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Bogota’s El Dorado is South America’s Busiest Airport

Bogota’s El Dorado International Airport was the busiest airport in South America in August, with 2,755 flights per week. This was followed by São Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport (2,496 flights) and Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport (1,489 flights), according to OAG data.

The top 10 busiest airports in South America accounted for 45% of the region’s total flights.

South America is served by more than 34,200 weekly flights, with Brazil, Colombia and Argentina being the main hubs for airlines.

Brazil dominates the list of the busiest airports in South America, with airports in Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas and Belo Horizonte making up a significant portion of the total.

The airports in Santiago (Chile) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

El Dorado International Airport is a major hub for several airlines, including Avianca, LATAM, Copa Airlines and American Airlines. It also serves as a gateway to Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican Republic) and Mexican cities through Arajet and Volaris, respectively.

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Bogota’s domestic flights have decreased by 14%. In contrast, international departures have increased by 10% since 2019. This is largely due to the exit of Viva Air, Colombia’s third-largest domestic carrier.

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