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Argentina’s Economic Crisis Creating Big Wins for Uber

As a result of Argentina’s ongoing economic struggles, the country has become the fastest-growing market in the world for Uber.

Passenger and driver rates have surged in the last three months, with around 300 to 400 drivers and 7,000 users joining every day, according to a story by Reuters.

The growth comes from a large amount of unemployed workers looking for a new source of income. In fact, 25% of new drivers were jobless before joining the Silicon Valley tech giant, according to the company’s business development lead in the country.

Uber has been operating in Argentina since 2016, but has faced continued backlash from local taxi drivers.

Matt Kendall

During his 2+ years as Chief Editor at Nearshore Americas, Matt Kendall operated at the heart of both the Nearshore BPO and IT services industries, reporting on the most impactful stories and trends in the sector.

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