Mexico Restricts Businesses from Using Outsourcers for ‘Core Activities’

This month Mexico passed a law prohibiting Mexico-based businesses from outsourcing any of their services deemed to be “core business activities” to a third party. They can, however, outsource auxiliary services. In other… Read More »

Venezuelans Find New Hope and New Opportunity with Colombia’s BPOs

Venezuela’s socio-economic implosion has caused an estimated five million people to flee their home country, with many crossing the western border into Colombia. As the Colombian government takes steps to integrate migrants into… Read More »

The Dollar Differentiator: Greenbacks Rule in Turbulent Argentina

In this fourth article in our review of tech salaries across Latin America we focus on Argentina. The previous article on Colombia can be found here. Hiring quality tech talent has never been… Read More »

Q&A: ThoughtsWorks’ CEO on Supporting Authentic Digital Journeys

A veteran software developer and commercial tech and intellectual property lawyer, Chris Murphy now leads the North America office the global tech development company ThoughtWorks, guiding clients in areas including enterprise modernisation, data… Read More »

AR and VR Partnership Sets Trinidad on Road to Economic Diversification

In March 2021, Eon Reality, a California-based augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) leading company, announced a partnership with the University of West Indies (UWI) Open Campus in Trinidad and Tobago. The… Read More »

Technical Expertise is Not Enough: Agile Teams and the Secret to Client Engagement

For an agile approach to succeed, it must always be connected to the complete cycle of business value generation from the digital product perspective. Technology and product teams need to collaborate and focus… Read More »

Free Trade Zone Laws Are Reformed, Adapting to Reality of Telework

Covid-19 could have knocked out Free Trade Zones (FTZs) in Latin America had it not been for the fast reaction of the region’s governments. Intent on protecting these points of vital economic activity,… Read More »

Will Vaccine Passports Offer a Route Out of Darkness?

The arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 brought most economic activities, as well as local and international travel, to a standstill. As tourism accounts for half of all service exports in Latin… Read More »

Competition for Talent Triggers “Dog Fight” in Colombia

In this third article in our review of tech salaries across Latin America we focus on Colombia. The previous article on Chile can be found here. Booming Nearshore demand and the expansion of… Read More »

The Damage Done from “Blacklisting” Caribbean Countries

In late 2017, the European Union (EU) began publishing a list of countries that it claimed did not do enough to curb international tax evasion and profit shifting. The list of “non-cooperative jurisdictions… Read More »

Vertical Focus Powers Softtek’s Expanding Footprint in Latin America

As Softtek, one of Latin America’s most recognized IT services brands, approaches in 40th birthday next year, the company continues on a gradual path of expansion highlighted by growing its operations in Costa… Read More »

Scaling Services: Software Startups Confront Challenges to Growth

The path of a software services firm growing in the Nearshore region is almost never straightforward. The challenges of achieving growth and scaling a workforce are complicated by the specific skillset and English-language… Read More »

Worry for BPOs as Jamaica Imposes Weekend Curfews to Curb Virus Spread

Jamaica has begun imposing weekend curfews, as the Caribbean country does everything it can to contain the new cases of Covid-19 in a worrying turn for the country’s BPO industry. Around 40,000 people… Read More »

Digital Recruitment Gets More Innovative, Responding to Heavy Talent Demand

The pandemic’s disruptive force has opened rich veins of opportunity for Latin American recruiters with the digital capabilities and agility to mine them. Digital recruitment, a fledgling sector in the region, is one… Read More »

As Chile’s Tech Worker Deficit Grows, Government is Expected to Find Solutions

In this second article in our review of tech salaries across Latin America we focus on Chile. The first article on Mexico can be found here. Chile’s thriving digital economy has not protected… Read More »

Demand for Talent is Red Hot in Mexico, Spurring Salary Spike

The pandemic accelerated the move towards a digitized global economy that was already well underway. The demand for tech talent, oversubscribed prior to COVID-19’s arrival, has been exacerbated further. Companies are battling to… Read More »

PCI Certification Requires Investment and Grit

Like any business executive, Dominic Leide, President of BPO provider The Office Gurus, wants his company to deliver services at a consistently high level of  performance. For a BPO dealing with payment processing… Read More »

BPOs Seize Big Gains With E-Commerce and Digital Economy Clients

Last year, consumers picked up their smart phones and opened their wallets to e-commerce. Under lockdown and with brick-and-mortar stores temporarily shuttered, millions stepped into the world of online retail for the very… Read More »

Cuba, Still Under the Radar, Quietly Builds Stronger IT Services Foundation

The historic normalization of relations between the U.S. and Cuba during the Obama administration gave many American firms the opportunity to explore the potential of the Caribbean island as a Nearshore software sourcing… Read More »

Interview: IDB President Puts Nearshore at Center of Region’s Revival (Part 2)

In Part One of our interview, IDB President Mauricio Claver-Carone explained his personal interest in the Nearshore industry. Here, he offers more insights on how Latin America can grow its regional proposition as… Read More »

Interview: IDB President Puts Nearshore at Center of Region’s Revival (Part 1)

Mauricio Claver-Carone was elected President of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in September 2020, during a tumultuous moment both for the IDB and the nations the organization serves. Claver-Carone has, in his short… Read More »

Companies Grapple With Compliance as Digital Nomadism Surges

Wherever digital nomads roam, red-tape almost assuredly will follow. The Covid-19 pandemic, and the prior increase of co-working and co-living spaces, have accelerated the use of remote work as a leading trend across… Read More »

Leadership, Digital-Positivity Fire FDI Momentum in Colombia

The post-pandemic marketplace is offering Latin American countries Nearshore opportunities that simply weren’t available this time last year. Stronger Nearshore markets are jostling to capture business from the pandemic’s fallout – particularly from… Read More »

Why the Mexico-USA Nearshore Relationship Continues to Bloom

Historically, the trade relationship between the United States and Latin America – and specifically Mexico – has focused on manufactured goods. However, over the past few decades, there has been a shift, with… Read More »

Panama vs Costa Rica: The Facts on Applying for Residency

Establishing residency in Panama or Costa Rica could offer many advantages for international entrepreneurs. But selecting a country that meets personal needs and understanding the regulation surrounding the residency process can be a… Read More »

Alorica’s Nearshore Chief Opens Up About the Lessons of 2020

As the pandemic tore through the Americas in March and April of 2020, some Nearshore providers were accused of being caught flat-footed. In particular, Alorica found itself on the defensive amid heavy criticism,… Read More »

The Future of Latin America Business Conferences is Still Bright

The restrictions on movement that the fight against COVID-19 necessitated brought the in-person events industry to a sudden and shuddering stop. In Latin America where the personal touch is so valued in business,… Read More »

Human-Focused Automated Recruitment to Boom

Recruiting and retaining the right talent is crucial to maintaining a competitive advantage in business. As with most processes during the pandemic, companies have had to adapt their recruitment procedures and to use… Read More »

Transcom Returns to Colombia With a Point to Prove

Five years after exiting Colombia, Transcom is returning. With a new delivery operation spread across two floors – which may grow to four – in Bogota’s Chapinero district, Transcom is stepping back into… Read More »

Will Digital Nomads Deliver Benefits to Caribbean Tech Ecosystems?

When Caribbean nations began rolling out so-called digital nomad visas last year, the possibility of remote working in the sun, sea and sand of the paradise islands generated headlines worldwide. Fast-acting governments from… Read More »

The Case for Uruguay: “Value and Capability” Matter Most

The small South American country of Uruguay represents a modest BPO market with a unique set of advantages and challenges. These have been brought into sharp relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, as has… Read More »

From Conversational AI to Botsourcing: The Rush to Enhance CX

The dislocation experienced by digital workforces suddenly thrown into the Work-from-Home model has opened the door for rapid adoption of conversational AI across business environments. Companies looking to upgrade their customer acquisition process… Read More »

Next-Gen Cloud Tools Engage At-Home Workers

As the world has changed, so has the way we work. Ensuring that companies have the right tools in place for both employees and customers is crucial. Part of this is having one in… Read More »

Start with Internal Discovery Before Shopping for New Locations

When evaluating Nearshore destinations, decision-makers will often gravitate to ‘name brand’ locations, for reasons that are not as obvious as you might think. In recent years, those destinations, capable of supporting the entire… Read More »

Pandemic Prompts Canada to Look at Nearshore in a New Way

The pandemic has changed the way the world does business, and Canada is no exception. More people in Canada are working from home, with the big cities seeing a modesty exodus to smaller… Read More »

Building Outsourcing Brands in Some of the Most Overlooked Nations of the Caribbean

According to the UN’s World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) 2021 report, Latin America and the Caribbean experienced a devastating contraction of 8%  for 2020 and is expected to face moderate growth of… Read More »

New Pressures Build to Modernize Applications and Eliminate ‘Technical Debt’

Today’s businesses are in deep trouble if they can’t get their foundational applications to perform at their peak. Both internal and customer-facing software systems must run smoothly, without developing bugs or incurring high… Read More »

English Fluency Expectations from the North American Point of View

The Nearshore process requires high-level cooperation. Both clients and service providers should aim for agility, which means an openness to feedback and innovation. A recent survey conducted by the software company Slack found… Read More »

The Right Partner and Migration Strategy is Key to Cloud Success

Spurred on by the global pandemic, the demand for cloud continues to grow. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud have been the big winners, with AWS even crossing the $10… Read More »

With Remote Work and Empty Facilities, Providers Struggle with ‘Double Costs’

Early debates about work-from-home (WFH) arrangements tended to assume companies would save money on rental costs through their implementation. But in practice, many firms – including Nearshore IT and BPO providers – have… Read More »

