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Ci&T Takes a Big Order from McDonald's Brazil

Press Release:
KING OF PRUSSIA, Penn. – Nov. 17, 2009 – Ci&T, a consulting and technology outsourcing services company, today announced that McDonalds Brazil has leveraged its unique offerings to optimize IT processes across 568 restaurants around the country.  Using a lean approach to IT, Ci&T was able to create improvements in control and efficiency that McDonalds expects will enable it to divert approximately 15 to 20 percent of its maintenance costs to new product development and innovation.
McDonalds Brazil faced a distinct challenge in optimizing its controllable food system.  In order to provide support and reduce raw material waste in the system, the company required an overhaul of its IT and business processes to improve the overall quality of support in the field.  Ultimately, McDonalds Brazil enlisted Ci&T to implement new IT and business processes that would reduce waste and enable McDonalds to achieve better control of the materials in its system, providing the support necessary to ensure optimization of processes at all times.   In this, McDonalds hoped to achieve new levels of efficiency that would reduce costly waste of materials and improve the overall effectiveness of the system.
“We needed the recovery of our assets, so we adopted a strategy to document them by providing proper maintenance procedures and follow more consistently in order to replicate them,” said an executive at McDonalds Brazil.  “By doing so, we were able to reduce expenditures on maintenance and turn that amount of capital investment into an avenue for generating innovation.  This underscores our need to add more value to the business.”
To improve process efficiency for McDonalds, Ci&T used a unique approach to IT, leveraging the proven principles of the lean methodology, which focus on delivering value and eliminating waste.  Once the new processes were implemented and the new systems were up and running, McDonalds was able to better control its raw material assets across 568 restaurants in Brazil.  The fast food giant anticipates that the overall improved efficiency of its controllable food system will factor into a 1 percent annual cost savings, or the bottom-line equivalent to more than a 3 percent increase in annual sales.
“Our business is made up of cents. The greater our ability to maintain IT systems and equipment operation, the more opportunity exists for us to provide better products for our customers,” said the McDonalds executive.  “With the system running to its fullest potential, it adds greater value to our business, enabling better control of the operation of restaurants, with the benefits exemplified in the quality of the final product.”
“Companies need to ensure they are receiving the best value from of all their operations at all times,” said Leonardo Mattiazzi, vice president of international business at Ci&T.  “Organizations that are able to realize increased benefits at a fraction of the investment cost are able to work more efficiently within the current economy, and will be better positioned for success when a rebound occurs.”

About Ci&T:
Ci&T delivers consulting, application outsourcing and digital marketing services in a unique way.  Its “best-of-all-worlds” model combines the efficiency of offshore development with the convenience of a Western Hemisphere partner.  Development centers in Brazil put creative marketing and technology expertise in near-local time zones, saving clients time and money and helping them to gain competitive advantages with a proven, real-time development partner.  Ci&T specializes in customized application development, business intelligence, SAP consulting, digital marketing and Web 2.0 applications.  Its clients include a diverse array of large and global Fortune 500 customers in the United States, Brazil and Europe.  For more information, please visit

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