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Belatrix SF Receives Key Argentina Trade and Exports Award

Belatrix Software Factory of Mendoza, Argentina announced that it has won the “Export.AR 2010 Award” awarded by the Export.AR Foundation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Government.

Mendoza, Argentina, Friday, December 17, 2010. The firm Belatrix Software Factory (BSF SA) of Mendoza, Argentina has been awarded the Export.AR 2010 Prize, awarded by the Foundation Export.AR and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship of the Argentine Government.

The Export.AR Award’s goal is to publicly acknowledge the efforts and accomplishments of Argentine   companies in selling their products in international markets, motivating the growth and diversification of Argentine exports, it also is an evidence of their quality y competitiveness to generate a solid export-oriented culture among local companies.

The awards ceremony will be held at the San Martin Palace in Buenos Aires on Tuesday, December 21, 2010. The ceremony will be attended by important figures of the Argentine Government, including President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

“It’s really an honor to receive this important recognition and is also a motivation to continue moving forward,” said Mr. Luis Robbio, CEO of the firm. Mr. Federico Robbio, a partner at the firm, highlights “the great support that the government is providing through its programs promoting the Software Sector in Argentina.”

“This award is more than just a recognition of the efforts of all our people at Belatrix, it also means a commitment for Belatrix to continue promoting not only the Argentine software export services but also Argentina’s high quality human resources, “says Mr. Alex Robbio, who directs the marketing efforts of Belatrix and is also a principal at the firm.

About Belatrix
Since 1993, Belatrix has been a leading provider of IT outsourcing services outsourcing from its development centers in Mendoza, Argentina and a new center in China. Its focus is on the export of IT services outside of Argentina, with nearly 100% of its revenues being generated outside of Argentina and China.

Belatrix benefits from the Argentina Law of Software, which benefits top software companies in the country and is officially certified under ISO-9000 as well as having been officially assessed at Level 2 of SEI-CMM. It is also the largest software development company outside of Buenos Aires and a pioneer in the export of software development services.

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Belatrix puts its focus on their human capital through empowerment and training, providing almost two thousand hours of on-site training to its staff per year.
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