Online Content Moderators Are Still Undervalued

In a recent interview, an online content moderator told Nearshore Americas that she spends between eight and ten hours each day sifting through social media comments and classified ads in search of offensive… Read More »

Building a Loyal Culture is Key to Success in the Nearshore

We all know that loyalty and trust have to be earned. But it is also true that some individuals and cultures are more inclined to value these qualities. This is certainly true in… Read More »

Improvise and Evolve: Crisis Management Lessons from Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico

When it comes to the topic of business continuity, Puerto Rican executives have some valuable insights. In September 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory – claiming more than 4,600 lives and leaving… Read More »

Seven Ways to Build Your Nearshore Brand in 2021

Creating a unique and positive image in the marketplace should be at the top of the list of priorities for all Nearshore providers this year. The concept of “brand building” is as relevant… Read More »

Trinidad and Tobago Sets Sights on BPO Expansion

The wealth of English-speaking talent in Trinidad and Tobago is working to its favor, alongside its prime location outside of the hurricane belt and sustained government support. The country is enjoying increased interest… Read More »

Covid Vaccination Rollouts Projected in the Nearshore

Most countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are making preparations to immunize their citizens against coronavirus, but analysts say the region may take more than a year to achieve “herd immunity”. Latin… Read More »

How Automation Enabled a Shift to 100% Online Talent Acquisition

Through automation, the BPO company Alorica was able to lower its investment, while still increasing candidate satisfaction and shifting towards a seamless online application process. Covid-19 has changed the way most companies operate.… Read More »

GFT Costa Rica Case Study: Using Cloud and Agile to Aid Clients Adapting to Covid

As the global pandemic continues to transform the way we do business, it is also making customers look differently at the Nearshore and recognise the cost savings and agile approaches that the Nearshore… Read More »

Uruguay’s Fintechs Move from the Shadows to the Spotlight

Fintech companies have grown exponentially across Latin America in recent years, leveraging technology to undercut and outperform banks. Uruguay has emerged as a surprise contender on this front. Earlier this year, the fintech… Read More »

A Successful Nearshore Operation Needs a Mission

Too many providers in Latin America are heavily focused on the Nearshore business model, without understanding the larger implications of delivering services to the United States. However, when it comes to software development,… Read More »

Curitiba Fights, Along with the Rest of Brazil, to Gain Traction in Nearshore IT

Despite Brazil’s sluggish economy, the country still attracts robust IT spending, with clients and investors attracted by its excellent software talent and thriving startup scene. Much of this activity is centered around the… Read More »

Psychographics: The New Criteria for a High-Performing Nearshore Workforce

The surge of remote work in 2020 has transformed the Nearshore labor market, so much so that talent acquisition professionals need a drastically different approach to evaluating the suitability of potential candidates. Before… Read More »

Four Best Practices for Developing High Availability Applications

User experience is now at the forefront of most organizations’ software development strategies. Service outages or system failures that disrupt users can quickly damage brand reputation, leading companies to find high availability solutions… Read More »

Freelance Platforms Are Disrupting the Traditional Nearshore Model

Benito Abraham credits the freelance platform Upwork with giving him and his career a new lease of life. After 12 years in a senior role at a traditional tech outsourcing company, he made… Read More »

Price Benchmarking Grows More Intelligent, Forcing Greater Transparency

Benchmarking has long been a source of strain for the relationship between customers and service providers. The potential for disagreements over price comparisons and contractual obligations is huge, and market price analysis can… Read More »

Covid-19 Vaccine: Not All Nearshore Regions to Benefit Equally

There has been some blockbuster news regarding a possible Covid-19 vaccine – first from Pfizer-BioNTech, then from Moderna. These ands other vaccine developments could have profound implications for Nearshore providers. The initial Pfizer-BioNTech… Read More »

Biden and a New Era of Engagement in the Caribbean

The United States is enduring a period of intense internal struggle. As these battles wage on, one naturally questions the level of engagement the new Biden Administration will have with the English-speaking Caribbean… Read More »

The 7 Biggest Reasons to Renegotiate Your IT Contract

IT contracts can have a lot of pitfalls. Deciding to renegotiate is a big step but for many clients the last few months have exposed partner weaknesses that are too large to ignore.… Read More »

Corporate Venture Capital and the Nearshore Opportunity

The pandemic has accelerated the push to digital transformation, with corporate venture capital (CVC) on the move. This global phenomenon includes Latin America, where CVCs are extending their reach. “CVC thrives when there… Read More »

Teleperformance Gets Behind “Cloud Campus” Model in Colombia

The Covid-19 lockdowns that began earlier this year threw the BPO sector into disarray. International media outlets have reported extrensively on the delays and disruptions to service as contact centers across the world… Read More »

South Africa Takes Aim at the Americas and Wins With Empathy

When the full force of the global pandemic hit, many client organizations suddenly recognized that the quality of their customer relationships needed to be understood at a much deeper level. This realization led… Read More »

Nubank Plants a Flag in Colombia

Nubank, the fast-growing Brazilian neo bank, has announced that it plans to invest more than US$150 million in the next eight years in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of a new technology hub focusing… Read More »

Flexshoring: Minimize Risk by Merging Nearshore and Offshore BPO Teams

As we inch closer to another uncertain year, organizations can rely on one thing and one thing only: long-term survival depends on bulletproof risk mitigation strategies. When it comes to mitigating risk in… Read More »

Five Tips for Selecting a Nearshore Development Partner in 2020

With remote work dominating the business world, the availability of international resources with technical expertise and English proficiency has exploded, making Nearshore software development one of the most attractive options available to US… Read More »

Company Culture Has Become the Key Competitive Differentiator

With the economic fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic set to continue well into 2021, employers in most industries are facing tough decisions on how to cut costs and survive with strained budgets. But… Read More »

Nearshore’s Top 20 Social Media Influencers

One of the most immediate ways to access the Nearshore business conversation is through social media. It is where truths are revealed, theories are questioned, and provocative ideas grow into powerful mechanisms of… Read More »

Product Support: What Can Nearshore Learn from Offshore?

US organizations have been outsourcing product support to offshore locations for many years, but as Nearshore’s reputation continues to rise, North American companies are growing more curious about the region’s viability as an… Read More »

Fintech Platforms Push Voice Support to the Back of the Queue

With financial technologies – fintech in current parlance – the need for customer service that can provide knowledgeable, timely interactions, should be front and center. Given that fintech platforms pose unique risks to… Read More »

Data Analysts are Crucial as SMBs Pursue “Frictionless” Customer Experience

Complicated checkout procedures, hidden shipping costs and software that fails to remember personal details across platforms all contribute to low conversion rates in e-commerce.  Nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon their cart before… Read More »

New COVID Cases Decrease in South America, Except for Argentina

COVID-19 deaths are declining steadily across South America since July. Brazil, the worst-hit country in the region, has seen a 40% decrease in both daily infections and deaths from the virus in the… Read More »

Lack of Transparency is the Achilles Heel of “Old Guard” Software Partners

As smaller Nearshore outsourcers experience explosive growth, sometimes taking major contracts away from incumbents, the big players are challenged to change how they do business. However, the old guard’s culture may not be… Read More »

Preparing for the Arrival of “AI Ethicists”

An acclaimed and alarming documentary, The Social Dilemma, was released on Netflix this month, prompting countless newspaper columns and online debates about the dark side of social media, big data and artificial intelligence. The… Read More »

As Guadalajara Takes a Hit, Real Estate Woes Force New Conversations

When the pandemic arrived earlier this year, there was significant uncertainty within the real estate market in Guadalajara, Mexico. Global outsourcing providers pivoted to embrace more work-from-home agents, while also adopting social distancing… Read More »

Where Nearshore Newcomers Can Overcome Their Disadvantages

Don’t let a rocky US economy or the shock and awfulness of a global pandemic fool you, 2020 is turning out to be the year when global contact center organizations brought the concept… Read More »

Integrating UX Research into Agile Frameworks: A Crucial Step in the Development Process

Successful technology firms have been using agile methodologies to streamline and energize their processes for the past two decades. Overall, these firms are engaging in a worthwhile endeavor. The latest Standish Group Chaos… Read More »

Datafication and Last-Mile Logistics Are Major Opportunities Says PlenumSoft Founder

Clients need solutions. Aside from the obvious economic gap that Covid-19 created between growing technology needs and descending cash flow within companies, most businesses are still asking for different ways to involve digital… Read More »

Landing AI Uses Small Data to Improve Quality and Make AI More Accessible

Internet giants like Google and Facebook have taken a leading role in the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and that is down to one thing: data. Owing to their billions of daily active… Read More »

Mexico and Colombia Recognize the Urgency of Artificial Intelligence

The artificial intelligence revolution has arrived. McKinsey estimates the global impact of AI will deliver the equivalent of an additional $13 trillion into world economies by 2030. PricewaterhouseCoopers forecasts an additional $15.7 trillion… Read More »

Quality of Life Drives Investor Interest in Trinidad and Tobago

When it comes to attracting talented staff and robust international investment in an increasingly competitive environment, quality of life can play a major role. According to the OECD Indicators of Talent Attractiveness, quality… Read More »

Infographic: Agile Only Works When Clients are Engaged

In recent years, executives across the Nearshore region have turned to agile methodologies to improve their business outcomes, and that trend has accelerated even further during the era of Covid-19.  But with so… Read More »

UX Design Massively Influences the Customer Experience: Here’s Why

A growing body of research demonstrates that great UX designers have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and profitability. Last year, data collected by the software developer UserZoom revealed that 70% of enterprise… Read More »

