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Bosch to Train Mexican Students in Information Technology

German industrial giant Bosch has teamed up with Jalisco’s technology school CECYTEJ to train students in Guadalajara in developing technology solutions.

Among the skills the company wants to teach is software development, according to Spanish news portal

The initiative is part of the government’s dual education program (Programa de educación dual México), which is designed to help students gain the practical experience of what they learn in the classrooms.

Under the program, students work at multiple offices and factories. Bosch is reportedly providing similar training in three other Mexican States.

An import from Germany, the dual education system embeds theory and training in real-life environment.

With more than 16,000 employees, Bosch is a major player in the Mexican auto industry. Its engineering and technology services center is based in Guadalajara, where its workforce has tripled over the past years, from 150 in 2015 to 650 today.

The company is hoping to add another 350 people to its technology operations over the next two years, according to the news portal.

In Jalisco, Bosch also runs a center for innovation and entrepreneurship, which provides training in a variety of digital services, particularly internet of things (IoT).

“Bosch plays an important role in the digital era, so having a site in Mexico that develops and implements services and solutions for a connected America was paramount for the Group,” stated René Schlegel, President of Bosch Mexico, at the time of inaugurating its new corporate office in Guadalajara last year.

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