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Barbados and Belize Named Most Affordable Destinations in LATAM for US Travelers

Barbados and Belize were named as the two most affordable destinations in Latin America for US travelers.

Both countries topped the affordability rankings in a recent report by stock advisory firm Insider Monkey thanks to their cheap flight fares and accomodation costs.

A flight from New Jersey to Bridgetown, Barbados, for example, costs only US$400. A couple wishing to stay for nearly a week in Bridgetown can pay as little as US$170.

Joining Barbados and Belize on the list of budget-friendly destinations are Aruba, Dominican Republic, and Ecuador.

In contrast, the report identifies Costa Rica, Antigua & Barbuda and the Cayman Islands among the most expensive countries for visitors.

Insider Monkey’s report emphasizes that airfare and accommodation expenses can vary greatly depending on the traveler’s point of departure, destination city and choice of lodging. Flight fares were calculated for single travelers originating from New Jersey to the capital city of the destination country.

Highlighting the significant contribution of US travelers to Latin America’s tourism revenue, Mordo Intelligence predicts that the region is expected to generate approximately US$52.18 billion in tourism revenue this year.

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Following the troubles caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, international arrivals in Latin America have shown signs of recovery, with figures returning to 88% of pre-pandemic levels in 2023, as reported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

The resurgence in tourism is reflected in the financial performance of travel services provider Booking Holdings Inc. In the latest quarter, the company’s revenue surged by 18.15% to reach US$4.78 billion, surpassing market expectations by US$73.37 million.

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