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Cognizant Acquires Devbridge for Designing Skills

Cognizant has reached a deal to acquire Devbridge, a Chicago-based software consultancy specialized in designing digital products.

Devbridge will be merged with Cognizant Softvision that runs studios in several countries including Argentina, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

The software consultancy comes into Cognizant’s fold with more than 600 engineers, designers, and product managers, in Poland, the United States, the UK, Canada, and Lithuania.

“Cognizant Softvision and Devbridge both use a product-centric approach to create results for clients, and our culture, team structures, and company values are highly aligned,” said Aurimas Adomavicius, President, Devbridge.

Cognizant stated in a press release that software engineering had undergone a tremendous transformation, adding that traditional application development is being replaced with agile and DevOps methodologies.

“Clients are increasingly dependent on custom software to create better customer experiences, bring new products to market, and transform their business models,” Cognizant explained the reason behind the acquisition.

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Cognizant has not disclosed how much money it spent on the purchase. Over the past two years, the IT services provider has spent more than US$2.5 billion on acquisitions, gaining access to numerous technology solutions in important verticals such as digital engineering, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud, and the internet of things (IoT).

Narayan Ammachchi

News Editor for Nearshore Americas, Narayan Ammachchi is a career journalist with a decade of experience in politics and international business. He works out of his base in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore.

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