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Belatrix Software Hackathon Series Aims to Foster Innovation

Argentinean IT firm Belatrix Software is organizing a series of hackathons and ideation sessions in a bid to identify new technology talent and help its own employees continue sharpening their skills and remain innovative.

Recently, it organized a hackathon on the Internet of Things (IOT) in Buenos Aires, where dozens of young software professionals exhibited their expertise in writing software for IOT projects.

At the day-long event, the first of its kind staged by Belatrix, participants presented ideas on writing software that perform wide varieties of jobs, from improving the efficiency of power distribution systems to tracking pets while owners are vacationing away from home, and managing a smart kitchen.

It is not clear who won the award for the hackathon, though. In a similar hackathon two years ago, an app that helps donors identify charitable organizations badly in need of aid won the first price.

The coding marathon, according to the software firm, was designed to ideate, prototype and develop software solutions for the fast growing technology market.  Over the past few years, Belatrix has held several hackathons in Latin America, offering a stage for the region’s technology enthusiasts to put their talent on display and transform their ideas into a fully functional and workable application.

“These Applied Innovation efforts have paid off — to date, more than 40 projects have been coded, developed, tested and demonstrated,” stated the software firm.

“Clients come to us looking not only for our technical capabilities but also because we help them co-innovate; we are able to successfully engage even from the ideation stage,” said Luis Robbio, CEO and Co-founder of Belatrix Software.

Even the company’s employees take part in these hackathons as such events put their talent to the test, helping them sharpen their skills further. “We understand the critical importance of Applied Innovation, and that’s why we want everyone to understand, be involved and engage with innovation at all levels,” stated Robbio.

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“More of these hackathons are already in our plans for 2016, with different topics like Open Source and Big Data. We’re determined to facilitate tech entrepreneurs with the means to accelerate their ideas and prove that their talent can be of immense help to forge the future of our society,” said Robbio. ​

Narayan Ammachchi

News Editor for Nearshore Americas, Narayan Ammachchi is a career journalist with a decade of experience in politics and international business. He works out of his base in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore.

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