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Ci&T Chooses American Partner for SAP Alliance

By Filipe Pacheco 

Ci&T, one of the most prominent Brazilian IT services and outsourcing companies, has always considered exporting IT products and services in a different way than many of its peers – Cesar Gon, its CEO, has made clear how important it is for the company to grow “with a different model” than that made famous by the Indian rivals. 

The same can be considered when growing in the domestic market. In line with that idea, the company has just announced a partnership with an American company, Vistex, an SAP solutions and services provider, to offer SAP products to its Brazilian clients.

“They come with their expertise in the products, especially those designed for the retailing industry, and we add our knowledge of the Brazilian market,” says Paulo Seixas, SAP business director for Ci&T.

He explains that similar products for commercial management had been developed and offered directly by Ci&T in the past, especially through BI (Business Intelligence), and the company intends to continue considering that segment, due to its importance in the IT market. “But buying them from a wrapped company is much more practical and interesting to us,” he told Sourcing Brazil.

“In other situations they were quite common regarding services of SAP platform transitions, but is the first venture regarding specific SAP products and the services related to them,” Seixas said.

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The Brazilian executive has told other SAP solutions have been considered for fiscal management software in the future, and more alliances with American SAP service suppliers would be “more than welcome.” Among some of the global Ci&T SAP clients in Brazil are Coca-Cola, BASF, Cemig, Arysta, Arcelor Mittal, Nestlé, Novartis, Roche and Unilever.


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