Managing the Mental Health of an Isolated Workforce 

Early debates about work-from-home (WFH) tended to focus on the practical implications: the missed deadlines, the patchy internet infrastructure and the complex new hiring processes. But four months into the WFH transformation, the… Read More »

The Miami Heat’s Mobile App Dream Team Grew From El Salvador

Running a pro basketball team and a top software development firm are very similar endeavors, says Darwin Romero, co-founder of Applaudo Studios, a tech company headquartered in El Salvador. Romero first noticed the… Read More »

Protocols, Policies and Bio-Security: Central America Grapples with a New Normal

Nearshore businesses with operations in Central America have been doing their best to protect workers amid the ongoing spike in Covid-19 cases across the region. Each country has responded to the pandemic is… Read More »

Monterrey and Sutherland Proved Resilient During First Wave of Covid

Businesses in the northern Mexican state of Nuevo León appear to have handled the pandemic reasonably well, compared to other parts of Latin America. The capital city, Monterrey, has proved resilient, even as… Read More »

Caribbean’s Top Tier Destinations See Robust Activity

Business process outsourcing (BPO) operators in the Caribbean are preparing for growth, while some are already in expansion mode, industry insiders revealed to Nearshore Americas. The outlook is positive for the global services… Read More »

E-book Introduces a Brand-New Nearshore Destination: Villa Nueva, Guatemala

If you’re keeping a list of exciting new Nearshore destinations, we recommend placing Villa Nueva, Guatemala at the top. The basis for this recommendation, and why Villa Nueva is unlike many newly emerging… Read More »

Transparency: IDB and Microsoft Expand Investment Map to Counter Corruption

The InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and Microsoft have cemented a new partnership with the InvestmentMap – a landmark initiative which aims to reduce corruption in the Latin American region. With spending at an all-time… Read More »

Choice Locations for Portuguese Language Support

Entrepreneurs and investors looking to service Brazil will need to closely analyze where they source Portuguese language support. Not surprisingly, the most affordable options are found outside Latin America’s most populous country –… Read More »

Education and Language Power a “High Energy Workforce” in Trinidad

The quest for well-educated, English-speaking talent is one of the most significant factors when deciding on BPO destinations. Trinidad and Tobago was highlighted as having “one of the largest pools of English-speaking talent… Read More »

Canada Welcomes Tech Workers Escaping US Visa Hassles

For André Ferreira, a move to Canada was all about finding peace of mind. The Portuguese software engineer had been living in the United States since 2016. But with his visa expiring and… Read More »

Nearshore 101: Customers, Do You Know What You Are Buying?

While the value proposition of a global services provider is greater than ever before, changing economic conditions mean first time outsourcing buyers need to be even more vigilant in evaluating potential partnerships. “Buyers… Read More »

Hybrid Success: Merging Traditional Contact Center Support with Work-from-Home

Contact center outsourcing clients want guaranteed business continuity and security that is out of reach for BPO providers that are either pure-play brick-and-mortar or work-from-home (WFH) providers. The only real solution is the… Read More »

Champion-Challenger Comparisons Have a Role to Play in Scrutinizing AI

Champion-challenger outsourcing involves multiple contact center providers competing for future work. Although that can lead to companies collaborating with the best known partners, it has also opened the door for intreprid and innovative… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence: Resist the Hype and Embrace Critical Thinking

As global services executives adjust to meet new demands and markets, they are more enthusiastic than ever about leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their business processes. But Chip Wagner, the CEO of ISG… Read More »

Trump’s Suspension of H1B Visa Creates Instant Opportunity

Industry experts argue that new immigration restrictions in the United States will not benefit jobseekers and could ultimately create opportunities for Latin American technology talent. Last month, President Donald Trump issued an executive… Read More »

Will Chatbots Remove the Need for Accent Neutralization?

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, customer experience leaders are trying to adapt – on the fly – to changes in customer behavior. On their radar for several years now have been chatbots – robots… Read More »

Companies Reach for Expert Assistance in Remote Employee Screening

For many knowledge-services organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean, recruiting during the era of Covid-19 means taking a leap in the dark. However, there are many systems available to assist in the… Read More »

How to Recognize a Robust, Reliable Work-From-Home BPO Solution

Nearshore contact centers with work-from-home (WFH) capabilities are more reliable than ever, giving brands the opportunity to protect their business continuity strategies well into the future. While WFH has been an option for… Read More »

Puerto Rico Takes Technology Seriously and It’s Starting to Pay Off

Puerto Rico is making the most of Covid-19’s disruptive force by staying laser focused on feeding the development of a tech-services industry that has, for the longest time, been rich with potential but… Read More »

Despite COVID-19 “Red Zone” Status, Nearshore Rides a New Wave of Popularity

In recent weeks, confirmed coronavirus cases have surged across Latin America, leaving existing healthcare deficiencies and economic vulnerabilities exposed. Earlier this month, the World Health Organization (WHO) described the region as the new… Read More »

Trinidad: Infrastructure is Key Differentiator in New Era of Work-from-Home

With its stable infrastructure, diverse and educated talent pool and excellent geographic location, Trinidad and Tobago has emerged as a serious contender in supporting the work-from-home (WFH) model for BPO. In a post-Covid… Read More »

New Health and Environmental Standards Put Added Cost Burdens on BPOs

Business process outsourcers are interpreting a labyrinth of new government regulations, across an assortment of geographies, as they come to grips with a rapidly-changing playing field. As challenging as work-from-home (WFH) has proven… Read More »

Nearshore Americas Makes Several Key Staff Additions

Nearshore America’s has added four new employees in a move driven to align with the recent upswing in global IT and BPO interest and activity, targeting Latin America and Caribbean. Stephen Woodman, a… Read More »

The Next Best Thing to an In-Person Site Visit

Business travel across the Americas has come to near standstill in the context of the coronavirus crisis. Lockdowns and mobility restrictions have kept employees grounded, with 96 percent of companies reporting that they… Read More »

Bogota Brims With Bullishness, Sees Post-Crisis Upswing

Though the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a frenzied panic for businesses across Latin America – and the world – stakeholders in Bogotá’s outsourcing industry are brimming with optimism that the industry could come… Read More »

Prospect of Selling Captives Comes into View for Cash-Strapped Corporations

The economic pain that the pandemic is delivering to the global economy is having all sorts of ripple effects. One of them is the sudden prospect of major corporate customers selling off captive… Read More »

How Did Services Companies in Costa Rica Do It?

The norm across Latin America has been lockdowns, curfews, and mandatory quarantines to deal with the disruptions of COVID-19. Costa Rica has followed a different approach. Despite the lack of mandatory quarantines or… Read More »

Tec De Monterrey Dean: Reasons to Believe in the Next Generation of Nearshore Professionals

Ignacio de La Vega is optimistic about the future. As a dean and professor at Mexico’s Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM), he believes the prestigious college has already laid the groundwork for the… Read More »

What do Contact Center Agents Really Expect?

Sure, big hiring bonuses are alluring, fair and reliable paychecks are a necessity as is a safe work environment, but what else are contact center agents really looking for from their employer? In… Read More »

The 3 Assets that Give Bolivia’s Software Ecosystem a Big Boost

As competition increases in the Nearshore software development sector, countries will need to demonstrate how they provide additional value to the ecosystem and stand out from the crowd. The core selling points of… Read More »

How to Create a Good UX in Fintech Apps?

The best premise in UX is creating apps that you would NOT be too lazy to use. How many times have you automatically pressed that “Skip” or “X” button even before reading what… Read More »

Why Innovation Requires Both a Bottom-Up and Top-Down Approach

Developing an ethos of innovation as part of company culture in the context of a BPO can be a tricky goal. For many organizations, the focus is on a top-down strategic innovation approach… Read More »

Nimble and Tech Savvy, Cloud-Based BPOs Expose Weaknesses in “Old Economy” Model

The evolution of the BPO industry is being shaped by the cloud, with smaller, nimbler start-ups taking advantage of the lower barriers to entry that the cloud offers. While the last few years… Read More »

How Bolivia Is Evolving Into a Nearshore Development Contender

Thanks to the efforts of private companies and growing interest from its national government, Bolivia is showing increasingly positive signs of becoming a contender in the Nearshore software development market. With a population… Read More »

New Demand for “High Touch” Back-Office Services

In recent years, there has been an increasing demand for nearshore providers to offer back-office support. At times, a client will first engage with traditional client-facing BPO before moving up the value chain.… Read More »

Midmarket BPOs Bring an Agility that ‘Big Players’ Just Don’t Have

As larger BPO organizations continue to swallow up small and medium-sized BPO providers, the need for agile midmarket BPOs becomes ever more vital. In just four years, there has been a significant turn… Read More »

How to Find and Retain Remote Devs in Latin America

It’s no secret that software developers have become key assets to practically every industry in the world. This has led to a wider pool of opportunities for these professionals, which can make finding… Read More »

Why American English Fluency Matters in the Call Center

Have you ever called into a customer service line and known you were talking to someone 3,000 miles away? That distance is about more than physical separation; it can mean an inability to… Read More »

Inside Latin America’s ‘Brain Power’ Hubs

Latin America’s IT ecosystem is on the rise. Although no country in the region ranks among the world’s top 50 nations in innovation, some nations have done their homework on skilled labor training and continue to make important strides in fueling development of the lifeblood of the digital economy: Brain Power.

