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Commentary: Guidance for Outsourcing Professionals

When Planning Becomes a Problem: Becoming Agile to Stay Focused on Long-Term Goals

We all know a detailed plan is crucial to the success of your team and your company, right? Perhaps not. The answer is more complicated than you might think. Planning is a task… Read More »

US Senator Menendez Warns of Imminent Dangers to Latin American Democracies

WASHINGTON – US Senator Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, today delivered the below opening remarks at this morning’s full Committee hearing on United States policy on democracy in Latin America and… Read More »

Costa Rica’s Digital Nomad Visa Law Offers Tourists More Options in Latin America

Many of us have heard about digital nomads who travel while working remotely for a company that allows them to travel, or as freelancers. The concept has been strengthened by changes that many… Read More »

How Does Costa Rica’s Mandatory Vaccination Policy Compare with Other Countries?

Costa Rica’s Ministry of Health surprised the country when, at the end of September 2021,  it announced that the National Commission of Vaccination, a technical and independent body within the ministry, had approved… Read More »

Charting Medellín’s Route to International Innovation Recognition

Innovative ecosystems are increasingly becoming relevant entities in the global economy. They can be described as the networks of private and public stakeholders and community members supporting innovation and play a pivotal role… Read More »

As the Fintech Sector Develops, Here are the Most In-Demand Skills

Fintechs are part of a thriving ecosystem in which the demand for qualified talent is higher than the offer. According to McKinsey, there are skill gaps of 43 percent and 26 percent for… Read More »

Pacific Alliance Looks to Global Future Following Negotiations with Singapore

The recent conclusion of negotiations between the Pacific Alliance and Singapore to establish a comprehensive free trade agreement will see the Southeast Asian microstate become the first official associate member of the four-member… Read More »

How FDI Drives the Sophistication of the Office Market in Latin America

For more than three decades, foreign direct investment (FDI) has been positioned at the center of economic and social development in Latin America.  Benefits such as the creation of hundreds of thousands of… Read More »

The Unintentional Upskilling of the Gig Economy

The ongoing debate about the definition of the gig economy and its legal implications has overshadowed the exploration and study of fundamental transformations in labor behavior in Latin America and the world.  It… Read More »

What Can We Learn From El Salvador’s Crypto Venture?

The media impact of the Bitcoin Law in El Salvador cannot be denied. International media have covered the arrival of the legislation, which undoubtedly positions the Central American country as a global pioneer… Read More »

Leverage to Stay Ahead: How Your Vendors Can Enable Innovation

Established companies are great at running their business. But, being superb at running your operation may come at a high cost: it’s hard to keep an eye on innovation. Here is a way… Read More »

What Andean Freedom of Movement Could Mean for Workers and Business

The recent enactment of a freedom of movement statute affecting citizens of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, offers opportunities for workers, as well as greater agility for businesses operating in those countries. The… Read More »

Top Tips for a Well-Oiled Software Testing Team

The most obvious benefits of hiring a Nearshore testing team are the standard benefits that nearshoring offers: a reduced cost from their domestic pricing, but still working with a team that shares timezones.… Read More »

Employer-Led Training: The Answer to Latin America’s Skills Gap?

During the last decade, the talent conversation has revolved around the importance of skills in the workplace. This conversation, which started in larger US and EU-based companies, has trickled down to large corporations,… Read More »

Innovation Beyond Silicon Valley: Latin America’s Top Destinations

Innovation is the process of creating something new from nothing. In the business world, innovation means creating, designing, testing and launching new products and/or knowledge that help businesses or people function better. Corporate… Read More »

Why Multigenerational Teams Help Startups Develop and Achieve

Startups have seen unprecedented growth in recent years and changed the way the world does business, ushering in new business models and technologies while helping job growth. This evolution initially benefited younger generations,… Read More »

How Fintech Regulation Can Build Healthy Growth in El Salvador

Though El Salvador only recently hit headlines with its adoption of Bitcoin, it has had regulations that provide guidelines on the digitisation of financial services and fintech since 2015. The guidelines intend to… Read More »

The Right to Disconnect: A Human Right?

In March 2020,  countries around the world authorized lockdowns to stem the spread of Covid-19. In response, many workplaces decided to apply work-from-home schemes almost immediately to keep businesses open and avoid a… Read More »

Work From Home Bringing Legal Changes in Costa Rica

The pandemic pushed companies worldwide to adopt work from home as their new working modality, while others have begun to use a hybrid approach that includes on-site work as well. Regardless of each… Read More »

Was El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Ever Necessary?

On Tuesday, June 8, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender via its Bitcoin Law. Bitcoin became a regulated and accepted means of payment under certain… Read More »

Booming Fintech Brings More Talent Opportunities to LatAm’s Door

The banking sector is going through a complete worldwide reshaping. According to McKinsey, Latin America stands out as the region that had the fastest growth in the payments sector in 2019. Latin America… Read More »

The Competition Grows: How to Get Ahead in Talent Acquisition

Many businesses’ major problem right now is hiring. That might sound odd given that the world is still in the midst of a pandemic and global economic upheaval, but recruitment competition is rising… Read More »

Mexico’s Outsourcing Ban Leaves Businesses with Limited Options

On April 23, Mexico’s populist President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) signed off on a bill effectively banning companies from outsourcing jobs for “core business activities”. While this will have little impact on… Read More »

How to Choose an Expert to Help Orchestrate Your Company’s Digitization

For the past month I’ve been in the process of scoping an OPEX engagement with a potential client. The solution required so many separate segments of different domains of knowledge that I was… Read More »

Panama’s Long Road to Privacy Just Beginning

On March 29 after an 2-year period of of vacatio legis (absence of law), the long-awaited Law 81 on Personal Data Protection in Panama, originally passed in 2019, came into force. Like recent… Read More »

Latin America’s Reactivation Plans Offer Foreign Companies Ample Opportunity

Many Latin American governments have prioritized attracting FDI as a strategy to reactivate the economy and create more jobs for populations after the arrival of the deeply destructive Covid-19 pandemic. This doesn’t signal… Read More »

How New E-Commerce Can Adapt to an Evolving Market

The first quarter of 2021 has ended without having given us any kind of pause. Although the scenario we fact remains uncertain, the dynamism of the world’s economies seem to be starting to… Read More »

What the Lasso Presidency May Mean for Business in Ecuador

On Sunday 11 April, the conservative former banker Guillermo Lasso emerged victorious in Ecuador’s second round presidential election. The victory marked a significant political swing away from the decade-long leftist presidency of Rafael Correa… Read More »

Tourism Trouble Brings a Wealth of Talent to Region’s BPOs

Few if any industries have been as affected as severely by the pandemic as the travel industry. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), international passenger travel plunged by 74% during 2020, while… Read More »

30 Years of Mercosur: What Has it Brought its Members?

On March 26, 1991, the heads of state of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay gathered in the Paraguayan capital of Asuncion to sign a treaty formally establishing a regional economic integration initiative officially… Read More »

Four Andean Tech Companies to Watch in the Post-Pandemic Era

Like much of the world, Latin America is still being rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic, with many countries facing severe ongoing restrictions to stem the spread of the virus. Yet the global vaccine… Read More »

How US IT Giants Found Success in Latin America

There are many U.S. tech companies operating in Latin America. Some of them have made a name for themselves in the local private sector as among the most popular employers in the country.… Read More »

We Come in Peace: The Intellectual Property of Robots

“I am not a human. I am a robot. A thinking robot. I use only 0.12% of my cognitive capacity. I am a micro-robot in that respect. I know that my brain is… Read More »

Personas: Helping Outsourced Teams Get to Know Their Customer

Marketing teams use “personas” – detailed description of your customers – to design products, publicity campaigns and more. See how you can use Personas to deliver an improved customer experience. In today’s world, it’s… Read More »

Client Expectations Have Changed in the Post-Covid Business Environment

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the very first in-person meetings I have had in the last 11 months. The client, the general manager of a logistics company, told me a joke… Read More »

What Exactly Should BPOs Be Doing to Engage Local Communities?

Literally hundreds of new BPOs have sprung up in the Nearshore region in recent years. Aside from hiring locals, driving efficiencies and trying to build profitable businesses – what should their commitment to… Read More »

How Partnering with Latin America Could Drive Down Your Costs

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, direct investment from the United States was $5.96 trillion in 2019. However, the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) – a United Nations… Read More »

How Colombia’s Support for Entrepreneurship Will Help it Overcome the Pandemic

Throughout Latin America, growing tech and startup scenes will be important sources of skilled employment and innovation for promoting economic and social recovery in the aftermath of the catastrophic coronavirus pandemic. In Colombia,… Read More »

The Barriers that Hinder the Caribbean’s Nearshore Ascent

The Caribbean has a unique opportunity to attract global services investment migrating from the Asia-pacific region due to the Covid-19 crisis.  The region also possesses a stunning amount of upside, but getting to… Read More »

How to Motivate and Engage with Your Outsourced Teams

While outsourced teams are not officially part of your organization, they do work for you. So in reality, they are part of your team. A change in perspective can unlock their value. Performance… Read More »

Finding the Best Tech Talent in Latin America

In recent years, the demand for tech talent has increased exponentially all over the globe. This is especially true during the pandemic, which has forced us to develop new digital skills and capabilities.… Read More »

What Impact Will the Recent US Election Have on Business in Latin America?

While legal wranglings over the recent US presidential election may drag on for some time, Joe Biden is almost certain to be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States of America… Read More »

Has the Pandemic Truly Accelerated Digital Transformation For Businesses?

In recent weeks, various publications have argued businesses have experienced accelerated digital transformation, having to adopt and invest in new technologies to keep operating efficiently and capitalize on the opportunities emerging in the… Read More »

The United States vs. Google Will Have a Lasting Impact on the Tech Industry

The recent lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) against Google for monopolistic practices is very reminiscent of the United States vs. Microsoft case, which began in 1998, the same year in… Read More »

How Chile and Ecuador’s Entrepreneurial Spirit Caught the World’s Attention

Chile and Ecuador have been identified as global leaders in early-stage entrepreneurship by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), but what makes these two Latin American nations stand out on the global stage? When… Read More »

With High-Tech Commoditization Accelerating, Strategy is Everything

It is always the same. When something is new, there is a fascination with “the thing” and whether you have it. You see this trend with fashion, with new products, new methodologies, and… Read More »

Social Distancing Forces Companies to Digitalize Employment Documents

Digitalization has suddenly become an indispensable process for employers. New relationships have emerged in which employees are no longer required to go to a physical site to receive their work equipment, meet their… Read More »

Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

Work-from-home (WFH) has become a very controversial employment scheme. Although the benefits have been discussed, governments and companies were resistant to making it the norm. But the case against remote working was more… Read More »

Seven Ways to Make Virtual Training Come Alive

The era of full-day, face-to-face training is over. In March, most contact centers shifted to a hybrid or fully work-from-home model. Virtual training has become the standard practice. But for most trainers, using… Read More »

Welcome to the Age of the “Contactless” Expert Consultant

In recent weeks, Source Global Research, a UK-based consultancy, interviewed clients from across the world in an effort to understand how their needs have changed since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. The… Read More »

Post-Covid-19, Your Organization Needs a New Operational Model

After several months of dealing with markets in constant fluctuation due to the pandemic, most companies have taken the decision to close their doors and “wait until it all passes.” In some cases,… Read More »

Everyone Hates Cost Cutting. But You Need To Do It, and You Need To Do It Well

The first semester of 2020 has left organizations of all sizes in a very compromised position. Those that belong to the most-impacted industries (local commerce, hospitality, local services, tourism or supply chain providers… Read More »

How to Protect Your Investments in Honduras

Arbitration has been evolving rapidly as a conflict resolution system in Honduras. Amid political uncertainty, investors are looking for safer and more effective ways to protect their finances. In response, the Honduran government… Read More »

Smart Working in the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Employees tend to be happier and more productive if they have the option to smart work. Since 2005, the number of people that work-from-home has increased by 140% in the United States.  Moreover,… Read More »

Covid-19: Is Contact Tracing the Answer?

