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Uribe and CNN: On Stage at Nearshore Nexus

In what is shaping up to be one of the more historic moments in Latin America outsourcing, Nearshore Nexus  (April 19 in New York City) will feature a dialogue between the former President of Colombia Alvaro Uribe and Senior Latin America Affairs Correspondent for CNN, Rafael Romo.

Romo will facilitate a dialogue with Uribe during the morning Keynote portion of the Nexus program. The discussion will focus on the current economic attractiveness of Latin America; an examination of the conditions necessary to drive services exports; and analysis of how to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurialism within the region.

Uribe is, without question, one of the most knowledgeable political leaders in fully grasping the wide range of economic benefits driven from business process outsourcing. In a briefing with Nearshore Americas last week, Uribe cited the work he performed in collaboration with his former Minister of Trade and Industry Luis Guillermo Plata to both improve the visibility of Colombia as a viable location for professional services and also to establish and empower trade/investment promotion agencies in Colombia to have a clear mandate to attract investment.

Uribe and Plata were both active in bringing attention to the outsourced services industry in Colombia during their time in office, including at this Americas’ Society briefing in 2009.

Romo, who previously worked for Univision and for a local broadcaster in Chicago, has interviewed  political leaders such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Vicente Fox and has covered natural disasters such as Hurricane Mitch in Central America. Romo also reporter earlier this week on Pope Benedict’s visit to Mexico.

The CNN-Uribe interview kicks-off a full day of  executive-level discussions at the Nearshore Nexus Conference, which is in its second year of operation. (The full agenda is here). Over 200 senior-level delegates from 15 countries will participate in the invitation-only conference.

The conference is supported by twenty world-class organizational sponsors – from IT/software and BPO players, to business parks and investment promotion agencies. In addition, alliance partners include the Inter-American Development Bank, the Society for Information Management, FierceCIO and the Hispanic IT Council.

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Kirk Laughlin

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