Sula Valley’s Culture of Innovation is Key Driver for BPO Investment

Honduras’s second-largest city, San Pedro Sula, has a lot to offer the BPO industry, with the city’s civic and business leaders working hard to make the location appealing to providers. “San Pedro Sula’s… Read More »

Compliance Mandates Lead to More Aggressive Background Checks

The level of compliance that companies meet when hiring job applicants and suppliers, especially when it comes to data protection and fraud prevention, is a critical differentiator for nearshore outsourcing. For companies that… Read More »

Saturation a Concern in Costa Rica? Forget About It

Central America’s most popular outsourcing destination has always been an attractive choice for businesses: close proximity to the U.S., no trouble finding agents with excellent English skills, educational standards higher than average for… Read More »

The Case for a Sustainable BPO Ecosystem in Honduras

For nearshore providers, many factors go into country selection, with labor availability and quality being among the most critical. Both these factors are present in Honduras, which has a population of about 9.3… Read More »

Untapped Potential: What Will it Take to Get Latin America Innovating?

Latin America’s innovation potential continues to be largely untapped as many countries in the region spend, comparatively, the least amount of money on education and research and development (R&D) activities, a report shows.… Read More »

The General Data Protection Law: A New Paradigm for Data Protection in Brazil

Brazil’s new data protection regulation will come into force in August 2020. The General Data Protection Law (LGPD in Portuguese), which adopts best practices on transparency, legal certainty and efficiency, will make a… Read More »

The Most Common Mistakes Placing Work in the Caribbean

Choosing the Caribbean to engage third parties for services and support often makes a lot of sense. The region is a great option because of inherent cultural similarities, wide availability of native English… Read More »

Under Fresh Leadership, Atento Takes Another Shot at the US Market

For Spanish contact center giant Atento, dominance in Spanish-speaking markets has come naturally – but gaining market share in the United States has been an entirely different game. “Atento hasn’t paid enough attention… Read More »

In Tijuana, U.S. Business Culture is Close to Home

The alignment of business culture is a critical component for the success of any outsourcing engagement. As clients look around the world for an ideal fit, they can face cultural challenges that affect… Read More »

Webinar Takes on the Most Critical Topic in Nearshore Development

In is not an overstatement to say that the future of software delivery from Latin America rests on the ability of development teams to generate solutions that answer the demand for digital innovation.… Read More »

Can El Salvador, After Years of Success, Keep Riding the BPO Wave?

El Salvador was one of the first outsourcing destinations that would spring to mind in the BPO world back in the day – but how does it fare in 2019? “It’s not as… Read More »

Moving Up the Value Chain Becomes a More Serious Focus for Jamaica

Jamaica’s investment and trade promotions agency, Jamaica Promotions Corporation (Jampro), is looking to establish higher-end jobs in the knowledge-services industry and there is growing recognition that such an undertaking will required sustained commitment… Read More »

Colombia’s ‘Conflict Zones’ are Hot for a Whole New Reason

Colombia’s former conflict zones were a subject of significant focus during last week’s 2019 Investment Summit in Bogotá, which in addition to hosting President Iván Duque Márquez, brought new attention to the country’s… Read More »

Getting the Balance Right: Happy Employees, Excellent Results

In the results-driven world of BPO, employee happiness often seems to be in conflict with the notion of exceptional delivery for customers, but the reality is that these two aspects are not really… Read More »

As BPOs Report a Resurgence, Is Nicaragua in the Clear?

Nicaragua went through some of its worst political turmoil in 40 years in 2018 when street protesters clashed with police. It hit BPOs hard. But now things are better than ever, CEOs tell Nearshore Americas.

What it Takes to be a Top Notch Candidate in Nearshore Development

Hiring software developers in a competitive market can be a difficult task. Nearshore Americas spoke to a number of experts to see what really is important when contracting in 2019.

The Challenges for Background Screening in Latin America

Companies outsourcing may come across difficulties with the culture of background checks in Latin America. Here are some of those common challenges.

Crackdown Could Spell Good News for BPOs in the DR

Nearshore Americas spoke with a number of experts to see if the Dominican Republic has still got it when it comes to BPO outsourcing – and what the U.S.’s tough immigration policy means for the island.

The Complex Future of IT Professionals in Brazil – And Possible Solutions

Brazil faces a shortage of IT professionals. But it’s not all doom and gloom – there are a number of things that can be done.

Deciding on the Right Communication Tools for Software Teams

Software teams need to keep in contact more so than ever now when working on projects for big clients. What are the top tools they are using and how well do they fare?

Starting from Scratch, Curaçao Aims to Carve Out a Distinct Identity

This tiny Caribbean island which is part of the Netherlands is known for its beaches and oil refining operations. Could BPO outsourcing be the next big thing to arrive on its shores?

Costa Rica Puts Time and Attention into AI Development

The development of Artificial Intelligence in Costa Rica is fast on the rise. What does this mean for the popular Nearshoring nation?

Mendoza, Leveraging Successful Track Record, Flexes its Muscle

A big loan from the IDB and a number of success stories: the small wine-producing city of Mendoza is the talk of the town. But what else has this city got that other, bigger cities in Argentina haven’t?

Bon Jovi, The Beatles and Netflix: The Lyrical Path to English Mastery

Nearshore Americas spoke to call center workers – many who have never left the country – who got to grips with English alone and by listening to music.

Latest Security Update for the Nations of the Nearshore

Nearshore Americas took a look at how the U.S. State Department measures security in Latin American and Caribbean nations.

Mexico to Allocate $5 Million for Science and Technology

The money is 6.5 % more than what was allocated to the sector in 2019, according to Marivel Solís Barrera, President of the Congressional Committee on Science and Technology.

Argentina’s Lagash Aims to Land in Backyard of US Customers

The fast-growing software solutions company is eying up other opportunities after rapid growth.

Five Takeaways: Availability of English Speakers in Panama

Panama this year elected a new President. Is English still on the agenda, as it was with the previous government? And how does the country fare in terms of English speakers generally?

$10 Million Initiative to Train 6,000 Software Engineers Every Year in Jamaica a ‘Long-Time Coming’

But why Jamaica? What has an island that has long been seen as just a BPO destination rather than having lots of potential to outsource IT got for such a bold plan?

The Real Story Behind the Origins of Globant

IT and software development giant Globant had humble beginnings in a Buenos Aires bar. It now has a reach as far as India. Here is how the company got started.

Using Automation in CX, Still a Work in Progress

Industry veteran Steve Di Tirro believes that automation can play a critical role in customer support and experience, particularly if a company has known issues that have known resolutions. Nearshore Americas sat down to talk to him about language support, automation and the augmented experience.

Iron Mountain Expands Presence in Colombia with Major Acquisition

The acquisition of the BPO unit will see them massively expand their presence in Colombia, where they will focus on expanding their portfolio – specifically managing information for major players in the financial services industry.

Is Nearshore Mexico a Loser in the Uncertain Era of AMLO?  

Nearshore Americas spoke to a number of experts to assess the mood surrounding Mexico’s new president and what it means for IT and BPO outsourcing in Latin America’s second largest economy.

TaskUs: “There’s Untapped Potential in the LatAm Market”

Nearshore Americas sat down with TaskUs’ new VP of Operations in Latin America, Porfirio Diaz, to discuss his vision for TaskUs in LatAm, how the company is approaching expansion and the challenges of bringing the TaskUs culture to Mexico.

Multi-language Support Comes Ashore in Tijuana

Tijuana, Mexico offers a number languages, including Portuguese and Mandarin, as a nearshore location because of the large number of immigrants. GGA Solutions looks at the depth of language capabilities in Tijuana.

Nearshore Should Look to Europe as Model for Pitching Digital Transformation Services

Tony Saldanha, author and President of Transformant, believes that digital transformation is a great opportunity for the nearshore, but more needs to be done to position the nearshore in this way.

How Impact Sourcing is Creating a Middle Class in LATAM

Impact sourcing is growing in many parts of the world, including Latin America and the Caribbean, and it is moving families and communities from poverty into the middle class. NSAM spoke to Samasource and Alorica about what’s happening and what still needs to be done.

How to Localize Applicant Screening Standards in Latin America

Employers that operate in several countries, with a mobile workforce, need to apply global background screening standards for both their direct and contracted or outsourced employees. MultiLatin’s David Robillard explains the importance of localizing that process and the criteria to getting it right.

Colombia’s Untapped Resource: Women in IT

At present, only 17% of IT jobs in Colombia are occupied by women, yet the industry represents an impressive opportunity: in 2019, the 1,800 software development companies in Colombia are expected to add 39,000 jobs related to software development and programming, reaching a total of 351,000.

8 Steps to Running a Successful Product Discovery Phase with Your Nearshore Team

UruIT looks at what goes in to a product discovery phase and how customers can work with their nearshore partner to ensure this is successful, using eight simple steps.

As Near as Nearshore Can Be: Software Development in Tijuana

Tijuana has an untapped developer resource that, historically, has been overshadowed somewhat by the city’s BPO industry, which boasts a workforce of about 13,000.

OneLink CEO Calls for Mandatory English Courses in Latin America

In addition to ensuring there is adequate English language skills in each country, OneLink BPO CEO Eduardo Salazar believes there is a need for greater flexibility in labor laws to allow for hiring hourly employees.

Co-Manage: The New Nearshore Model for IT Operations

The Co-Manage model, designed by Colombian tech company, NativApps, allows companies to build, run and transfer white-label operations in the country.

How Nearshore Outsourcing Companies Can Adopt a Remote-First Mindset

Remote-first companies are organizations that were built under a specific mindset: work can be done from anywhere in the world and a 9 to 5 culture isn’t necessary to grow a successful business, promote collaboration, independence and a healthy work-life balance.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Nearshore Team

A nearshore services provider with more than 10 years’ experience in Foonkie Monkey leading Latin American teams offers his perspectives on taking a team to the next level.

