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Chile’s New Entrepreneur Program Awards $40K to Startup Companies

Source: Central America Data

Chile offers $ 40 thousand to entrepreneurs to live six months in Chile, raising capital, hiring people, creating and doing business.

The Chilean government announced the 2011 version of the Start-Up Chile program, which in 2010 created 25 groups of entrepreneurs, generating specific results already constituting companies with international impact.

Start-Up Chile is a program by the Government of Chile in order to attract world class entrepreneurs to start their business in Chile.

According to an article in, the Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism, Juan Andrés Fontaine, stated: “We want to transform Chile into the center of innovation in South America, attracting foreign talent in order to generate and exchange culture and knowledge with entrepreneurs in our country. We want global entrepreneurs, who see globalization as something essential if we are to compete with developed countries.”

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Applications will open in February and instead of starting with 100 entrepreneurs as planned, it will start with 300, totaling 1,000 over four years. The Start-Up Chile Program has attracted worldwide media attention with articles in The Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, TechCrunch, etc.

Tarun George

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