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Over Two Million New Jobs Created in Brazil Last Year

The Brazilian economy added 2,524,678 new formal jobs in 2010, according to data released January 18 by Brazil’s Ministry of Labor and Employment. In a ceremony in Brasilia, Brazilian Minister of Labor Carlos Lupi presented the results on the General Register of Employment (CAGED) and the Annual Social Information Report, showing record job creation across the country.

“For much of 2009 the economy was stalled,” said Minister Lupi.  “Growth returned very strongly in 2010, which is why the comparison with 2009 is so favorable. The crisis slowed the economy and after the crisis Brazil recovered very quickly. There is great investment potential in our country and this is what led to the vigorous creation of jobs. The state, incidentally, has been the driver of this growth.”

The survey reveals an expansion of employment across each of Brazil’s major regions:

  • Southeastern Region: Created 1,276,903 jobs with record job levels in three states
  • Northeastern Region: Created 488,561 jobs with record job levels in eight states
  • Southern Region: Created 444,713 jobs with record job levels in all states
  • Center-Western Region: Created 178,242 jobs with record job levels in one state
  • Northern Region: Created 136,259 jobs with record job levels in one state

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Kirk Laughlin

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