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Citrix Inaugurates Service Center in Heredia, Costa Rica

US software company Citrix Systems has launched a new service center in the Costa Rican city of Heredia, adding 100 more people to its payroll. The expansion comes after the company sealed a software licensing agreement with Microsoft and reported increased revenue from operations in Americas.
Citrix is looking for engineers who can speak in both English and Spanish and who have expertise in managing IT networks, mobility management and virtualization. Local reports say the US firm will also create hundreds of new positions for fresh graduates from local technology schools.
“For many years, Costa Rica proved to be a strategic market for Citrix, where the company has established valuable relationships and increased business,” said Juan Pablo Jimenez, vice president of Citrix in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Citrix has been monitoring the growing presence of foreign multinationals in Costa Rica, which likely played a part in its decision to set up the new service center.
Thanks to its business friendly culture and geographical placement, Costa Rica is proving to be an ideal place for international firms serving clients across the region. Many foreign multinationals have set up operations in Costa Rica over the past few years. As recently as last week, global medical devices firm Getinge Group built a shared services center in San Jose.
“Looking at the advancing IT infrastructure in the country, the depth of knowledge workers and significant growth opportunities, we thought we should establish a service center in Costa Rica,” said Scott Thompson, vice president of Support Citrix.
Citrix serves Latin America from its regional headquarters in Florida. It also has sales offices in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, in addition to Costa Rica. One of the major clients in the region is snack and beverage manufacturer Arca Continental.

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