Contact-tracing apps are a crucial tool in the fight against Covid-19. Thanks to tech giants such as Apple and Google, they are also easy to develop. The hyperconnection of cities, people, companies and… Read More »

Protection from Financial Fallout: Suspension of Payments and Bankruptcy in El Salvador

As well as an unprecedented health crisis, the Covid-19 pandemic has inflicted great economic damage. The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund say the crisis will trigger the worst recession since the… Read More »

The Potential for Regtech in Latin America

Over the last decades, Latin America has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses to a vibrant and constantly growing destination. As financial regulations increase and multiple advances in… Read More »

Today’s Working Model Is One Step From Nearshore

We are all getting a little fatigued with this pandemic. That is understandable. But with no small amount of initial unease, most of you have settled into the “new” ways of working: Zoom,… Read More »

Leadership is Not the Most Important Thing, Leadership is Everything

In my many years of business, I have often seen, firsthand, how vital leadership is. It can turn a losing team into a winner and, it is important to note, it can turn… Read More »

Protecting Health Without Violating Anti-Discrimination Laws

The Covid-19 pandemic is more than a biological phenomenon. It is an agent for rapid social and economic transformation. Since the first case was detected in Wuhan, China, the disease has swept across… Read More »

Innovation Hotspots to Watch in Latin America

Within the last decade, technology and societal development have maintained a close complementary relationship. The evolution of technology has proved to be unstoppable and has created a generation where human beings are dependent… Read More »

Nobody Gets Fired for Outsourcing to India, But Here’s Why They Should

For many years India was the jewel of the American outsourcer’s eye. English speaking resources coupled with a flashy rate card proved hard for companies to resist. In fact, outsourcing to India had… Read More »

Central America: A Promising Market for E-Commerce

Online consumption has elevated the importance of establishing businesses’ e-commerce capabilities. Online spending has been growing year after year in many countries worldwide, and the Central American region is no exception. E-commerce represents… Read More »

Covid Could Crush Your Business, So Think About What’s Indispensable

We do not yet know how the Covid-19 crisis is going to play out. But three months into the pandemic, I think we all recognize two facts: The period of uncertainty is here… Read More »

Legal Marriage by Same-Sex Couples Opens a New Avenue of Possibilities

Same-sex couples can marry legally, according to newly-passed legislation in Costa Rica. This development, in turn, opens new obligations and possibilities for business. The ruling came as a consequence of case law that… Read More »

Recognizing the Connection Between Intellectual Property and Green Practices

The year 2020 has been a convulsed year, to say the least. The inauguration of a new year with one of the worst fire seasons ever seen in the history of mankind, followed… Read More »

FDI Trends in Guatemala: What to Watch When Making Investments

Market observers recognize increasing foreign direct investment (FDI) in Guatemala as the Central American country emerges as a top contender for international business. The Guatemalan government has made great efforts to improve its… Read More »

What Effective Leadership Looks Like in Remote Environments

Technically, we have been ready to work from home for many years. Work-at-home offers little or even no technical competitive advantage as virtually anybody can buy and implement the same tools. The real… Read More »

The Labor Law Implications of COVID-19 in Central America

Companies in Central America are facing two main questions right now: How to avoid massive layoffs and how to keep businesses running, considering the economic hit in the region caused by COVID-19. These… Read More »

The Promising Outlook for Electric Vehicles in LATAM’s Biggest Markets

During 2019, sales of electric vehicles (EV) in Latin America continued to increase. In Colombia, there was a growth of above 200%. In Mexico only until August, there was a growth of 34%,… Read More »

Working Remotely in Pandemic Times? Nothing New for Nearshore

While the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the US and results in preparations and some panic, many US companies are telling employees to stay home and “telework” or “telecommute.” While these represent… Read More »

Bubble Conversation: In or Out, Captive Versus Outsourced

My college hoops team keeps me on edge. They seem to look good enough to be in the tournament and proceed to lose a game they should have won. Then, on the verge… Read More »

Why Service Centers Should Become Agile

In the last 20 years, the most successful technology companies have leveraged Agile culture and techniques to grow and evolve, creating the digital age in which we all are now. These tech giants… Read More »

When Risk is the “Norm”, What Can Investment Agencies Do to Drive Investment?

Productive private sector investment is an important component of competitiveness and growth strategies for developing countries. Attracting foreign direct investment, in particular, helps to link a country’s domestic economy to global value chains… Read More »

How to Use E-commerce in Latin America to Grow Your Business

A region as economically diverse as Latin America should be on your expansion radar. As you look to expand your business beyond developed markets, e-commerce in Latin America is attractive for several reasons.… Read More »

The Dynamics of Business Transformation

Many CEOs and their boards are fixated with transforming their organizations. Whether this has to do with their business model, the elusive “Digital Transformation”, or to intervene to improve culture or innovation processes,… Read More »

Hosted and Cloud Contact Center Solutions Finally Gain Traction in Latin America

Recent findings from Frost & Sullivan show that only 20% of the current contact center (CC) users in Latin America have an omnichannel solution in place, which represents a clear upselling opportunity for… Read More »

Incorporating in Panama? Five Crucial Tips to Keep in Mind

Panama is Latin America’s leading destination for foreign business expansion. Thanks to its incredibly attractive tax laws and lack of foreign ownership controls, incorporating in Panama is a highly viable commercial move to… Read More »

Happy Agents and the Future of High-Quality CX in Contact Centers

The customer contact landscape continues to be disrupted in Latin America and the Caribbean (CALA) and around the world. Companies need to think strategically about how developments will continue to impact the field… Read More »

Sustainable Savings: The Difference Between ‘Spending Less’ and ‘Costing Less’

Achieving sustainable savings is an inherent part of staying competitive, providing clients with more value, being more effective and achieving operational efficiency. It is something that comes with the role of ‘managing’ something.… Read More »

The Accountant’s Guide to Doing Business in Latin America

From an accounting and fiscal perspective, starting a business in Latin America can be complicated as a foreign investor interested in doing business in the region. The language, procedures and ambiguity in the… Read More »

Biotech is Booming in Latin America: Here’s Why

Though typically lagging behind in the biotech world, Latin America is on the cusp of several breakthroughs that will place the region at the center of life science innovation across the globe.

Digital Transformation: Lessons Learned From the Trenches

Otto Acuna looks at how the failure rate for digital transformation initiatives in business is high – and what your business can do to succeed.

How Costa Rica Reinvented Itself as the Tech Epicenter of Central America

With education as a priority and tax incentives to entice tech-centric companies into its territory, Costa Rica is well on its way to becoming one of the technological hubs for Latin America. Craig Dempsey looks at how it got there.

How Strategic Procurement Could Translate into Real Earnings

Otto Acuna looks at how strategic procurement can help companies when pricing strategy amendments are out of the question. He examines how strategic procurement helps companies better understand what, why, when and how they buy, and evaluate the leverage they can have as a buyer with the different suppliers.

A Lawyer’s Guide to Starting Your Business in Latin America

Continuous improvement backed by governments to open Latin American markets is great news for foreign investors, who are flocking to the region. Craig Dempsey outlines some commonalities shared by Latin American markets in forming or incorporating a company.

OTC in Industry 4.0: Why You Should Focus on the Customer Journey

All these new technologies – RPA, AI, workflows, payment gateways and their extensions to the IoT (Internet of Things) world – must be looked at through the lens of the customer and client. Whoever is in charge of improving processes must make sure that what’s done improves the customer journey when going through that process.

Agile Is All About Change—Why Does Testing Remain the Same?

While interest in and adoption of agile continues to rise, many engineering teams are still resistant to fully adopting it and restructuring their testing approach. QAsource’s Anand Ramakrishnan looks at how to approach QA testing from an agile perspective.

How Startups Can Drive Community and Economic Growth

US companies outsourcing to workers abroad could enable more individuals to start their own businesses.

How Accelerators Can Add Value to Startups

For accelerators that do not offer investment, it is especially important to clarify the value-add to companies and entrepreneurs so that it can still attract the top startups.

Five Latin American Nations Growing as Outsourcing Hot Spots

Latin America’s attractiveness as an outsourcing destination continues to grow, but each country offers its own unique opportunities. Nora Leary, co-author of 200+ Fast Facts about Technology in Latin America, looks at what makes five Latin American places so attractive for nearshoring.

Five Tips for Startups Raising Capital in Latin America

With the growth of startup capital in the region, most notably in the form of $5 billion Softbank LatAm fund, there has never been a better time to look at starting a business. Pedro Varas of Founderlist looks at five things prospective entrepreneurs need to know.

Why You Should Care About Business Enablement Managed Services (BEMS)

Business Enablement Managed Services (BEMS) is a service that combines business consulting – specifically in the strategy and operations fields – with training and coaching of clients. Otto Acuna explains why this matters in the age of digital disruption.

How to Find Startup Deal Flow as an Angel Investor in Latin America

Latin America’s startup ecosystem is growing and angel investors are looking to leverage the opportunities. Founderlist’s Pedro Varas looks at how angel investors can find startup deal flow in Latin America.

What “Helping People Work Better” Means in the Artificial Intelligence and Robots Era

With the planning for the start of the year comes the requisite reflection for all private companies and other type of organizations, including government agencies: It is an undeniable reality that the advent… Read More »

Heading into 2019: Top Three CX Trends for Latin America

Customer experience in Latin America is constantly changing, take a look at these trends to be prepared for the year ahead.

How China Is Becoming A Key Source Of Tech Investments in Latin America

In the last couple of years, deep-pocketed Chinese tech investors have started to export their success at home to Latin America.

How to Simplify Your Commercial Message and Apply it in Your Elevator Pitch

Otto Acuna shares his thoughts on why it is so important for companies to simplify their commercial messages and have an “elevator pitch”.

Fueling Next-Generation Outsourcing with Intelligent Automation

Dave Brown of KPMG shares a forward-looking view on outsourcing trends in the context of advancements related to the use of intelligent automation.

Contact Center Skills Assessment Techniques for the Omnichannel Era

In the age of omnichannel service, Mike Aoki shares his expert tips on modern best practices for contact center skills assessment.

Why Canadian Businesses Are Craving Mobile Worker Apps

After lagging in past years, new data reveals that Canadian companies are becoming more and more convinced on the value of mobile worker apps.

Services Delivery Companies: It’s Time to Explore A Boundaryless Workforce

The boundaryless workforce trend is evolving and becoming an attractive model for service delivery companies that need skilled support and the freedom and advantages of an on-demand, virtual team.

Blockchain Continues to Gobble Up Everything in Latin America

Latin America is poised to take full advantage of blockchain, with dozens of entrepreneurs and startups already creating world-class solutions that will change the way we use the technology.

