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Brazil Accelerates Positioning as Global IT Services Player

Companies seeking  current and detailed information on Brazil’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry can access a new research report titled “Brazil IT-BPO Book,” released by Brasscom. The book provides useful information for companies, investors and other followers of the Brazil’s IT scene.
As the eighth largest market in the world, Brazil has positioned itself as a new hub for countries that are looking for inexpensive IT resources, says the Brasscom report. In 2008, Brazil’s ITO market attracted US$ 59.1 billion, which included exports and in-house IT revenues,  the report states. According to the report, the Brazilian IT sector is among the strongest in the world and it contributes 7 percent of Brazil’s GDP.
“The content is part of a wide-ranging market intelligence study organized by Brasscom and will be a valuable for those seeking information on Brazil’s IT-BPO sector,” said Antonio Gil, president of Brasscom. “The book highlights the growing importance of Brazil as a technology provider.”
To encourage the growth of IT/BPO sectors, Brazil’s government had launched Productive Development Policy (PDP) which positions Brazil as a viable IT services alternative to India. Brazil has a strong IT labor pool with competitive knowledge about the different aspects of IT. Also, the government is aiming to become one of the three key global IT centers in the world and is taking various measures in this regard.
According to the report, the IT-BPO exports in Brazil in 2008 were US$ 2.2 billion and the government aims to increase it to 3.5 billion by 2010. This signifies lots of encouraging measures for IT/BPO companies in the near future such as favorable tax reductions, government sponsored venture capital funds and IT education support, states the report.

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