Colombia-Canada IT Opportunities: An Interview with Colombia’s Trade Commissioner in Toronto

Colombia is going deep as an internationally-recognized benchmark for creative and cultural Industries, and especially in tech-enabled sectors.

Software Developers Finding Hard-Sought Talent in Latin America

Increasing numbers of US developers are outsourcing machine learning, UX/UI design and discovery phase to the region.

The Importance of Sharing Responsibility in IT Nearshore Services

Foonkie Monkey’s co-founder and CSO Camilo Paez looks at why nearshore outsourcers should ensure there is shared responsibility between the client and the outsourcer to ensure on-time, on-budget success.

How an Online Training Platform Benefitted from Ditching the Monolith

Scalability, technology selection and managing team growth were core drivers for online IT training platform CBT Nuggets’ choice to move to microservices. In our webinar on microservices, CTO Sean Sullivan and Tiempo Development’s Mike Hahn and Angel Almada explained how to deploy microservices and reap the benefits.

Hitting a Home Run with Microservices

Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn talks how to get the best out of microservices by aligning team structure, tools, and processes. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

How to Make Microservices Sing – Part 2

In this second of a two-part focus on how to make microservices really work for your organization, Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn talks best practices and how to develop a plan for deploying microservices. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

How to Make Microservices Sing – Part 1

In this first of a two-part focus on how to make microservices really work for your organization, Tiempo development’s COO Mike Hahn examines the decoupling process and looks at identifying pain points. For more on microservices and getting it right for your organization sign up for the webinar on April 3.

The Achilles Heel of Monoliths

In the lead up to Nearshore Americas’s special webinar presentation on April 3rd at 2pm EDT, Mike Hahn, one of the webinar panel members, explores what you need to know about microservices and getting it right for your organisation in this series.

Microservices: Right or Wrong for Your Organization?

While microservices can offer significant benefits over monolithic and service-oriented architecture, it is not right for every situation. A thorough analysis of the organization’s needs as well as an examination of whether or not the application is a good fit is warranted.

Microservices and SOA – Friends or Foes?

Microservices has suffered from a reputation problem, partially as a result of the failure of implementation of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Tiempo Development COO Mike Hahn clears up the confusion and looks at how microservices differs from SOA.

Nearshore Brings RPA to the Mid-Market

Robotic process automation can yield dividends not only for large corporates but also for mid-market organizations.

Canadians Are Discovering a Win-Win in Colombian Digital Industries

The momentum of Colombia’s IT and digital content industries as a Latin American contender on the global stage has been building for some time. 

From India to Nearshore: Getting it Right

The India IT offshoring model has been under stress for several years, but what are the real factors leading to Nearshore being a better alternative?

Don’t Ignore the Importance of Cultural Holidays When Building Mexican Teams

For Nearshore companies that want to establish teams in Mexico, it’s vital to accommodate the needs of Mexican workers on these special days.

How to Launch an Operation in Guyana and Gain a First-Mover Advantage

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) offers practical advice on launching new operations in Guyana, considering factors like talent development, customer training, and local perception.

How APIs are Driving Valuable Opportunities in Payments and Financial Services

Kevin Fox, EVP at Novopayment, breaks down why the payments and financial services sectors offer notable opportunities for more advanced API practices, especially in the Americas.

Why Nearshore Digital Marketing Services are Taking Off Big Time in Mexico

As digital marketing becomes more popular, US clients have been working with more partners in Mexico thanks to its cost, efficiency, and knowledge in the sector.

How to Choose a Nearshore Mobile App Development Partner with Confidence

Mexican digital agency Ingenia provides tips on choosing the right mobile app development partner, and ensuring that your project will be a success.

Why The Time is Right for Investing in API Development and Fintech Partnerships

APIs have quietly become key business drivers as companies seek out solutions to lagging interoperability, making now a great time to partner with fintech providers and outsourcing firms that can bridge that gap.

How to Avoid Common Oversights when Setting up New Operations in LatAm

Accounting firm J.A. Del Río highlights the most common oversights that companies make when pursuing Nearshore presence, as well as giving advice on how to avoid them.

The Pros and Cons of Scrum Methodology on a Nearshore Level

Mexican agency Ingenia weighs up the pros and cons of scrum, giving practical examples and advice for maximizing the benefits on a Nearshore level.

5 Ways to Ensure the Greatest Benefits from Your RPA Implementation

Eric Liebross from Auxis breaks down some of the lessons learned during RPA implementations and how to best capitalize on the cost and efficiency benefits.

Vendors: Increase Your Nearshore Close Rate by Avoiding These 6 Mistakes

With these tips we explain why some Nearshore vendors are struggling to close new business in the US, and how to course correct when veering off track.

E-Learning Platforms Could be Latin America’s Solution to Tech Talent Shortage

E-Learning gives students the opportunity to learn technology skills at little to no cost, which could put a significant dent in the region’s talent crisis.

CEO View: VXI Global Enters Thriving Jamaica Market, Praising “Abundant” Talent Pool

David Zhou, CEO and Co-founder of VXI Global, describes the status on the ground in Jamaica, as well as what the BPO industry needs for further development.

The Nearshore English Evolution: Costa Rica Services Sector Defies “Average” Rank

Costa Rica holds its average rank for English proficiency, but government initiatives and personal motivations are forging a different reality on the ground.

Californian Insurance Firm Bullish about Strength & Commitment of Mexican Teams

This case study highlighting Zventus’ extended team model proves that Mexico and Nearshore can provide the perfect environment to try out new teams and approaches.

What is Holding Back Chatbots from Widespread Nearshore Adoption?

Humberto Andrade from Accenture and Gordon White from The Social Client explain why chatbots have to be part of any serious solution, but are still lacking in adoption rates.

Bogota Wins Belatrix, Beating Out Costa Rica and Mexico

Argentinian software services company, Belatrix, has opened a new software delivery centre in Bogota, Colombia, shelving Costa Rica and Mexico as back-up options for expansion.

The Nearshore English Evolution: Mexico Credibility Wavers, Despite US Proximity

Despite being the closest neighbor to the US, Mexico is only average for English ability in Nearshore, with obvious skill variations across the country.

Caribbean Nations Must Prepare to Seize Trump’s Unwelcome Workers

The Caribbean is well-positioned to capitalize on the unfulfilled demand of high-tech talent arising in the US, following Trump’s immigration shakeup.

The Nearshore English Evolution: Colombia Lagging Far Behind its Rivals

Colombia has huge potential to gain traction in bilingualism, but a lack of grassroots English language adoption is holding it back.

Q&A: Gogo Sees Text-based Support Enhancement through Honduran Multilingualism

Jerry Oversen, Vice President at Gogo, tells us about the company’s experience with Honduran BPO, as well as the value of human agents in text chat.

Latin America Needs Canada’s Model for Boosting Investor Confidence

If Nearshore countries can follow Canada’s lead in its approach to FDI attraction, investor confidence will be boosted on a regional scale.

New Study: Colombia Boasts Lowest Wages Among Nearshore Contact Center Destinations

Colombia’s strengths typically included a highly educated workforce with bilingual skills, technical programming and consulting skills, and decent opportunities for firms to avoid saturation. We can now add affordability to that list.

The Nearshore English Evolution: Argentina Still Leader of the Pack

In this series of articles, we speak with vendors in Nearshore hotspots to see how nations are evolving their availability and quality of English-speakers.

Mexico’s ITESM Aims at Changing the Model for Accelerating Startups

Mexican startup accelerators have become common, but not all of them offer enough support to incubate success. ITESM is looking to change that.

CX Guyana Tour Reveals Power of On-the-Ground BPO Evaluation

Organized by Nearshore Americas, the trade mission was designed to examine the country’s readiness in offering global services, particularly call center service.

Vendors Are Exploiting Naive Customers in the Rush to Automation

When it comes to automation, vendors make unrealistic promises and clients are blindly falling for them, resulting in a tarnished reputation for the tech.

The Nearshore English Evolution: Chile’s Slow Upward Momentum

In this series of articles, we speak with vendors in Nearshore hotspots to see how nations are evolving their availability and quality of English-speakers.

Collaborating in a Competitive Sector: Central American BPOs & The Thirst for Talent

Central American BPO is experiencing a mix of competition and collaboration, as some of the biggest firms in the region attempt to bolster the industry together, while each vying for the best available talent.

Nexus 2017: Buyers Call Out Technical Prowess of Nearshore

Regional cultures are driven by different motivations, but these client speakers at Nexus 2017 agree that Latin America’s motivations for technical excellence are hugely beneficial.

Augmenting the Reality of the Tech Ecosystem of Honduras

One Honduras startup is looking to conquer the world of augmented reality (AR) marketing in Central America, showing new promise in the country’s skillsets.

Roll Video: “Simplify your Automation Proposals” – Kellogg’s GBS Vice President

Steve Rudderham, VP of GBS at The Kellogg Company, offers fresh advice to services vendors on how to approach clients with automation proposals.

It’s High Time BPO Contracts Included Watertight AI and RPA Clauses

AI and RPA are here to stay, so as companies start working the tech into their business strategies, now is the time for legacy contracts to be re-written.

Slideshow: Nexus 2017 & Google Team Up to Provide Nearshore A Massive Boost

This photo slideshow shows off some of the key highlights from panels, presentations, and networking sessions at last week’s Nexus 2017 event.

