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New Video Series Reshapes Understanding of Chile’s Achievements in Customer Service

Nearshore Americas today has published a brand new video series that takes a revealing look into Chile’s customer service capabilities and delivery. The set of videos, “Reaching a Higher Level of Service: Chile Aspires and Achieves”, are part of a project begun in the summer of 2016 between Nearshore Americas and Computer Generated Solutions (CGS), which has a developed a major presence in Chile during the last five years.

The full collection of videos can be found by clicking here

The videos feature interviews with nearly a dozen CGS employees, including the General Manager Nicolas Kokaly, and some of the company’s clients in the region. “We’re really proud of our collaborations with the CGS team and their commitment to exceptional support and service to their clients,” says Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director at Nearshore Americas.
Aside from examining CGS’s operations, the filming also provides insight into Chile’s culture and business climate. Despite a lack of demand for commodity, Chile received more than $20 billion in foreign direct investment last year, and the unemployment in the country stands at 6.8%.
The documentary unveils some key data about Chile’s call center workforce, while walking you through CGS’s business operations across the country. Chile’s broadband penetration is relatively high, and the country has the highest number of Internet users per 100 people in South America.
From the number of calls an agent handles in a day to the kind of method the company has employed to hire its people, the documentary explores all inner details of CGS’s operations.
With six sites across the country, including Valparaiso and the little known town of Valdivia, CGS is a major player in Chile’s outsourcing industry. Nearly half of its 7,500 global employees are based in Chile.
Its clients in Chile include one of the largest global consumer companies, one of Latin America’s retailers and a Chilean mobile phone operator. The company serves more than 80% of private clinics and healthcare companies in the country.
You can find the complete collection of videos by clicking here.

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