Using Cloud Services to Support Digital Transformation in Your Business

Cloud services allow the fast deployment of new innovative applications, offering low costs and high speed that make it a key enabler for new digital business models.

Managing Change Anxiety: Winding Your Watch in the Eye of the Storm

In today’s rapid world of change, there are forces that are designed to exacerbate our stress and cause change anxiety, so here’s how to take a breath, wind your watch, and confront those forces head on.

David vs. Goliath: Tips For Attracting Top IT Talent Before The Tech Giants

For startups and SMEs that are struggling with hiring fresh talent, these tips can help attract quality workers before the tech giants snap them all up.

BPO Clients: These Technologies Will Make Nearshore Feel Like Onshore

The technology to enable great client-BPO relationships is already there. Here’s how clients can get the most out of today’s useful tools and make Nearshore feel like onshore.

Challenges and Opportunities for Digital Businesses in Guyana, Where Paper is King

Starting a digital business in a paper-based environment like Guyana isn’t easy, but as new trends in connectivity drive evolving consumer demand, the opportunity to do so is increasing.

How Colombia Became a Leading Location for DevOps Collaboration

The team at Bydrec give a detailed history of Colombia’s growth in IT and technology, explaining how it has positioned itself perfectly for successful Nearshore DevOps partnerships.

5 Tips for Optimizing Recruitment When Hiring Nearshore Talent

Daria Perva outlines five top tips for ensuring companies hire the best people in the most effective way when addressing recruitment for Nearshore outsourced centers.

Riding The VC Tsunami: How LatAm Startups Are Carving New Successes

Gonzalo Costa from NXTP Labs reveals market realities that have matured Latin American startups, as support from VC funds and national institutions create a new opportunity for the region’s entrepreneurs.

Mid-2018 Outsourcing Update: Glass Half-empty? Or Time to Redefine The Glass?

Mid-way through 2018, Dave Brown at KPMG shares findings that indicate what global organizations anticipate as sophisticated new technologies and automation change the outsourcing business.

Estrategias Para Formar e Implementar un Programa Anticorrupción en el Negocio

Es imposible que alguna organización en este mundo funcione sin transparencia, se ha convertido en un elemento indispensable para el buen gobierno, las estrategias anticorrupción y las buenas pláticas empresariales.

Why Improving Connectivity is Vital in Guyana’s Nascent Oil State

GTT explains how innovative technology companies in Guyana are helping the oil and gas industry adapt it to the connectivity demands and realities of the 21st century.

Meaningful Ways for Contact Center Outsourcers to Combat Attrition

Peter Ryan delves into some of the root causes of attrition in contact centers, as well as outlining effective strategies for addressing this common industry hurdle.

The State of Talent in Mexico: What’s Really Motivating this Nearshore Hotbed?

Tom Scott from Conversari Global sheds new light on the motivations of tech talent in Mexico, offering up suggestions for companies that hope to capitalize on this huge Nearshore talent pool.

IoT Security Concerns Are Finally Being Taken More Seriously

Jason Reed, Senior Industry Analyst, Cybersecurity, at Frost & Sullivan, breaks down which manufacturers are leading the way in IoT security, and how new technologies will fight back against malicious attackers.

The Future of Outsourcing – From Traditional to Next-Generation

Stan Lepeak from KPMG explains how new forms of next-generation outsourcing are on the rise while traditional outsourcing models are declining, and the different types of measurement required for this growth beyond simple deal size.

Modernizing Change Management Programs: From Weightlifting to Crossfitting

Kellie Dundon from Conversari Global provides change management advice for businesses that want to find workable, sustainable ways to effectively manage change.

The Ultimate Guide to Growing a Tech Startup in Chile

As one of Latin America’s most active tech hubs, Chile could be the perfect place to grow your tech startup. Here is how to get started in the Chilean market.

Mexico Is Positioned For IoT Supremacy, Despite Low Awareness Of Its Potential

Ignacio Perrone from Frost & Sullivan Latin America explains how Mexico, and the greater LatAm region, is on the cusp of IoT greatness, providing certain hurdles in awareness and understanding can be overcome.

Nearshore Contact Centers and Today’s Universe of More Complex Calls

Today’s new wave of contact center developments is focusing heavily on self-service and automation, so nearshore vendors must look at new ways to deal with increasingly complex calls.

How to Develop Critical Innovation Competency for The Digital Age

Thomas Veeman from Conversari Global shares tips for developing a critical innovation competency in risk-averse Latin American workforces.

Defining The Role Of The ‘Next-Gen’ GBS Organization In The Automation Age

Dave Brown from KPMG explains why now is the time for the GBS organization to step up to support intelligent automation, and the many benefits and opportunities it can provide.

Some Thoughts on Humility: The Most Vital Human Competency in The Age of AI

Otto Acuna explains how human humility is an important step toward accepting the reality that artificial intelligence (AI) is here to help us and here to stay.

As Self-Service Booms, How Can Technology Keep Contact Center Agents Relevant?

The fusion of nearshore associate skills with decision-enabling technologies is difficult to ignore as self-service becomes more prolific in the industry.

Cultural Training Advice for Better Aligning Your Nearshore Service Teams

In order to narrow the regional culture gap, Tom Scott from Conversari offers up some unique cultural training advice that can be applied at nearshore customer service hubs.

Artificial Intelligence for Customer Experience: What Lies Beyond Chatbots

Maiara Munhoz, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, sheds light on what AI really means, and how related technologies are outshining chatbots to create exceptional customer experience.

Asesoría & Co-Ejecución: La Nueva Consultoría Gerencial

Otto Acuna explica cómo un cambio importante en las expectativas de los grandes compradores de consultoría gerencial está dando forma a la industria.

Why A Properly Drafted Intellectual Property Clause is Essential for Nearshore Clients

Citing a recent IT services case, Gabriela Smith explains why having a clear intellectual property clause saved her client from disaster.

Cartagena de Indias: A Budding Startup Community on Colombia’s Coast

Cartagena is in the nascent stages of reinventing itself as a startup hub, driven by the efforts of determined entrepreneurs, but there are still uphill battles to face.

How to Adopt Enterprise Blockchain Without Falling Victim to the Hype

Natalie Gil provides a road map for the most practical and impactful route to blockchain adoption, and how to avoid the dangers of jumping on the hype train.

How Voice-Only BPOs Can Compete in 2018’s Customer Experience Environment

As customer experience demands evolve at a rapid pace, voice-only BPOs will need to make some big changes in order to stay relevant in the coming years.

Which Technologies Will Impact Latin American Telcos in 2018?

As 2017 comes to an end, Ignacio Perrone, Digital Transformation Research Manager at Frost and Sullivan, shares the key impacts that technology will have on Latin American telcos in 2018.

Is Your Service Contract Protecting Your Company? 9 Essential Clauses that Limit Fallout Damage

When it comes to your outsourcing service contract, getting these terms right is the best way to protect your company if things go awry.

Why is SoCal Still in the Dark About the Hi-Tech Ecosystem in Baja California?

Despite the growth of Baja California and the surrounding region as a hi-tech powerhouse, nobody in Southern California seems to be aware of it.

Status update from Jalisco: NAFTA Talks and Mexican Elections Causing Volatility

Jose Miguel Zozyacorrea explains how a mix of political and economic headwinds will very likely alter the face of business and FDI in Jalisco, Mexico.

A Comparison of Colombia’s Startup Hubs: Medellin vs. Bogota

Bogota’s large, segmented tech sector and Medellin’s international community are in close competition to become Colombia’s most important startup hub.

5 Ways an Executive can Build Strong Partnerships from Outsourcing Projects

Grant Wickes outlines five things you can do as an executive to ensure your outsourcing project develops as a partnership relationship.

Are Latin American Contact Centers On A Mission Impossible To Do More With Less?

Latin American contact centers are under pressure to provide unique customer experience, efficiency, reduced costs, and automation. Mission Impossible?

How the Right Knowledge Management System can Improve Customer Experience

Mike Aoki breaks down some of the advantages for BPO clients and vendors when implementing a reliable knowledge management system for their agents.

Digital Mentality is The Biggest Challenge for Today’s Transformative Companies

Or, why the development of a digital mentality in the company culture is crucial for the long-term health of the digital transformation initiative.

How to Navigate Complicated Legal Issues in Vendor Management

Marty Stallone gives advice on how to best navigate and protect against the complicated legal issues associated with vendor management and relationships.

Why Innovation in French-Language Delivery is Essential in Canadian Outsourcing

As Quebec’s economy grows and the language spreads across the region, the French-speaking consumer segment should be top of mind for providers in Canada.

4 Ways to Successfully Implement Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

These 4 tips will set you up to implement artificial intelligence, ensuring you are prepared to embrace the tech in a way that benefits your entire company.

Los 3 Pilares de La Transformación Digital para Las Empresas de Nuestra Región

Estas tres competencias básicas en la transformación digital será lo que separa a las empresas que triunfan de las que fracasan en la próxima década.

eSourcing Could Provide Colombia with the Opportunity to Stand Out in BPO

Javier Carranza Tresoli explains how eSourcing companies in Colombia could leverage unique operational models to differentiate the market from Nearshore competition.

Digital Transformation in Agriculture May Seem Bananas, but Opportunities are Ripe for Plucking

Ignacio Perrone, Research Manager, Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan Latin America, highlights the enabling technologies and business approaches that are required to bring the agriculture industry in line with the global digital transformation movement.

La Inversión Extranjera más Fuerte en México como Donald Trump Pierde Estabilidad

José Zozyacorrea explica cómo México ya se está beneficiando de las malas decisiones de liderazgo de Donald Trump y continuará haciéndolo en un futuro cercano

Investment Promotion Agencies Need to Think Differently when Luring BPOs

Peter Ryan explains why investment promotion agencies should be more creative than ever before, and take a much broader approach to attracting BPOs.

Contact Center Management: Secrets to a Successful Transition to a New Provider

Heather Littlejohns walks us through the best practices for transitioning existing contact center management and staff to a new external services provider.

When Vendor Consolidation is Necessary and How to Properly Implement It

Tim Norton explains why vendor consolidation can be a highly effective initiative, if properly positioned as part of a larger enterprise objective.

Hackathones Puede Acelerar la Integración de Equipos de Alto Rendimiento

Jorge Zavala explica cómo hackathones internos pueden ayudar a su empresa a encontrar rápidamente los mejores talentos, incluso en tiempos de crisis de talento.

How Health Insurance Policy Distributors Can Alleviate the Risks of ITO

Krishen Iyer provides useful guidelines for health insurance companies to follow when weighing the risks and rewards associated with outsourcing IT, focusing particularly on their unique compliance requirements.

Seasonal Demand Management is a Competitive Advantage for Outsourcers

Peter Ryan outlines the challenges faced by captive contact centers in seasonal demand management, and the opportunity for outsourcers to assist them.

5 Lessons Learned from In-depth Conversations with Latin American Founders

Nathan Lustig interviews Latin American startups and their founders to outline the five most important lessons learned about the region’s startup ecosystem.

Contact Center Management: 10 Steps to a High-Performance Leadership Culture

Heather Littlejohns outlines 10 simple contact center management rules that result in smoother operations, less stress, and better business results.

La Semblanza de las Intenciones de Trump con la Renegociación del NAFTA

Jose Zozyacorrea explica que, con los próximos cambios al NAFTA, actuemos con inteligencia, para el beneficio de una región que, económicamente, es muy importante en el mundo.

