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Costa Rica Sets Tourism Record

Costa Rica set an all-time tourism record in 2015 with 2.6 million visitors. The country was an ecotourism pioneer, offering zipline and canopy adventures in its gorgeous rainforests before they were popular. Add in the beaches on two coasts, volcanoes, and coffee farms, and it’s no wonder that Costa Rica has become arguably the most desirable location to visit in Latin America. One place that will make any trip is the nature reserve in Monteverde/Santa Elena. It is deep in a rare cloud forest full of plants and wildlife, none more majestic than the elusive national bird, the resplendent quetzal. It isn’t well known outside of the region but has been cherished since Mayan times. Tour guides in the area take pride in trying to show it to visitors, so starting a quest to see a quetzal yourself is as good a reason as any to venture into the jungle.

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Jared Wade

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