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Avantica Testing Bolivian Waters With A Software Center in Cochabamba

Nearshore IT outsourcing services firm Avantica Technologies has set up its latest software development center in Cochabamba, a low-cost and second-tier city in central Bolivia.

This is the sixth software engineering center for Avantica, founded by Costa Rica-born technology professional Mario Chaves and Luis Carlos Chaves about 20 years ago.

Avantica has hired approximately 30 engineers for its Bolivian operation, with plans to increase the headcount to in excess of 200 in the years to come. Elsewhere in the region, Avantica has employed more than 600 people.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Avantica offers software development and testing services, in addition to mobile apps, database development, and web-based applications. The company counts Creditsesame, Shutterfly, SalesforceIQ, Interbank, Ariba, Citi, and SAP among its customers.

In an interview with Nearshore Americas, Mario Chaves, CEO of Avantica, sounded upbeat about the new location: “Cochabamba has good engineering colleges. It is home to a good number of technology talents,” he said in reply to a question as to why he chose Cochabamba.

Avantica knew much about Cochabamba because of its association with a local partner called “Xperius”. The company soon fell in love with the city, leading to the launch of this new software delivery center.

“While Cochabamba represents comparatively lower cost to other cities, the main  reason this location was selected is because of the great talent we found working with Xperius. They offered wonderful professionals with excellent technical expertise,” he added.

One of the long-term advocates of nearshore outsourcing, Chaves emphasizes the advantages that Latin America can offer to U.S. clients: time-zone alignment, cost savings, availability of talent, and agile capabilities.

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When asked how his company would keep pace with the advancing technologies transforming the way outsourcing services is provided, he said his employees have expertise in new technologies and that they are willing to learn what they need to learn.

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