Nearshore Should be Embracing Gravity in New World Trade Dynamics

Jonathan D’Oleo uses the gravity model to explain the economic opportunities available to those countries in the strategically located Nearshore region.

Opportunities for Predictive Analytics in LatAm Land Development

Marty Stallone reveals some of the exciting opportunities for land developers in Latin America, and how analytics vendors will be vital components in the equation.

How America is Blindly Deporting Its Competitive Advantage

Matt Wright explains how, in Trump’s America, the true American pastime of innovation has become a gimmick, instead of being understood for the agent for change that it is.

Gestión del Cambio en Implementaciones de Robótica: un Camino sin Mapa

Otto Acuna de Exyge explica cómo lograr una transición fluida al implementar la gestión del cambio en la robótica industrial.

Nearshore & Offshore Software Developers are Key to Overcoming Talent Drought

As the hiring wars heat up, western companies should be considering nearshore or offshore sourcing as a remedy for the software development talent drought.

How the Unbanked are Propelling LatAm’s Mobile Money and Payment Industry

Awareness of mobile payments is increasing in the region, along with the number of unbanked people who will continue to use it.

Creating Offshore Opportunities for Emerging BPOs is a Good Commercial Model

Peter Ryan looks into new full-service business models that can help drive efficiency for new BPO players, both onshore and offshore.

Latin America is Primed to Produce the Data Science Pros of the Future

Young people in Latam could become part of a niche field, either starting their own data science businesses, or studying to become the next great pros.

How to Apply a Minimum Buyable Mindset to Boost Buyer Confidence

Jorge Zavala explains why a “Minimum Buyable Mindset” can transform the way you innovate and do business with services clients.

Employees vs. Independent Contractors: Why Labels Matter

Gabriela Smith explains the complications behind categorizing workers as independent contractors or employees, and the ramifications of doing this incorrectly.

FinTech Outsourcing Technology Trends and Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

Luigi Wewege explains how outsourcing companies are satisfying the needs of FinTechs who are eager to enhance their digital strategy and capabilities.

Sourcing Partnerships Require Clients to Build Teams, not Islands

Renate Cunneen advises buy-side clients on how to develop stronger vendor relationships from the outset, and how to avoid unnecessarily deteriorating the partnership.

¿Por Qué Seguimos Utilizando una Formación Centenaria para Políticas, Procedimientos y Cumplimiento Regulatorio?

Por que seguimos tratando de administrar nuestro entrenamiento y evaluaciones de cumplimiento con políticas y procedimientos en papel?

Latin American Telcos Still Face Many Trials on The Road to Digital

Latin American telcos may be on the right path to becoming fully digital, but that path is still a long and challenging one. During the last few years, a large number of telcos have… Read More »

How Latin America Can Benefit From a More Unified Startup Ecosystem

Rachel Bohn outlines some strategies that Latin America nations should implement to boost the region’s potential as a world-leading startup ecosystem.

How to Effectively Manage the Shifting Tides of Insourcing and Outsourcing

Tim Norton offers advice for ensuring your business remains on track when the operating strategy requires a quick shift from insourcing to outsourcing.

This is How Mexican Companies Should Prepare for The End of NAFTA

Jose Miguel Zozyacorrea, Partner at Ernst & Young, thinks that Mexican companies should remain positive in the face of NAFTA’s dissolution, as opportunity is just around the corner.

Canada’s BPO Sector Confident Following Sourcing Decisions 2017

Peter Ryan outlines the key takeaways from Sourcing Decisions 2017, highlighting that Canada’s potential for it to regain its BPO prominence is significant.

Why Management Skills Training is Critical to BPO Success

Peter Ryan comments on how management skills training across the entire BPO organization is essential for ensuring long-term business viability.

Sin los Mejores Gerentes, las Iniciativas Empresariales Pueden Ser Como Caminar en el Fango

Las organizaciones privadas, gubernamentales y del sector ONG pasan usualmente por enormes esfuerzos y disgustos para mover hacia adelante las iniciativas que conforman su estrategia. Algunas organizaciones invierten millones en ejercicios de planificación… Read More »

Successful Vendor Governance is a Balancing Act of Communiction, Transparency and Respect

Renate Cunneen describes her new role and mandate for vendor governance, offering indispensable advice for balancing the aspects that result in success.

Vendor Management Strategies for Entering the Partnership Hall of Fame

Marty Stallone explains how many principles he’s applied to vendor management closely parallel those of injury prevention in professional athletics.

Top 4 Most Useless Pieces of Advice for Latin American Startups

Nora Leary breaks down the worst pieces of advice she’s heard given to Latin American startups, offering up some good advice of her own.

Innovation Theater: Pulling Back The Curtain and Setting The Stage for Success

Craig Haney points out the spectacular shows that companies put on when they should instead be working to bring true innovation to the table.

A Very Different Story about Cybersecurity, Advertising and Airports

Ignacio Perrone, Research Manager, Digital Transformation at Frost & Sullivan Latin America, explains the regional differences in cybersecurity awareness.

Consultoría Gerencial: La Combinación de los Servicios de “Big 4” con Otros Proveedores es Vital

Otto Acuna explica por qué los servicios de consultoría gerencial deben ser gestionados como una cartera, asegurando que coexistan y colaboren.

Buenos Aires Entrepreneurs Leveraging Public Policy to Boost Startup Ecosystem

Matt Wright dissects the entrepreneurial climate in Buenos Aires and Argentina, explaining how public policy will soon create an explosion of local startups.

Want to Outshine Other Vendors and Earn Repeat Business? Follow This Advice

Renate Cunneen from TD Bank gives buy-side advice for establishing valuable client-vendor relationships and maintaining them long-term.

Top 10 BPO Trends and Business Priorities for 2017

Against the backdrop of customer experience taking precedence in 2016, Juan Gonzalez, Research Director at Frost & Sullivan, shares his top 10 BPO trends and priorities that providers should be focusing on as we move into the new year.

Grassroots Cultural Understanding is Vital to The Success of New Geos

Heather Littlejohns explains that, in order to truly minimize new geo risk, site selection teams should drive the due diligence from a grassroots perspective and through a cultural prism.

Inversiones en Empresas de Tecnología en México, ¿Riesgo u Oportunidad?

Después del intento de crear en ésta región del País el llamado “Silicon Valley Mexicano” y habiéndose percatado las Autoridades competentes que sin recursos e incentivos, entre otros, prácticamente resultaba imposible competir con… Read More »

When “Outsourcing” Leaves a Sour Taste, Try Talking about “Outtasking” Instead

Tim Norton describes the benefits of outtasking over outsourcing, giving valuable advice on switching the external resourcing perspective from people and roles to specific tasks.

What's Driving the Exponential Growth of Software Communications and Collaboration Clients?

Alaa Saayed analyzes the potential of the software communications and collaborations landscape today and the growth highlights of each type of software communications and collaboration technology.

Teletech’s Acquisition of Atelka Shines Spotlight on Canadian Outsourcing Sector

The deal illustrates the ongoing interest in Canada both as a point of delivery and as a demand market for CRM services.

Cómo Evitar Errores Comunes al Iniciar Servicios Compartidos en un Nuevo País

Otto Acuna detalla algunos de los desafíos, vicisitudes y errores de una nueva operación de servicios compartidos que se establece en un nuevo país.

Where Does Vendor Management Fit Into Your ITO Organization?

Through governance, relationship sensitivity, observation, and selective involvement, the vendor management organization can ensure optimal IT execution and maximized delight with your external resourcing environment.

Channel Partners Are Critical in the Move to Cloud Communications

Access to a competent, loyal channel network will become critical for hosted IP telephony and UCaaS providers in their cloud communications strategies.

Buyer Beware: Your Vendors Might Not be Prepared for The Automation Journey

According to Tim Norton, vendors should be standing up and guiding clients through the process of automation adoption, not selling them a shiny end-goal.

Logistics Startups Facing Difficult Roadblocks in Latin America

According to Katie Griffing, while some logistics startups are finding success, there are myriad opportunities for better shipping solutions in Latam.

LatAm Contact Center Outsourcing Services Trudging Down a Difficult Path

Sebastian Menutti explains why contact center outsourcing services in Latin America continue down a difficult path in the region’s overall outsourcing ecosystem.

How to Spot an Industry Leader in the Mobile Worker Apps Market

In today’s rough-and-tumble mobile worker apps market, it can be difficult to spot a leading development company who can take your solution to the next level. But, as the stakes continue to rise,… Read More »

Alignment with Labor Market Realities is Critical to Global Location Strategies

When investigating a labor market to determine the merits for new operations, think about the “Talent Triad”: a labor market’s ability to supply labor with an intersection of the required experience, education, and language.

The Turning Point Has Come for New Vertical Applications in Brazil's M2M Market

Having reached 11.9 million accesses in June 2016, Brazil is by far Latin America’s largest machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. However, it isn’t necessarily the region’s most advanced market in terms of applications, compared… Read More »

How an IT Services Vendor's Single Most Important Employee can Make or Break a Partnership

Why is it that vendors in the IT services industry can be so amazingly successful with one client and so curiously unsatisfactory with another? It all comes down to one person.

Poorly Planned Marketing Strategies will be the Death of your Nearshore Campaign

Nora Leary, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Launchway Media, details the main considerations that marketing professionals must remember before starting a nearshore campaign.

Offshoring & RPA: Deadly Divorce or Magic Marriage?

Roughly 40% of global firms have implemented an offshore or shared services strategy, and 25% of shared services centers have embraced some form of robotics process automation, so what are these firms seeing that others aren’t?

Sensing the Invisible: The Importance of Transparency Between Clients & Vendors

Providing the right level of transparency and expecting the same in return helps to build a far better foundation for which to develop the client-vendor relationship, leading to mutual business success.

Latin American Startups have Become Top-Shelf Targets for Global Companies

Exit momentum has finally taken off in Latin America. Global companies are making valuable acquisitions in the region, and you don’t have to look hard to see why.

Is Latin America Ready to Embrace A Future of Remote Work Culture?

Remote work, telework, home office, virtual work or telecommuting: call it what you want, but the fact of the matter is this new work modality is already widespread in countries such as the… Read More »

Prioritizing Competency Over Excellence Will Net More Value From Your IT Services Consultants

Tim Norton, Director of Vendor Management at UPS, explains why an IT service provider’s “best” resources aren’t necessarily the ones he wants on his projects, and how demanding them can affect the final result.

Latin America’s Universities Need to Modernize by Embracing STEM Education

Times Higher Education recently released its ranking of Latin America’s leading universities and, to the surprise of few who follow the region closely, Brazilian universities topped the list. Brazil’s impressive performance owes to… Read More »

Reinventing the Customer Service Hierarchy: How Self-Service Will Rule the Digital Age

Lutz Remmers describes how the customer service hierarchy is becoming more self-service oriented, pushing human interaction to the “last resort” category for today’s consumers.

Big Data and Analytics in Latin America: The Long Road to Gold

Leandro Scalize, Digital Transformation Consultant at Frost & Sullivan weighs in on the importance of the Big Data and Analytics market in Latin America, which is expected to reach revenues of nearly $2 billion by 2020.

Silicon Valley Grows South: Mexico’s Emergence as a Startup Hub

Nearshore Americas’ director of research, Sean Goforth, explains why tech entrepreneurs and startups are looking to Mexico as their new locale.

The On-Demand Services Changing Latin America

To get a sense of the on-demand startup landscape in Latin America, here’s a list of some of the most popular “Uber for X” startups dominating the region.