Nexus 2017: Google’s Approach to Nurturing “World-changing” Startups in Emerging Markets

Google’s Roy Geva Glasberg explains to the audience at Nexus 2017 his mission to give startups in emerging markets better opportunities to grow.

UruIT Named Company of the Year at Nexus Illuminate Awards 2017

The winners of the second annual Illuminate Awards have been revealed, with UruIT taking home the prestigious Company of the Year award.

New White Paper Reveals Mexico’s Position in the Digital Age

In collaboration with Mexico IT, this new report delves into the extent of the digital opportunities in Mexico, and asks whether the country is ready to fully embrace the digital age.

It’s Official: Trump is the Gift that Keeps on Giving for the Nearshore 

As long as there is chaos surrounding President Donald Trump, sound-minded IT professionals will continue to seek refuge on solid ground.

Santiago Stock Exchange Boldly Steps into LatAm’s First Major Blockchain Deal

In a bold new deal, the Santiago Stock Exchange is adopting new blockchain technology from IBM to streamline the management of short sales, marking the first major implementation of the technology in the region.

Q&A: Talent Development Remains Cornerstone of TCS’s Extraordinary Growth in Nearshore

Rajeev Gupta reveals the talent-building strategies that Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has succeeded with in the Latin American market.

RPA in Contact Centers: How Ignorance and Fear Hinders Growth

Due to a complete lack of understanding, corporations are afraid and uncertain of the impacts that RPA might have on their outsourced customer services.

Regional Collaboration Top Priority for Argentine Video Game Industry

The Argentine Game Developers Association (ADVA) has big plans to work with nearby countries as they grow the region’s strength in this powerhouse industry.

Risk of Disclosure Overwhelms Many Nearshore Customers

While the Nearshore market desperately needs to be understood, chaos is winning out over clarity, and fear is causing many C-suite leaders in the U.S. to double-down on vows of silence. It’s time for a change.

CEO View: Straight Talking Approach to ITO Business in the North of Mexico 

Daniel Chavez, CEO of Dextra Technologies, describes how companies in Monterrey, Mexico, developed their direct, no-nonsense business culture.

Google’s Connector to Emerging Market Entrepreneurs Keynotes Nexus 2017

At Nexus, Roy is planning to provide insights on Google’s increasing role in working with startup founders around the world, and why it is vital for these founders to succeed.

Infographic: Snapshot of Argentina’s Knowledge-Based Services Sector

This new data, provided by Argentina’s Undersecretariat for Technological and Productive Services, offers a statistical look into the country’s KBS sector, adding weight to its vital role in the economy.

Monterrey is Creating Next-Gen Talent, but Struggling to Retain It

In the north of Mexico, companies and educational institutes are successfully developing talent for the next wave of digital technologies, but holding onto that talent is proving to be a challenge.

Q&A: US Companies Don’t Let Politics Interrupt IT Investment

Carlos Diaz, Managing Director at Neoris, reveals that clients in the U.S., while concerned about potential regulatory speed-bumps, are still looking at nearshore ITO as a means to beat the competition.

Argentina’s Spark Digital Sees Success with Salary Transparency

Breaking the traditional approach of larger software development firms, Spark Digital’s transparent salary system has worked wonders for growth and camaraderie in a difficult economic environment.

Meet Argentina’s IT Dream Team

Argentina has a new team of specialists that are tasked with seizing the window of opportunity to transform the country’s IT sector at a rapid pace, and they’re hungry for big results.

Argentina Startups Aim at the Agritech Boom 

Argentina’s technological prowess is spreading across all sectors, but the agricultural industry is driving an upsurge of new agritech startups focused on innovating for the sector.

Q&A: Central America’s Image Issues are Rooted in Poor Public Policy

After recently stepping down as head of ProNicaragua, Javier Chamorro provides us with exclusive insight into the inner workings of Central American IPAs and the strategies they should be forming to attract more investment.

New H1B Visa Policy Labelled a “Lose-lose, Brain-dead Strategy”

New changes to the H1B visa policy enacted just days before the application process began have caused uproar in the Indian IT services industry.

Forget About Who’s Aligned With US Culture, What Matters is Maturity

Anna Frazzetto from Harvey Nash and her client, Alfonso Perez from Shopperception, discuss the still-prevalent cultural differences of nearshore, as well as the slow growth of maturity holding the sourcing industry back.

Q&A: Businesspeople Should be More Involved in Digital Transformation

Grupo Assa explains why the business conversation should be first on the digital transformation ticket and how to find talent for the process.

Tech Stands Up Against Trump, and the World Takes Notice

People in the tech community are pushing back, but not in a reactive manner – this is part of a larger trend toward deeper social and political engagement.

Nearshore Site Selection is Now a Much Deeper Conversation Thanks to Trump

Site selection consultants and experts from key vendors explore how dialogues have changed in the process since Trump took office.

The 10 Greatest Hits at Nearshore Nexus

With Nexus 2018 just around the corner, we’ve dug into the archives to bring you the most valuable and engaging presentations from previous events.

Native-English Speakers Trumping Locals for Startup Customer Service in Chile

More foreign startups are looking at Chile for their internal customer service operations, but, as we discovered, they prefer expats over local agents.

CEO View: Let’s Face It, Colombia and its Neighbors Have a Massive Problem

Jorge Aramburo, CEO and Founder of PSL, explains how the talent crisis in Colombia is still the biggest problem to overcome in software services.

Slideshow: A Clear View into Canada’s Unique Role in Global Outsourcing

A collection of photos from Sourcing Decisions 2017, our first BPO conference in Toronto, Canada.

Call Centers in Latin America: Soon to Be Irrelevant?

Speaking at the IMT Contact Forum this week, Juan Manuel Gonzalez from Frost & Sullivan has some actionable recommendations for the digital transformation of the Latam contact center industry.

Roll Video: Telus Procurement Speaks to the Importance of Vendor Collaboration

In this video interview, Omar Alikhan, IT Procurement Manager at Telus Communications, provides some insight into the Canadian telco’s approach to external IT resources.

Why Nearshore Outsourcing is a Sure-Fire Solution to IT Talent Drought

AAJ Tech explains why nearshore outsourcing can be a great way to prevent your internal team from burnout, and compensate for the shortage of IT resources.

Sourcing Decisions 2017: Golden Rules for Implementing a Vendor Management Organization

If you’re dealing with external resources, some form of vendor management is essential, but many companies are not doing it right, according to Tim Norton’s revelations at Sourcing Decisions 2017.

Sourcing Decisions 2017: Attendee Engagement Across the Twitterverse

Attendees of the first Sourcing Decisions event in Toronto, Canada, have been taking to the Twitterverse to share their experiences with the world.

Q&A: HGS on Maintaining Client Support Consistency Across Multiple Geographies

Sitting down with Nearshore Americas at Sourcing Decisions 2017, Chris Lord revealed HGS’s strategies for balancing cultural alignment and technology.

Sourcing Decisions: The Race is on to Make Automation Work in Canada and Beyond

Automation was the word of the day at Sourcing Decisions 2017, our new event in Toronto. Check out some of the biggest takeaways of the morning sessions.

Experts See NAFTA Revisions Having Positive Impacts for Nearshore

While the fate of NAFTA remains shrouded in uncertainty, experts on nearshore are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Guatemala Tech Voyager: Connecting to People is a High-Value Attribute, Even in IT

Long-time IT professional Karl Rottmann has found success in his career by working more closely with the people around him and developing their strengths.

Barbados Developing the “Right Stuff” for Entrepreneurs & Boutique Call Centers

Barbados isn’t just pure island paradise. The country is moving towards an ambitious entrepreneurial future as new, boutique call center begin to emerge.

Opportunity Knocks at Mexico’s Door and the State of Jalisco Answers

As Trump’s unforgiving approach to foreign policy leaves everyone in limbo, the Mexican state of Jalisco is finding new opportunities in the uncertainty.

Roll Video: IJALTI Director General on Jalisco’s Technological Magnetism

Eduardo Chávez from IJALTI explains why Jalisco and Guadalajara are attracting top talent from all over the country, and how US tech companies are beginning to see the true value of the state.

Peso Devaluation Spurs Many Mexican Firms to “Act Now”

Mexico’s peso devaluation is having a mix of good and bad effects on businesses of all sizes as they prepare for the currency’s continued free-fall.

Infographic: The Pros & Cons of Utilizing an Agile Methodology

The advantages of the agile methodology is clear, but understanding the disadvantages will help ensure you’re ready to take the plunge on your next software development project.

Outsourced Multi-country Payroll Services are Great, But Are They Secure?

Multi-country payroll outsourcing (MCPO) in the Americas has been steadily growing in popularity over the last five to ten years, but one big issue is still holding it back: security.

Q&A: The Role of the Chief Data Officer and the Rise of ‘Analytics-as-a-Service’

We spoke to Allison Sagraves, Chief Data Officer at M&T Bank, to discuss how the CDO role is changing, and the professional trials and tribulations she faces in the banking sector.

Top Tips for Eliminating Any Doubts About Software Development Outsourcing

Software development outsourcing is much less scary and intimidating than it seems. The guys from UruIT give their top tips for avoiding nearshore partnership jitters.

The Real Wages in Nearshore Contact Centers: Findings that Will Surprise You

A must-read for outsourcing firms expanding into the region, the report also examines bonus structures, total costs of employment, and wage growth over the past year.

Navigating the Risky Waters of Social Media Customer Service

While a few nearshore BPO providers have already nailed their approach to social media customer service, they’ve faced some difficult hurdles along the way.

Political Pressure on Mexico Triggers Disagreement Over Future of Call Center Investment

Following Trump’s political pressure on Mexico, the contact center industry stands divisive over the country’s future attraction for new investments.

