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BPO Association in Guatemala Establishes a Contact Center for the Government to Manage the Pandemic

BPO operators in Guatemala have erected a neighborhood contact center for the Guatemala City authority to reach out to the people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city authority will use the contact center, armed with interactive voice response (IVR) system, to deliver medical and psychological care as well as food aid to the local residents.

The IVR system, developed by the BPO firms in Guatemala, makes it easier for the city residents to register for the service by identifying themselves through water or electricity bills.

Small all and mid-sized businesses struggling to stay afloat amid the economic crisis can also use the contact center to seek financial aid. The residents can call the center to quarantine a person suspected to be infected with the virus.

“It is in these moments when we must unite, leaving aside what divides us to make common cause…..  I appreciate the support of companies that are committed to the well-being and prosperity of the city,” said the Mayor of Guatemala City, Ricardo Quiñónez.

The BPO firms have collectively donated US$49,000 in support and services for the neighborhood contact center, according to Agexport, the country’s export promotion agency.

As of last weekend, Guatemala had reported 227 coronavirus cases, with 51 fatalities. The outbreak of the virus and the resultant lockdown measures has already hit the global services industry hard. In early March, Alorica was forced to shut down operations for a brief period in Guatemala City after a few government officials accused it of not complying with the sanitary measures.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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