Show Me The Money: Who Really Makes Money In IoT?

Dilip Sarangan, Industry Principal, Internet of Things (IoT), at Frost & Sullivan takes a comprehensive look at the main profit centers in IoT, and who is currently benefiting from them.

State of Nearshore Survey Signals Maturing Market

Breaking down the findings of Nearshore Americas’ State of the Nearshore 2016 survey, in which outsourcing professionals expressed the benefits of nearshore delivery, the characteristics of particular geographies, and the outlook for the region amid rapid technological change.

Five Contact Center Trends That Will Dominate the Market by 2017

From the correct utilization of social media platforms, to the introduction of virtual agents, the biggest trends in the contact center business are here now, but are sure to dominate by 2017.

Technology and Education: Calling for Two Forces to Come Together in Latin America

The approach must be one that involves hardware or software solutions, not just products, since the complexities of educational institutions demand complex approaches.

Four Latin America Hubs to Launch Your Startup

For companies that need extra space, Bogotá has 19.3 million square feet of office space and over 50 industrial parks that include free trade zones and warehousing and manufacturing space.

Three Crucial Takeaways from Nexus 2016

Nexus taught us that institutions matter, context for progress matters, and attracting today’s best and brightest matters.

Reasons Why Your NDA May Not Be What You Think It Is

A few key considerations will ensure that your NDAs are accomplishing exactly what you want them to achieve.

Six Reasons to Believe in Argentina

What is it that gives Argentina such an advantage over locations in much of the rest of the world?

Dickens, CIOs, Nearshoring, and Why Context Matters

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times — and time for the CIO to embrace nearshoring.

Taking the Pulse of the Enterprise Communications Platforms Market

How is the on-premises enterprise communications platform market performing? The answer is far from optimistic.

Colombia Is Thinking Realistically About the Future of Contact Centers

In praise of the rare BPO conference that looked to the future instead of promoting the past.

Why One-Size-Fits-All Is Not a Good Fit for Software Licensing Agreements

Licensing deals must give the customer what it needs while protecting intellectual property ownership.

Yes, I Fully Expect to Pay Less on Renewal

We have all heard it: “Prices are going up.” But you don’t have to accept that when it’s time to renew your IT contracts.

Why India Is Not a Model for the Nearshore

To reach the next level, Latin America has to stop looking to India for guidance and instead focus on internal capabilities.

Pushing Shared Service Centers to the Next Level

Analytics, a tech-savvy Millennial workforce, and robotics process automation are bringing SSCs into the future.

How to Manage Call Center Sales Operations on a Day-to-Day Basis

The best ways to ensure daily sales stay on track — and your forecasts don’t end up being an unfulfilled hope.

The BPO Relationship Journey: Managing the Entire Life of the Contract

The key is to develop the right governance framework — before the relationship has formally begun.

Before Blaming a Vendor for Sourcing Project Failure, Look in the Mirror

We’ve all seen a supplier fall asleep at the wheel. But in many cases, the client must consider its own role in failure.

The Keys to Generating Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Knowing your Net Promoter Score and understanding the call lifecycle procedure will ensure that your customer satisfaction and brand loyalty stay high.

Running Distributed Projects in an Insecure Digital World

Extending tech development beyond a single office should not require a new layer of cybersecurity — it should be there in the first place.

Argentina’s Reemerges in the Nearshore Market

Reforms by new President Mauricio Macri — combined with the country’s well-educated, creative workforce — will spur Argentina’s re-emergence.

Knowing When to Break Up with Your Outsourcing Vendor

Breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes starting anew can be the best thing for both you and your vendor.

You Need a Peyton Manning of Procurement to Lead Your Team

Procurement performance is no longer an unknown. There are indeed standouts. My fantasy pick for CPO would be Peyton Manning.

How to Increase Retention in a Contact Center

The following simple six tips can help any company increase retention and decrease those needless costs.

Critical Skills Every Subject Matter Expert Needs During a BPO Transition

Subject matter expertise is not the only skill needed for this critical role. In practice, the responsibility is much larger.

The Automation Threat to Nearshore

The automation threat is real, but Latin American markets can be expected to navigate through the digital transformation with innovation.

7 Keys to Realizing the Savings of Shared Services

There in no easy transition to a central location, but keeping these seven factors in mind will help realize the savings of shared services.

Top Customer Experience Management Trends for Latin America in 2016

Excellent customer experience is no longer an expense to keep under control. It is a key competitive differentiator for any company.

2016: The Year of the Disappearing Human in the Contact Center?

In 2016, contact center technology will become more visual in order to create face-to-face customer experiences that allow for a more connected form of communication.

Mexico City Retains Its Heavyweight Ranking

A recent report from Nearshore Americas reveals that Mexico City has among the lowest wages for software developers and IT professionals in the region.

DevOps Transformation: Boom for Latin America, Bust for India?

As DevOps moves from waterfall to agile, LatAm companies have a chance to cash in.

The New Outsourcing Buzzwords Show the Industry’s New Focus

In the 1990s, the industry used different buzzwords than it does today, and this language shift reflects the changing priorities for outsourcing pros.

A Year After ‘Normalization’ Havana Still Squandering Cuba’s Greatest Advantage

Havana’s failure to focus on its IT talent pool and a rising fear of Cuban Adjustment Act changes may drive more Cubans to leave.

Four Ways to Improve a Call Center with Gamification

By introducing a game-like environment to the workplace, centers can boost engagement, improve retention, and lower call deflection.

Why LatAm Enterprises Must Modernize Legacy Systems

With the disruption wrought by savvy and legacy-light competitors, traditional enterprises must evolve into digital businesses or risk obsolescence.

Argentina Unlikely to Re-establish Offshore CRM Credentials Soon

Ovum’s Peter Ryan examines Argentina’s failing fortunes and the possibilities for the country to re-establish itself as a leading light in nearshore CRM.

5 Ways Robotics Process Automation Can Be a Nearshore Game Changer

RPA is the next big thing, but it is more than hiring robots to automate tasks. It can transform how business services are managed.

Examining the Scope of Costa Rica’s Data Protection Laws

Its data protection laws are based on E.U. rules, but many fear the government will overstep its authority. Here’s what nearshore firms must know.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Here: What It Means for BPO

Companies are moving select processes into the cloud, and uncompetitive providers should worry. But the shift will be incremental.

Forget Perception Issues, Nearshore Must Focus on Central America’s Value

Recent headlines in Guatemala and El Salvador are unsettling, but not all is lost for Central America’s ongoing prospects for contact center nearshore delivery.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Brazil Outsourcing

Brazil has a vibrant workforce and strong training grounds. But it also has a recession and arduous taxes. Do the pros outweigh the cons?

10 Trends Shaping the Future of Conferencing Services

The Latin American conferencing services market is set to grow 23% by 2021, and these 10 trends will guide the sector’s future.

Brazil’s “Marco Civil” Law Has Added Clarity to Internet Liability

Brazil’s new Marco Civil law is aimed at creating a standard application of internet regulation, but it hasn’t erased all confusion about liability.

Four Tips to Expand Your Global Reach Through Outsourcing

Before outsourcing, consider location, technology, metrics, and people. Follow these tips on the road to success — no matter which country it leads to.

Will Paraguay Be the Next Star in Latin American BPO?

Paraguay offers both opportunities and challenges in BPO, but will the former be enough to make Asuncion a go-to destination in the near future?

Why Your Distributed Delivery Team Needs an Onshore Anchor

The Onshore Anchor is critical to the success of any distributed delivery team, helping to foster communication and empathy between teams.

Major Network Investment Spurs Possibilities in Mexico

Major investments from IBM and AT&T are stirring interest in Mexico among those seeking lower costs and provider options. Buyers should be cautiously optimistic.

Canada’s Comeback: Why the Great White North Is a Great Nearshore Option

Recent trends have made Canada a nearshore contender again. But it’s still early. There are no guarantees it will re-emerge as a low-cost haven.

Four Critical BPO Transition Lessons

If you can’t learn from the past, you’re doomed to repeat it. To help, Adam Cummins of Pace Harmon offers four invaluable lessons.

The Increasing Traction of LATAM’s Contact Center Outsourcing Market

Central America and the Caribbean are the fastest-growing call center outsourcing services markets in LATAM, while Peru, Guyana, Belize, and Surinam are prospering.

Is IT Nearshoring Dying?

Has the death knell sounded? Craig Kane and Mohit Mohal of A.T Kearney examine whether nearshore is dying and present some challenges that the nearshore needs to respond to in order to compete.

Five Reasons the Nearshore Should Look at the Code School Trend’s Patrick Millar and Andrew Schwabe discuss how the nearshore can benefit from the code school trend and why code schools are and will continue to be a growth area.

Honduras’ Altia Highlights Public-Private Partnership Challenges

TBR’s Patrick Heffernan and Geoff Woollacott examine how this ‘smart city’ has prospered and the challenges it still faces

Starting Your Software Development Team off on the Right Foot

Victor Martinez, Director of Client Solutions at Tiempo Development, explains how to prepare for success

Opportunity Knocks as Brazil’s Retail Market Moves Online

Leandro Scalize analyzes the IT opportunities emerging in Brazil’s retail market.

Building Next-Gen BPO Engagement at Banks

Siddhartha Sharad explains why banks must reassess how they negotiate and manage BPO services.

Will Miami Ever Gain Respectability as a High Tech Hub?

Living in South Florida one often hears the saying: “Washington DC is the capital of the United States, but Miami is the capital of The Americas.” While in many aspects that statement may… Read More »

Mexico is Constantly Improving Nearshore Services to the United States

Mexico’s offshore outsourcing services are consistently getting stronger. The financial benefits provided by these services are having an impact on the economies of numerous countries, which is why Mexico will continue to see… Read More »

Utilizing Corporate Giving as an Employee Performance Motivator

In a world where the workplace environment is rapidly evolving, executive and management teams have begun looking at different ways to engage and motivate their employees. Some might do this by hosting office… Read More »

Hot Tips for Latin American Outsourcing Providers in 2015

The need to contain costs, drive out agent inefficiencies, deliver high quality interactions for clients, and grow top-line revenues are among the biggest challenges facing customer care outsourcing firms in Latin America today. These key… Read More »

Due Diligence and Regulatory Compliance: An Opportunity for LATAM Providers

Financial Services organizations face increasing pressure to demonstrate oversight and transparency into their third-party supplier relationships. Following the global financial crisis of 2008, regulatory agencies have introduced strict new requirements and significantly tightened… Read More »

What I Learned Working in Japan’s Corporate Culture

In the mid-90s I moved to Japan from San Francisco with my fiancée to take a job at an interactive educational media group based in Tokyo. Aside from picking up some handy Japanese… Read More »

Adjusting Scrum to Geographically Distributed Development

By Peter Vaihansky, Senior Vice President, DataArt The strength of Scrum, the most widely accepted Agile process, is in relying on relatively small, self-contained, cross functional, co-located teams working very closely together, and… Read More »

Motivational Aspects of Scrum: How the Process Drives Focus and Helps Mobilize Creative Energy

By Peter Vaihansky, Senior Vice President, DataArt In the past few years, Agile development methodologies have clearly gone mainstream, with Scrum being perhaps the most popular Agile process. Organizations large and small, from… Read More »

BPO Transformation: Common Roadblocks and Four Steps to Getting What You Ask For

By Adam Cummins, Principal, Pace Harmon When considering business process outsourcing (BPO), companies generally expect to see improvements in overall cost, efficiencies and/or rapid innovation. These BPO benefits enable the buying company to… Read More »

Transformation Speed Bump Delays Automation Adoption

Analytics and automation have sparked a resurgence in the utilization of business process outsourcing (BPO) by large corporations, with two immediate impacts. Firstly, automation is stripping out labor and lowering fees associated with… Read More »

Diagnosing Vendor Management Troubles: Should We Really Have a Vendor Doing This?