Nearshore Americas Hits New Milestone: 5,000 Posts and Counting

Nearshore Americas hit an important content milestone this week by publishing our 5,000th post, signifying our long-term dedication to nearshore services.

Infographic: Data Security Threats To Be Aware of Before Investing in The Cloud

Cloud computing is flexible & cost-efficient, but it suffers from security threats. This infographic details a few things to be aware of before investing.

Roll Video: Ex-Director of HP on Passion and Drive of Mexico’s Young Populace

Julio Acevedo, the Director of HP Guadalajara for over 31 years, talks about the inspiring passion that Mexico’s young, tech-focused population possesses.

Slideshow: Belize Strives for Recognition as its Capabilities Expand

This slideshow explores some of Belize’s most recent evolutionary steps, explaining through pictures why BPO companies shouldn’t be so quick to ignore this unique market.

Over-promising and Under-delivering: Why Trade Promotion Agencies Are Failing to Deliver

King White highlights the new challenges in the site selection process, and how some nearshore markets might be overselling the benefits they can provide.

How Nearshore Advantages Can Drastically Enhance Software Productization Projects

Jorge Agnese from AAJ Technologies explains why if you’re trying to get a software productization project off the ground, nearshoring is a powerful and cost-effective way to make it happen.

Machine Learning Adoption Thwarted by Lack of Skills and Understanding

New research reveals that although there is plenty of interest in machine learning and AI, the adoption rates are hindered by talent shortage and a lack of corporate understanding.

Agent Insider: Turning a “Frat House” Call Center Experience into a Career Stepping Stone

Erika Posadas describes how her “frat house” experiences as an agent in Mexico’s call center industry led to a rewarding and fulfilling career.

H1B Visas: A Tidal Wave of Change or Much Ado About Nothing?

H1B visas are under fire as political pressure to reduce the amount of foreign workers in the United States intensifies. But do the proposed changes signify a new wave of problems for services vendors, or will it be business as usual?

HSBC’s Chief Economist Keynotes New ICT Conference in Toronto

David Watt, Chief Economist at HSBC Canada, and a highly regarded authority in North America’s financial and capital markets, will present the keynote speech at Sourcing Decisions 2017

Inside the Hollow Argument that Reshoring is Gaining Momentum in Services

While the headlines may convince you that reshoring is developing into a game-changing trend for our industry, the reality on the ground is far more complex.

Svitla Systems CEO: Silicon Valley’s Bond with Guadalajara Only Growing Stronger

Nataliya Anon, CEO of Svitla Systems, talks unstoppable globalization, talent shortage in Silicon Valley, and the Mexico advantage in her global plans.

Finance & Accounting Giants Still Face Challenges Despite High Impact of Automation

Genpact, IBM and Accenture reveal the challenges at the top of the finance and accounting food chain, despite the increased adoption of automation.

Infographic: How Guadalajara Became Mexico’s Silicon Valley

A unique timeline detailing the dynamic history and evolutionary stages in Guadalajara’s rise to becoming Mexico’s technology hub.

Five Reasons Why the Stability of your Nearshore Agile Team Matters

Any nearshore software initiative hinges on the long-term stability of your teams, so here are five key reasons why long-term, stable teams are crucial to a successful agile model.

Five Steps to Minimising Trump's Impact on Offshore Partnerships

David Rutchik, Executive Managing Director at Pace Harmon, offers practical tips for minimizing Trump’s impact on offshore partnerships.

Call Center Agents Identify the Best Workplaces in Jamaica

Agents with first-hand experience of working for contact center providers in Jamaica describe their experiences and talk about the benefits, perks, and work environments that convince them to stick around.

Q&A: Captives & Shared Services Unlikely to Be Hindered by Trump's Protectionism

Phil Searle, CEO & Founder of Chazey Partners, lays out his expectations for the shared services and captives environment under Trump’s presidency.

Cognitive Computing: Good for Value-Added Roles, Bad for Entry Level Agents

While we can expect many new roles to emerge from the introduction of cognitive computing, they will without a doubt require a deep set of skills that entry level agents simply do not possess.

Healthcare BPO in Jamaica Gains Momentum

Jamaica’s healthcare BPO sector is driven a high capability for claims processing, but vendors on the island are seeing rapid growth in higher-value services.

Despite Trump's Carrier Deal, FDI Incentives are Seen as Less Influential in Site Selection

Incentives are no longer as important in the site selection conversation, but Trump’s deal with Carrier could affect how nearshore countries approach them.

With NAFTA on the Chopping Block, Implications For Nearshore IT Are Very Real

With Trump’s plans to collapse, or at least disrupt, NAFTA, there implications for nearshore IT services are real, but are they a death-knell for the industry?

Canada Rises to the Occasion: Ten Reasons to Attend Sourcing Decisions 2017

When the dust settled after the U.S. presidential election a few weeks ago, the nation of Canada didn’t sit by quietly. Canada’s government put the word out that it would continue to embrace… Read More »

Q&A: Guatemala BPO Hindered by Negative Local Perception & Governmental Indifference

Vinod Narayan, Vice President of the Board of Directors for the Call Centers & BPO Commission under AGEXPORT, explains what is hindering Guatemala’s BPO growth, and what the local industry is doing to change that.

Warning of Automation Becoming a "Death-Knell" for Caribbean Services is Premature

IDB President Luis Alberto Moreno predicted that automation would slash Caribbean contact center jobs by 50%. Vendors in the region weigh in on the accuracy of his statements.

Healthcare BPO Teams Require a More “Human” Skillset to Ensure Successful Campaigns

According to Atento and HGS, successful healthcare BPO campaigns require that agents posses a specific set of skills that focus more on empathy and customer engagement.

Digital Transformation in Warranty Management Holds Great Benefits for Aftermarket

Technology is causing waves of digital transformation in businesses today, and warranty management is a traditional area not to be left behind in this evolution.

A Jamaica BPO Exec Sees Major Momentum Support by the Nation's "Excellent Product"

Sutherland Global’s Country Head for Jamaica and VP, Odetta Rockhead is committed to growing not only the company’s head count but the country’s BPO sector as well.

Merida: Top-Notch Talent and Tax Breaks Tucked Away in Mexico’s Paradise State

Merida’s high-quality engineering talent pool and SEZ gives companies significant potential to grow and develop a tech company in this corner of Mexico.

Alorica Reveals Growth Targets, Sees Guatemala as Key Part of Nearshore Strategy

Nearshore Americas visited Alorica’s offices in Guatemala, where many of the regional challenges and pressures for Nearshore BPO were revealed.

Q&A: What One Argentinian Entrepreneur Sees in Comparing IT Labor in Mexico & Argentina

Leonardo N’Haux, Co-founder and CEO of Qualtop, dissects the similarities, differences, and trends directing the IT talent pools in both Argentina and Mexico.

Beliveo Tackles Attrition with an Uncommon Approach

With a progressive approach to company culture and processes, and through prioritizing architectural design, Beliveo is helping improve attrition rates at its Mexico-based contact centers.

New Video Series Reshapes Understanding of Chile’s Achievements in Customer Service

Nearshore Americas today has published a brand new video series that takes a revealing look into Chile’s customer service capabilities and delivery.

Post-Election Wake Up Call: Stay True to Your Principles

As we all start to absorb the result of the U.S. election last night, it’s a good time to get back to the basics – starting with competitiveness. I also have some remarks… Read More »

Digital Transformation Inside Healthcare Orgs Presented in New E-Book

Created in collaboration with AAJ Technologies, this 20-page report is a guidebook to managing your digital transformation, one smart step at a time.

Blockchain Primer: Is it Worth Jumping on the Hype Train?

If you’re confused about blockchain or considering implementing a related solution soon, this primer should help you decide.

Thomson Reuters Leveraging Toronto's “World-Class” Tech Talent with Lab Expansion

We take a closer look at Thomson Reuters’ decision to establish a large tech center in the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, and what it means for the tech ecosystem in the region.

Digital Transformation: Jump, or the Market Will Push You

Many organizations engaged in digital transformation are struggling,so here are some key issues worth keeping in mind if you’re to succeed in the process.

Profile: JP Morgan Doubles Down on Argentina with Global Support Hub

We take a look at JP Morgan’s Global Support Hub in Argentina, the first Latin America-based center of its kind, to find out why the bank is betting big on the South American nation.

CEO View: Gorilla Logic Head Speaks Highly of "Sophisticated" Costa Rican Professionals

We sat down with Stu Stern to find out exactly how the company has been able to grow so fast amid the competitive IT ecosystem of Costa Rica.

Globant's Desire for "Depth of Talent" Drives Expansion into India

Globant’s expansion into India is part of a broader, global strategy, centered on the idea that high-quality, low-cost talent is the key to worldwide growth.

Mistaken Identity: Xerox Stokes Brand Confusion with New Spinoff 

The name similarity between Xerox’s new BPO spinoff “Conduent” and an existing player “Conduit Global” is very likely to cause brand confusion in global BPO.

Q&A: Digital Divide Will Remain Without Increased Infrastructure Investments

One of Latin America’s biggest challenges is increasing connectivity and digital inclusion for all. Ernesto Piedras and Carlos Hernández from the CIU provide a snapshot on the region’s progress toward this goal.

Educational Institutes Tackle the Root of Colombia's Key Weakness

There are still huge hurdles that Colombia must overcome to improve Colombian BPO, but with initiatives like this, perhaps other educational institutes will soon start to follow suit.