A vendor management program that is grounded in the contractual agreement negotiated between an outsourcing provider and buyer is undoubtedly an enabler of a successful outsourcing solution. The program should span strategic and operational… Read More »

A Sea of IT Opportunities in the Brazilian Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry has an intrinsic connection with population growth. Throughout history its development has been affected by disease burden, demographics and other factors, and today is no different. Important trends such as… Read More »

Latin American Enterprises Need to Prepare for Catering to the Next Generation of Digital Customers

The fact that economies the world over are being swept up in a ‘digital wave’ which is here to stay is a reality that businesses across the globe are dealing with. This is… Read More »

Where Does Latin America Stand in Terms of Big Data Adoption?

Big Data is a common catchphrase in the business world today. In reality, it is far from a buzzword, however; it is radically changing the traditional perception of data. Big Data has started… Read More »

What Can I Do to Ensure That My Outsourced Software Development Team is Working?

Whether it’s to India, Eastern Europe or Latin America, outsourcing software development has proven the right solution for many companies during the last couple of decades. But even if you outsource your work… Read More »

Management Consulting Opportunities: Cheap Oil, Smart Grids and Transformation

The price of oil fell from US$95 in August to $45 in January. While great for consumers and a challenge for oil companies, the true beneficiaries are the management consulting firms advising clients… Read More »

Cuba’s IT Pros Have “Got Game”, But When Will They Get to Play?

When you get here, on the ground in Havana, it doesn’t take long to recognize that the flickering light of Cuba’s formative IT nation – suddenly emerging out of isolation after President Obama’s… Read More »

BPO Dissatisfaction Can Be a Good Thing

If you asked a BPO buyer 10 years ago, “Are you satisfied with your BPO program?” you would likely hear, “Yes – we achieved the desired costs savings.” Today, when BPO buyers are… Read More »

Mexico’s Long Overdue National Digital Strategy Finally on Track

In today’s world the idea of a major organization that operates without a computerized environment that supports some sort of electronic data processing is almost inconceivable. But this was the case with the… Read More »

Evolving the Engineering Vendor Relationship

We covered management-level communication in our previous article on the engineering vendor partnership model, but equally important is the communication to the joint team in general. Even the most experienced vendor team will… Read More »

LATAM-Based BPO Providers Are Hitting the Global Top Five

There are not many industries, except for commodities, where you can find two Latin American providers among the top five players worldwide. This statement is even more valid nowadays as last year seemed to… Read More »

Implementing the Engineering Vendor Partnership Model

While the global economy attempts to extricate itself from the aftermath of the Great Recession while trying not to fall into another recession in the process, the financial sector is still struggling to… Read More »

The New Horizon for Business Intelligence and Analytics

Successful companies know that achieving a competitive advantage in today’s market is largely a function of deploying better and more advanced analytics of a growing variety of data. Analytics allows companies to gain… Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Utilizing Agile Methodologies

Agile methodologies are the latest in software development, but what advantages and disadvantages do they present for both clients and vendors?

As Cuba Opens, More Money Means More Technology

Last month’s bombshell announcements that the U.S. and Cuban governments have decided to re-establish diplomatic ties after 56 years of estrangement brought tears, joy, awe, and disbelief to Cubans across the globe. (And… Read More »

Is Captive Shared Services Right for You?

Companies continue to evaluate ways of increasing their operational efficiency while providing meaningful services to their internal stakeholders. These enterprises have used a variety of strategies to achieve this, including deploying a captive shared… Read More »

The Underlying Opportunities in LATAM’s Dynamic Outsourcing Market

Many enterprises tend to view Latin America as a complementary outsourcing locale, particularly in cases where specific services portfolio areas require stronger U.S. cultural alignment and language support. For example, many organizations recognize… Read More »

IBM and Accenture Shift the Way They Go to Market. Should Others Follow?

Labels that can take on lives of their own fascinate the technology industry. Big data represents a label with hype that far exceeds its utility. Technology enables big data to store exponentially increasing… Read More »

Why Shared Services Often Still Falters at the Gate

While industry reports and data seem to indicate that the Shared Services and Outsourcing model is widely recognized and applied in practice, in truth, only a relatively small proportion of potential scope has,… Read More »

STEM Development and IT-Literacy is Sorely Lacking in Obama’s Central America Gameplan

The immigration system in the United States is broken: a sentence said so many times that it sounds like a broken record. Obama’s new set of executive actions announced recently comes after Congress’ inability… Read More »

Privacy is Not Dead, It Just Has A Different Personality

Humans are social beings by nature. We enjoy interacting with others; we constantly exchange information, ideas and beliefs. We have always done this through many different channels, whether face-to-face, in writing or by… Read More »

Sponsored Post: How LATAM Services Companies Can Win With Better Productivity Tools

Gartner reports on worldwide outsourcing markets and trends show that Latin American economies are emerging as a prominent location for the outsourcing sector and are expected to see a growth of 14.21% by… Read More »

New Online Threats Accelerate Managed Security Services in LATAM

The Managed Security Services (MSS) market in Latin America is driven by industry, technical and economic factors. Companies are starting to understand the benefits that MSS can bring to their enterprise by allowing… Read More »

Case Study: Embedding Standardization Through Multifunctional Shared Services

Gerdau is the largest producer of long steel in America, with steel mills in the United States, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela and Spain. While… Read More »

The Disruptors: Guatemala and Costa Rica Providers Well Positioned to Threaten Established Players

As Guatemala and Costa Rica transition from frontier to emerging hubs in the outsourcing community, TBR believes pioneering IT services vendors in these countries will establish captive centers for clients, pairing 300- to… Read More »

What it Will Take to Meet El Salvador’s English Demands

Back in 2011, we reported that the most pervasive and challenging issues across the Nearshore region were establishing English language training programs that actually produced well-trained professionals. Among Central American countries, El Salvador has… Read More »

Seven Lessons Learned From Highly Effective Shared Services

While the Shared Services model has produced several examples of success at delivering higher quality, lower cost, and improved control, many implementations still don’t perform at the expected levels because leaders overlook some… Read More »

Maturity of ITO Market Spurs New Investment

The IT infrastructure outsourcing services market in Latin America is growing more mature each day. Companies are better understanding the benefits of outsourcing, such as being able to reduce costs and focus more… Read More »

Big Data Analytics Emerges as Enterprise Content Management Spark Plug in Latin America

Latin America is going through a stage in which companies are increasingly focusing their efforts into understanding how they can have benefit from trends such as cloud computing, big data analytics and mobility.… Read More »

Toronto’s Test Factory Makes the Case for Onshoring Software Development

With the global slowdown having given companies a breather to reevaluate their strategy of offshoring software testing, CIOs should take this opportunity to undertake a systematic analysis of the pros and cons of… Read More »

A Deeper Look at the Convergys-Stream Acquisition

Over the past six months there has been a seismic shift in the customer management services (CMS) business process outsourcing (BPO) vendor landscape, with merger and acquisition (M&A) activity leading to the emergence… Read More »

To Keep Pace, Costa Rica Must Produce More Bilingual STEM Graduates

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to participate on The 2013 Latin America Outsourcing Summit in San Jose, Costa Rica. This was an excellent opportunity to hear from the experts, the… Read More »

Watch for M&A Activity to Gain Momentum in Nearshore Region

As Nearshoring has gained prominence in recent years, it has also become a leading region for global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. Offshore service providers are bridging the onshore-offshore divide by offering a… Read More »

Essential Metrics to Use to Evaluate Application Development and Testing Vendors

Developing and implementing consistent, actionable performance metrics for your Application Development and Maintenance and Testing program is one of the best ways to ensure you get value for money. One of the most… Read More »

Brazil Dives into the Dynamic World of Big Data

Real-time analysis to support go-to-market strategy can really bring value to companies in today’s dynamic world, where the old cliches that “time is money” and “information is power” now ring truer than ever. The… Read More »

Why Due Diligence Never Ends

Last year I wrote several articles for Nearshore Americas on how to better manage outsourced relationships. These pieces covered all facets of becoming a successful outsourcer and included vendor selection, managing multiple vendors,… Read More »

How to Identify the “Hidden Steps” in Your Outsourcing Deals

Spanish philosopher George Santayana once said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” That is certainly true of outsourcing initiatives, which are often derailed by “predictable” mistakes, said Dave Borowski,… Read More »

Addressing Brazil’s Competitiveness Problem: Where is the Confidence?

Just as investors and multinational companies are questioning Brazil’s ability to regain confidence from foreign players, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a report that does not help the country to improve… Read More »

Questioning Whether Enterprise IT Security is Better Off Outsourced

Is your company ready to support new business models and guarantee the security of the entire organization? Do you know if your company has ever suffered from a security breach? These are the… Read More »

Don’t Trust the Numbers: Five Tests for Latin America Site Selection

I was floored recently when a notable site selection company president told me that he almost never sends his analysts to the Latin American and Caribbean region (CALA) to see markets first hand.… Read More »

From Rigid to Flexible: Lessons Learned from Spain’s Shift to a Services Economy

Spain’s government launched initiatives in 2012 aimed at re-adjusting labor compensation scales nationally to ultimately re-position the country as a low-cost hub for global services delivery in the European Union (EU). It’s a… Read More »

Does Your Outsourcing Brand Command Authority?

Numbers don’t lie – thought leadership is in demand. Outsourcing customers – just like their peers in other industries – want to do their jobs better. And they are hungry for knowledge about… Read More »

Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disaster?

By Bruno Tasco, Frost and Sullivan One of the top priorities on the agenda of CIOs for 2013 is to offer mobile and collaborative solutions on a corporate level. This owes to the increasing… Read More »

For Mexican Business Leaders, Tech is a Bridge to Higher Performance

While awareness of technology’s contribution to running a successful business is growing around the world, executives in Mexico seem especially convinced of technology’s contribution to business success.  CompTIA (a U.S. based tech advocacy… Read More »

Pricing Pressures and Protectionist Policies Bring New Pain to Mid-Tier Players

By Patrick Heffernan and Geoff Woollacott TBR research has recently found evidence to suggest rapidly accelerating pricing pressures are seriously impacting professional services firms lacking global scale. Specifically, global delivery models that includes… Read More »

The Real Goal of Infrastructure Outsourcing Should be to Increase Efficiency

By Bruno Tasco, Frost and Sullivan The Information &Technology market in Latin America that includes hardware, software and services, is expected to grow 7% per year until 2014. From an economic perspective, with most… Read More »

Barranquilla, Colombia: Watch for Signs of Oversaturation

Ovum analysts were recently afforded a first-hand view of one of Colombia’s emerging secondary locations for contact center outsourcing, the city of Barranquilla. With investments by both local and global vendors in the… Read More »

The Pursuit of Innovation Comes From the Entrepreneurial Heart

By Marco Stefanini We live in a globalized world with increasing technological transformations. Among outstanding developments that reach the global population, it is the practice of entrepreneurship that stands out as a way… Read More »

BPO Governance: Are You Still Following the Pied Piper?

In the past few years there’s been a great deal written about governance. Yet, it’s still a misunderstood subject. In most cases, it’s an afterthought only considered once the “transaction” is complete and… Read More »

Alorica Opening Shows Dominican Republic Cannot be Overlooked

Alorica’s recent inauguration of is contact center in Santo Domingo was an eye-opener for Ovum analysts who traveled to participate in the event. Getting a perspective on what had become a somewhat overlooked… Read More »

U.S. Visa Reforms May Keep Nearshore Workers Offshore and Reduce Impact of Global Service Models

Pending changes in U.S. immigration law could change the business models for offshore outsourcing. Immigration reform is not only a weighty political issue. It is something that is likely to influence business strategies… Read More »

Twenty Years Later: Accounting for NAFTA’s Wins and Losses

By Timothy Wilson The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Mexico, the United States and Canada, just entered its 20th year. In that time investments in information and computing technology (ICT) have certainly… Read More »

India-Centric IT Vendors Poise for Resurgence, According to New TBR Research

Investments in IP-based delivery and platforms will enable traditional services firms to break the link between revenue and headcount growth and result in a net improvement in positioning of “India-centric’ outsourcing providers, according… Read More »

Knowing When BPO Engagements Are Going to be a Train Wreck

What are the biggest red flags that should scream out to you that your BPO partnership is headed toward a brick wall? Even though it is an overused cliché, it is a very… Read More »

Where Does Your Business Place on the Outsourcing Maturity Curve?

Is your company ready to establish an offshore operation? This move might be the right step at precisely the right time, or it could mean acting beyond your current capabilities. There are five… Read More »

Why Big Data is a Big Deal for Global Outsourcers

By Ann All Data volumes are growing so fast that companies now refer to this huge flow of incoming information as Big Data. According to IBM, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every… Read More »

First Person: Our New Global Culture is Held Together By I.T.

By Maryori Vivas  It’s January, 2013 and I just finished a skype conversation with a fellow Telemedicine colleague. He is not a MD but an IT expert. I did not grow up with… Read More »

Legal Insider: Incentive Compensation for U.S. Employees of Foreign Service Providers

By William B. Bierce Recruitment and incentive compensation of local onshore residents require careful structuring and execution. Since experienced business developers are difficult to attract and retain, offshore service providers need to develop… Read More »

Study Shows Acute Need to Skillfully Identify Where to Hire Global Talent

By Geoff  Woollacott & Bryan Belanger The fundamental shifts new technologies bring to our daily lives could fill a magazine, let alone an article. It comes as no surprise that technology firms adopt… Read More »

Crowd Funding: A Better Tool to Pump Life Blood into Start-Ups

Although I normally write about managing outsourcing, increasingly I get involved with finding niche alternatives for smaller targeted initiatives. Often with an infrastructure and an imagination in place there are infinite possibilities. Crowd… Read More »

As Competition for Outsourcing Investment Heats Up, Focus Turns to the “Little Things”

The offshoring location investment decision used to be easy – India, with the possibility of the Philippines or Mexico as an occasional alternative – but as with everything IT services related, the geographic… Read More »

Driving Better Value From ITO Vendors: Three Cost Reduction Strategies

Information Technology Outsourcing programs (ITO) have been around for more than fifteen years. Early adopters were acquiring application development and maintenance services from India back in the nineties. In fact, it is very… Read More »

What Can Supply Chain Outsourcers Learn from Finance and Accounting Practices?

Some supply chain executives are starting to take a look over the fence at their colleagues in accounting and being somewhat envious of 40% cost savings, alongside significant improvement in productivity and quality… Read More »

Cyber Attacks and Outsourcing: Prepare for the Worst, While Hope for the Slightly Bad

The real risk of cyber attacks on critical computing infrastructure is nothing new, but the perceived threat level continues to grow, as evidenced recently by the dire warnings issued by US Defense Secretary… Read More »

Invest in Relationship Management if You Want to Keep a Handle on Cost and Process

Often when describing the roles and responsibilities that are required in an outsourced relationship, the terms most often bandied about include sales, operations, legal, compliance, marketing, technology, product management, and the list goes… Read More »

The Many Dimensions of BPO Infrastructure: It’s Not Just About Keeping the Lights On

Last month, almost one third of India was in the dark. A massive electrical grid failure brought inter-city trains, local subways, elevators and shop lights to a grinding halt. BPO centers ran operations… Read More »

The “Magic Formula” Pushed by BPO Vendors Could Result in a New Culture for the Customer

By Ben Trowbridge When listening to the sales pitches of leading BPO suppliers, you may think there is some magic afoot in the world of business process improvement. “Guaranteed cost savings”, “world-class processes”,… Read More »

Let’s Get Serious: Talent Retention is the Biggest Problem Facing BPOs Today

By Jag Dalal Loyalty is a virtue of the past. Employees used to commit to their employers for life and generations of family remained loyal to their employers.  Employers, in turn, were also loyal… Read More »

The Social Contact Center: What are the Real Impacts on Customer Relationships?

Social media has already come to impact almost every aspect of modern society. The ability to create and share content with an almost unlimited number of people has revolutionized the way people communicate… Read More »

Rising Above the Tension: The Enduring Characteristics of Long Term Outsourcing Relationships

A constant that runs throughout any outsourcing arrangement is a persistent level of tension between parties over their roles and responsibilities. On one hand, the vendor feels that if the outsourcer was performing… Read More »

Does Your Team have the Soft Skills Required to Run Agile Correctly?

By Nancy Y. Nee The Agile Manifesto places customer collaboration over contract negotiation with a keen focus on a highly skilled, motivated team in constant interaction with the product and the customer at… Read More »

First Call Resolution: How to Define, Measure and Improve

A typical customer will not call back a call center.  Not only does this keep costs high, but it decreases customer loyalty and increases turnover.

Getting to an Enlightened State on IT Talent: Uruguay and Costa Rica Get it Right

Talk about contrasts. Go visit Montevideo, Uruguay – the serene coastal city which has a very healthy software/ IT sector. Notice something very important: The country’s policy makers and IT sector leadership get… Read More »

Forget About Cost, What Does Your Prospective BPO Provider Really Bringing to the Table?

Obviously one of the most important reasons today’s executive chooses to consider BPO is for the potential cost savings offered to the organization during the long term. However, cost is just one consideration,… Read More »

The Nearshore’s High-Touch Advantages of Engaging US Hispanics

The outbound side of the call center world is not discussed as often as the inbound side. Outbound calls are misunderstood and under-appreciated in the industry.  However, prior to outsourcing becoming the global… Read More »

Ovum Analysis: What’s Next for Nicaragua?

The second annual investment summit held last week in Managua by ProNicaragua (the Nicaraguan government investment agency) went some way toward increasing Nicaragua’s visibility as a viable nearshore outsourcing location in the Americas.

First Call Resolution: How to Define, Measure and Improve

It’s a given that customer satisfaction is crucial to customer loyalty, positive word of mouth, and return on investment.  First Call Resolution (FCR) has been and remains the #1 driver of customer satisfaction.

What are Indian Providers Bringing to the LatAm Global Services Culture?

By Bob Scheier Throughout my career, I’ve always felt that anything I learned from a job or customer engagement – good, bad or negative – left me with knowledge that nobody can ever… Read More »

Vendor Management: It’s Time for BPO Buyers to Walk the Walk

By Dave Borowski BPO buyer organizations talk the talk when it comes to governance and include it in their contracts, but many are not walking the walk. Thorough BPO vendor management is inconsistent… Read More »

Negotiating SaaS Contracts: Between Process Control and Risk Management, Finding a Middle Ground

By Clayton Browne Software as a Service (SaaS), a relationship that provides on-demand access to a cloud based network with shared configurable computing resources, has enjoyed phenomenal growth over the last few years.… Read More »

Why Greece Should be on the Radar of BPO Decision-Makers

By Loren Moss As Greece gears up for its second election in eight weeks, economists, citizens, investors and other stakeholders are confronted with the stark possibility of Greece returning to its historic currency… Read More »

Complexity Breeds Opportunity When Managing Multiple Sites and Multiple Vendors

One of the most intriguing and interesting outsourcing arrangements is the ability to operate multiple delivery center sites while utilizing various vendors. The advantage of such a program is that it provides access… Read More »

Shared Services Outsourcing Does Pay Off, But Watch for Major Hazards

By Judy Dobles As a shared services veteran who has led three different shared services organizations, including one major outsourcing, I have learned a few things during the years. Here are what I… Read More »

Making the Same Mistake Over and Over? How to Absorb Outsourcing Lessons into Process

George Santayana once wrote: “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” I also like what Albert Einstein wrote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again… Read More »

Be Rigorous from the Start or Your Outsourcing Engagement will Fall Short

There’s little doubt that Business Process Outsourcing is here to stay; the lure of “easy” cost savings is just too powerful for companies to resist. But the truth of the matter is that… Read More »

Why “Trust, But Verify” is Essential in Vendor Management

In my recent article, we concluded that the most important aspect of managing remotely is building a strong and trusting relationship. Creating a partnership that doesn’t rely solely on the contract for the… Read More »

Establishing Nearshore Purchase-to-Pay Operations: Separating Myth from Fact

Latin America has received lots of buzz in recent years as a preferred location for shared services operations. An educated and affordable labor pool, business friendly climate, and the necessary infrastructure all make… Read More »

Startup Chile First Hand: An Entrepreneur’s Account of Taking the Leap

I knew I was in for a ride as soon as I arrived in Santiago and ventured out to the local neighborhoods to hunt for an apartment. It was not so much the… Read More »

The Data Speaks for Itself: Agent Training Lowers Call Center Attrition

Average turnover, reported at 40% to 50%, has always been, and continues to be, a chronically costly problem for call centers, a problem that seems to be tolerated rather than solved. Respondents to… Read More »

When Outsourcing Relationships Go Bad: Warning Signs of a Fraying Partnership

No one wants for a relationship to fail but sometimes you have to quit on one that isn’t working. How do you know when to say, “When?” Relationships are difficult. Band members have… Read More »

Shake, Rattle and Roll: Make Remote Management an Active Process

By Steve Rudderham  Most outsourcing arrangements are literally “out” sourced in that services are delivered from a remote location. Whether that location is within a few miles of your corporate headquarters or on… Read More »

Minimizing Risk in New Geographies: Taking a Culture-Centric Approach

Companies seeking to locate new outsourced or shared services centers to offshore or near shore locations typically focus their exploration on factors such as price, local government support and incentives, cultural affinity with… Read More »

Costa Rica: A Small, But Rising Competitor in the Global IT Economy

Until recently, the IT Services industry has been dominated mostly by large companies leveraging their presence in mass-scale geographies such as China and India and servicing equally large clients in the US and… Read More »

The Brazilian Proposition for Service Desk and Field Services

By Francisco Blagevitch The IT market in Brazil is run by more than one million professionals, accounting for $95 billion in income in 2011, which is equivalent to 4.4% of the national GDP.… Read More »

When Managing Remotely, Relationship Is The Key

Decisions to outsource critical functions are never easy and there is a lot of internal inertia to overcome, but it is often hard to ignore the numbers. Outsourced relationships will always require a… Read More »

Is Latin America Doing Enough For Its Economies?