Limitless Opportunities Amid the Internet of Things Revolution

The scope of possibility when it comes to Internet of Things technology is almost startling. Exploiting the development potential will be an exciting ride, with incredible scope for profit.

Are Speech Recognition Solutions Worthwhile in your Contact Center Strategy?

Speech recognition technology is often seen as a means to cut costs, improve customer satisfaction, and increase productivity in the call center. But are these solutions worth it?

Q&A: Peru Calls for Foreign Investment to Develop Much Needed Infrastructure

In an exclusive interview with Aldo Defilippi, CEO of AmCham, we discuss the advantages and incentives for foreign investment in Peru.

San Jose, Monterrey & Buenos Aires Leading the Latin American IT Services Market

As costs remain low and digital services continue to expand across the region, the Latin American IT services market is on track to grow at a steady rate. According to Prashray Kala, Practice… Read More »

New Report Confirms Most Cost-Beneficial & Secure Countries for Nearshore Services

Nearshore Americas is proud to unveil our new report, entitled BPO Cost and Physical Security: Ranking the Trade-off, in which we confirm the 10 most secure and cost-beneficial countries for Nearshore services.

Q&A: LatAm Should Not Be Complacent When it Comes to Innovation

We caught up with Juan Carlos Navarro from IDB to find out where Latam stands in its innovation policies, and what would need to change to catch up with the developed world.

Seven Steps to Acquiring a TN Visa for Mexican Software Engineers

In light of growing demand in the U.S. for Mexican software engineers, we’ve complied a plain-English guide to hiring them with a TN visa.

Business Analysts are the Glue Holding Your Digital Transformation Together

As digital transformation consumes the corporate world, analytics and information management is key, and business analysts are the vital components in bridging the client-developer gap.

The Case for Colombia: 5 Reasons We Chose Medellin for Agile IT Services

Marcelo Lopez, co-founder of the software development outsourcing firm UruIT, explains the five primary reasons why his company chose Medellin, Colombia, to establish new offices.

Income Tax Policies Hindering Quality Job Creation

Workers in Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries are paying around two-thirds less tax than those in OECD countries, according to a new report by the OECD Development Center, the OECD Center for… Read More »

Touching Personal Lives in BPO Centers: The Real-World Experiences of a Chaplain

Enrique de la Cruz, a chaplain who works exclusively for Qualfon in Mexico City, describes his day-to-day activities and his support of the BPO team.

Q&A: Colombia Faces its Shortcomings and Aims For Bigger Share of Higher-Value Services

In this discussion with Ricardo Duran, General Manager and Owner of Outsourcing, S.A., we talked about what the future might hold for Colombian BPO, and how higher-value skills could jettison the country into the big leagues of the nearshore contact center industry.

Gartner Fires Back at HfS as Debate Rages About Scale of Automation's Job Destruction

Getting the real picture on automation can be confusing. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that automation will result in huge job losses, but this techno-pessimism may not paint a full picture. Nearshore Americas examines how you can make sense of the information around automation.

Quoting the Experts: Top 5 Industry Insights from Nearshore Cafe

These top five quotes from our Nearshore Cafe podcast series explore topics such as buyer demands, industry equality, political hurdles, the future of talent, and the disruption of automation.

A América Latina continuará sendo prejudicada pela crise de talentos se o jogo não virar

Em meio à crise de talentos da região, ficou claro que somente as novas abordagens de desenvolvimento de talentos resolverão o problema. Conversamos com Fabio Bittencourt Daniel, que acredita ter uma solução.

Startup Mexico Seeks to Ground Latin American Entrepreneurs in the Real World

Startup Mexico is on a mission to keep entrepreneurs grounded, while helping them achieve success, but also has its own plans for expansion within the Americas.

Canadian IT Offshoring: Good for the Economy, Bad for Innovation

Canada’s relationship with offshoring has not always been a happy one, most recently hitting headlines thanks to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), which faced fierce backlash in 2013 over an outsourcing arrangement involving… Read More »

Industry 4.0-as-a-service: BPO Solutions in the Age of Digital Manufacturing

As the manufacturing industry moves rapidly into the fourth industrial revolution, Infosys explains how digital manufacturing will play a key part in its Industry 4.0-as-a-service value proposition.

Former CIO at Chevron and Caterpillar Predicts Massive Shift in Future of IT Services

CIOs for large, global enterprises are faced with numerous challenges due primarily to the size and complexity of the business. They have to decide which technology investments will keep the company competitive, align it… Read More »

Exclusive: Why It’s a Big Deal that Wayfair Outsources to Guyana

Wayfair, the Boston-based online furniture purveyor that generated over US$2.25 billion in revenue in 2015, confirmed last week with Nearshore Americas that the company is relying on a BPO provider in Georgetown, Guyana… Read More »

Q&A: ProColombia & ICT Ministry Preparing for Huge IT Engineer Deficit in 2018

Colombia continues to see upward momentum in the IT services industry, but while talent shortage continues to be a regional threat, how will the country sustain that growth?

Azul Airlines Relying on Innovation to Soar Through Brazil's Turbulent Economy

As a pioneer in many aspects of Brazilian commercial aviation, Azul Airlines is now following in the steps of other Brazilian airlines by spinning off its customer loyalty program.

Killer Commentaries for 2016, Including "Why It's Not the Vendor's Fault"

Our Commentary section has always been a platform for front-line industry spectators and participants to stand on a digital soapbox and tell it like it is.Here are some killer submissions from this year.

Latin America Will Remain Crippled By Talent Crisis Until the Game Is Changed

Amidst the region’s talent crisis, it’s become clear that only new approaches to talent development will solve the problem. We spoke to Fabio Bittencourt Daniel, who believes he might have a solution.

Q&A: Argentina's Phoenixlike Momentum Breathing Life into Startup Ecosystem

Argentina’s economy has been falling short, but with the arrival of President Mauricio Macri, things appear to be on the up. Argentine startup guru, Vanesa Kolodziej, explains how the startup economy will benefit.

The Truth About Zika: What Business Travelers to the Americas Need to Know

To help the business traveler in the Americas, Nearshore Americas has compiled this breakdown of the things you should know about Zika, and how best to avoid catching the virus.

On The Bench: Prepping Agile Teams for Short-Term Projects

Finding quality talent that possesses the right skills sets in Latin America is currently a challenging prospect, even more so for software development firms with tight customer deadlines. Even when companies already have… Read More »

From Drug Testing to Automation: Ensuring Your Outsourcing Contracts Reflect New Risks

Are you sure your outsourcing contracts reflect the industry’s contemporary risks? Barbara Melby, Partner at Morgan Lewis, offers some great advice for ensuring your contract is up-to-date.

Buy, Buy, Buy! How to Capitalize on M&A Opportunities in Latin America

Before making the jump into a nearshore M&A, many factors need to be considered in order to ensure your investment is smart, sensible, and holds long-term value.

Is Nearshore Undergoing a Paradigm Shift in The Approach to English Training?

The challenge for nearshore companies is to use an effective English training system that increases the value of their staff in the eyes of their clients. Is that happening, and is it sustainable for a bright future?

The Real State of Nearshore BPO: Five of Our All-Time Best Q/As

These five Q&As highlight some of the most insightful discussions we’ve had with industry leaders about the current and future direction of BPO services.

Amazon Cleverly Taps Global Labor Market For Vancouver Expansion

Amazon is shrewdly capitalizing on Canada’s more open immigration laws and importing engineers from other markets.

IT Outsourcers, Get Ready for the Castro Dividend

Beyond the allure of Cuba’s shabby-chic hotels and the prospect of improving the island’s decrepit roads, there is huge prize for investors with vision: Cuba possesses immense STEM talent.

Ranking the Top 10 Nearshore Americas News Stories of All Time

Representing a collective view count of more than 100,000, these top 10 news stories represent our most viewed of all time, revealing exactly what is so engaging about nearshore.

Thermo-Fisher’s Tijuana Software Center Highlights Immense Potential of Cross-Border Collaboration

The unique economic relationship between San Diego and Tijuana defines the entire bi-national region. Mark Field, CTO at Thermo Fisher Scientific, tells how his his company is leveraging those ties.

Q&A: ProBarranquilla Rolls Out New Incentives for Services Investors

In an exclusive interview with Ana Maria Badel, Executive Director at ProBarranquilla, she outlines the BPO ecosystem in this understated Colombian city, revealing enticing news for investors.

Clear and Present Danger: IT Talent Shortage is Growing More Severe

Ask any IT recruiter about the state of their industry and they’ll tell you the same thing: “along with increasing demand for services, talent is the number one factor for business success.” But,… Read More »

Active Listening and Open-Mindedness are Hallmarks of Successful IT Engagements: New White Paper

This new white paper from Nearshore Americas and Inflection Point Systems dissects the issues that service providers face when building new partnerships, revealing key techniques to win your partners’ trust.

As Enterprises Tackle UX, Nearshore Scrambles to Anticipate Demands and Upgrade Talent

User experience is quickly becoming the top priority for software development firms, but is nearshore talent ready to meet the demand? We spoke to Belatrix, iTexico, Globant, Wizeline, and Quarksoft to find out first hand.

IQor Capitalizes on Front-Runner Status in Emerging Trinidad & Tobago

Due to a number of hurdles, Trinidad & Tobago has always struggled to stake a significant claim in the nearshore BPO market, but is today attempting to increase awareness of its unique capabilities in the industry.

Escape from the USA: 7 Perfect Places to Relocate if, God Forbid, Trump Wins

With Donald Trump’s potential presidency looming over the horizon, many U.S. citizens are planning to jump ship if he takes the mantle. Consider these great locations as perfect hideaways from Trumpageddon.