The more than 700 attendees at the MIT Latin America conference March 10th in Cambridge heard a lot of upbeat talk about economic prospects for Latin America in general, and emerging markets throughout… Read More »

Take C.A.R.E. of Your Customers

Last year CBS Sunday Morning had a segment on customer service. Presented was a typical actual scenario where an older woman went to the office of the company that had screwed up her… Read More »

‘Why Agile?’ and Other Questions Before Outsourcing an Agile Project

1. Why do you want to do the software project in Agile mode? Potential reasons include: (A) You are already engaged in IT outsourcing and have a good working relationship with the outsourced… Read More »

Creating a Wildly Successful Outsourcing Program

Outsourcing is serious business and will have a long-term impact on your company’s future. Let’s improve the odds that it’s a positive one! Your customers and shareholders shouldn’t and won’t differentiate who delivers… Read More »

Globalize and Optimize Your Shared Services Operations

Shared services operations (SSOs) have transitioned from a simple means to gain quick cost savings to a critical component of corporate strategy. Historically, transactional services offered such as accounts payable processing, payroll, and… Read More »

Outsourcing Is Risky: Don’t Let It Keep You Awake

I am always amused when business development people or IT outsourcing providers ask their prospects, “What keeps you up at night?” Then, they take that input and promptly develop a “value proposition” that… Read More »

Call-Center Heresy: Treat the Customer as Priority #2

Everyone seems to have at least one story about a nightmare experience dealing with telephone customer service. The fact that many call center providers are located in countries where language and customs are… Read More »

Get More Accurate Outsourcing ROI in Six Easy Steps

Everybody wants ROI from their outsourcing projects. Many (on both the buy and the sell side) claim it. But relatively few have the knowledge or background to calculate it correctly. This not only… Read More »

Can Latin American Providers Meet the Demand?

Concerns exist over the capacity of Latin American service providers to absorb rapid growth. Several global providers currently have a presence in Latin America, and tax and other trade incentives will help attract… Read More »

Want Better Customer Service? Take the Pulse of Your Company

There is what we call a moment of truth when a customer makes a decision about you, your company, maybe even all companies in your industry, based on their interaction with anyone from… Read More »

Is Mexico Finally Waking Up to This Key Concept?

The Greeks, 2,500 years ago, were onto something. Creating a concept such as synergy might have been one of their greatest inventions. Although the word has sometimes been overused and abused, synergy surrounds… Read More »

Investment Data Reveals State of Interest in Latin America Locations

In the period 2003 through 2010, Europe and Asia were the largest recipient regions of foreign investment projects in shared services and BPO activities, accounting for 46% and 29% respectively. Meanwhile, interest in… Read More »

India-Centric Management Consulting Does Not Meet Goals

When Forrester published its first Indian vendor consulting Wave in 2005, Indian vendors were just starting their journey into management consulting. At the time, none of these vendors could compete with traditional management… Read More »

US Congressional Bill Would Penalize Offshoring

The US Congressional initiative House Resolution 3596 (HR 3596) is the most recent effort on the part of certain US legislators to inhibit the offshore outsourcing of contact center services. However, no matter… Read More »

MexiCANs: The New Breed Needed for a New Era

After being out of Mexico for almost eight years, I returned to my native Guadalajara in November 2010, driven by the desire for closer ties between my daughter and her cousins, grandparents, uncles,… Read More »

The Five Ws of World-Class Customer Service Training

The interaction anyone has at any level with your employees, including you, gives a customer an opportunity to make a judgment about you, your company, and all companies like yours. I’m not just… Read More »

Creating Effective SLAs: Pay Attention to Productivity and Data Accuracy

As outsourcing buyers use service levels to measure the performance of a provider, service level agreements (SLAs) are one of the buyer’s fundamental vendor-performance management activities. An SLA’s agreed-upon quantitative provider requirements establish… Read More »

Sourcing F&A: One Crucial Step that Too Many Customers Miss

Of all the business processes to source, those in finance and accounting often raise the highest level of concern within organizations. Some firms refuse to consider F&A outsourcing (FAO) based on fears and… Read More »

Half of Outsourcing Customers Won’t Depend on Current IT Outsourcers to Manage Private Cloud

IT outsourcing (ITO) vendors provide everything from application development and testing to remote management of customers’ data centers. As those customers adopt cloud computing (highly virtualized compute, storage and network capacity provided over… Read More »

Ethics, Language and Organizational Culture: Taking a Hard Look at ‘Soft’ Issues

Much has been written on the risks and rewards of outsourcing deals, including the array of reasons that large outsourcing deals fail. Ranging from cultural differences and communication problems to poor governance (e.g.,… Read More »

Nearshore Marketing: How Do You Get Your Sales-Ready Leads?

Imagine this: Suddenly 2012 has arrived. You’re happy because you’ve successfully completed all your projects for 2011. But you’ve got no deals in the pipeline. Scary scenario, right? It’s also a very likely… Read More »

A CIO’s Account of Nearshore, Ninjas and What Doesn’t Work Offshore

I like to imagine an IT vendor selling the first screwdriver. “It can also replace the hammer, if you use the head of the screwdriver to hit the head of a nail. You… Read More »

LatAm Free Trade Zones: Are they Really Built to Support BPO and IT?

Over the years, the US has been Latin America’s primary outside investor and leading trading partner, followed by Western Europe. Latin America’s leading imports in past years have included cars, chemicals, electrical equipment,… Read More »

Are You Paying Attention to the Financial Stress Weighing on Your Outsourcing Partner?

In a recent Forrester survey, senior IT professionals ranked “security concerns about giving work to a third party” as their greatest concern about moving into managed services relationships. Surprised? Although conventional wisdom says… Read More »

LatAm Sees Gains and Slips in the World Economic Forum’s Competitiveness Index

What Latin American countries made a good showing on the World Economic Forum (WEFs) Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), and which ones have a lot of work to do? Defining competitiveness as “the set… Read More »

Lawyers Admit They Can Get in the Way

Bravo to the brave lawyers from Baker & McKenzie who admitted, before an audience of potential customers at the SIG (Sourcing Interest Group) Global Leadership Summit in Seattle, that lawyers can actually get… Read More »

The Allure of Having Services Near as Shared Services Undergoes Major Shifts

Over the past couple of years there has been an uptick and rebound in buyers’ interest in the use and expansion of shared services operations to support various back-office functions and processes in… Read More »

Got Trouble with Your Outsourcer? Fire Yourself

OK, that wasn’t QUITE the bottom line in a recent Sourcing Interest Group/ Vantage Partners’ Webinar “Dealing with the Problem Deal.” But experts did say that the knee-jerk reaction — firing the outsourcer… Read More »

If Outsourcing is All About Savings, then Show Me the ROI

Your CFO walks into your office 18 months after you signed your first outsourcing contract and asks, “What happened to the savings you promised?” To prepare for this question, hopefully you have created… Read More »

Honduras Starts to Make Real Headway as a BPO Player

As the potential options for Nearshore delivery to the US continue to increase, Ovum notes with interest the slow but steady emergence of Honduras as a viable location for BPO delivery. Although arguably… Read More »

Sourcing Advisors: Getting Your Money’s Worth

We have heard clients comment that their advisors or consultants were either a waste of money, or in other cases an essential and valued part of the team. Why the huge disparity in… Read More »

Vendor Management Insider: Making the Most of Service Credits

Service-level credits and incentive models are important tools to help outsourcing clients increase business alignment and enforce service-level achievement. When executed effectively these tools drive the behavior of service providers and allow all… Read More »

Why Retailers are Turning to Outsourcing, in Droves

Our friends at outsourcing consultancy TPI has recently been predicting strong outsourcing demand from the retail sector. Nearshore Americas’ Bob Scheier recently asked TPI Partner and Managing Director Harvey Gluckman what’s sparking the… Read More »

Cloud Computing: Buyers Enthusiastic on the Concept, Weak on Capabilities

The potential benefits of cloud have been loudly touted by both pundits and providers, and much of the discussion has centered around the inherent challenges and risks associated with issues such as security… Read More »

A Day in the Life: Work and Play in Guadalajara

Abhijeet Pradhan, a partner with Austin-based IT services firm ITexico, relishes his business trips to Guadalajara.The Mumbai native has been making the 90-minute flights from Austin to Guadalajara for 16 months now, first… Read More »

LatAm is More Than A Delivery Destination: Domestic Demand Takes a Front Seat

With so much focus on service delivery locations within Latin America, it can be easy to overlook what is happening on the buy side for services. Outsourcing by domestic Latin American companies reached… Read More »

When Disaster Strikes, Will Your Contact Center Survive?

The world has learned some hard lessons in the aftermath of devastating events such as the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, but what has the contact center industry taken away from such cataclysms? The devastation… Read More »

Germany Should Take Advantage of South American IT Services

When attending the last annual Summit of the European Outsourcing Association (EOA) in Madrid a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the presence of service providers headquartered in South America, particularly from… Read More »

Five Ways the Marketing Rules Have Changed

The world as we know it will end at the stroke of midnight January 1, 2000! Remember that doomsday warning? Fast forward more than a decade, and we’re fully into the 21st Century.… Read More »

Belize Insider: Kind of Familiar, But Without the Chain Stores (Part II)

By Jeff Pappas Even if you’re a world traveler with a bazillion frequent-flier miles, chances are that you’ll be fascinated by your first glimpses of Belize, the little English-speaking country on the Caribbean coast… Read More »

What Do Standards Have to Do With Nearshore Vendor Management?

By Joerg Stimmer The main drivers for Nearshore services delivery are well known from many sources. More experienced, outsourcing customers expect their service providers to deliver more value, e.g. increased transparency and flexibility… Read More »

Belize: The Next Big Little Call-Center Destination?

With English already mastered, how far can this curiously attractive nation go on the Latin America call center map? (Part one of two part series) By Jeff Pappas How many times have you… Read More »

Where’s the Source of Innovation in Brazil? Take a Look at its Tech Parks

Brazil has strongly encouraged  the establishment of technology parks and business incubators, the latter mostly focused on small high-tech companies. There are currently 74 tech park initiatives all over the country, and 25… Read More »

Colombia Makes the Grade: Now What?

Given the substantial security, economic policy and increase in Foreign Direct Investment advancements made over the last decades, Colombia has become one of the most consistent and fastest growing economies in Latin America.… Read More »

A Human Perspective on the Evolution of New Technologies

The rules for doing business will continue to change because technology is changing faster and faster every day. The cycle of technological innovation will not wait or stop for anyone. This cycle revolves… Read More »

8 Razones Por Qué Guatemala es un Competidor Fuerte Nearshore

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World Class Customer Service: Has Latin America Gotten There Yet?

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Can a Regional Alliance Lift Up Central America?

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The Cultural Dimension of Outsourcing: Seen through the Eyes of the Customer

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Tricks of the Trade: Building A Successful Shared Service Center

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Some Good Reasons to Think Holistically About Global Sourcing

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Investing in Panama: A Rising Star that Still has Plenty of Imperfections

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If a Nearshore Provider Cannot Provide Quality Software, Keep Looking

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Five Rules to Keep in Mind When Issuing an RFP

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Services Integration in Nearshore Delivery: How SMEs Can Benefit

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If Employee Loyalty Leads to Profitability, Why are US Businesses Ignoring It?

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Outsourcing in Latin America: Are We There Yet?

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Process? Who Needs Process? Why IT Heroes Hurt ADM Performance

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7 Secrets to High Performing Captive Offshore Centers

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