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Costa Rica Tops the List of World’s Best Retirement Destinations

Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador, are the best countries to retire in the world, according to the 2021 index of top 10 retirement destinations prepared by web portal International Living.

The countries are ranked on the basis of wide-ranging factors, including infrastructure, cost of living, housing, benefits & discounts, ease of getting a visa, climate, and healthcare.

The report describes Costa Rica as the “Switzerland of Central America”, saying the country is a peace-loving democracy and filled with friendly people.

Costa Rica is known for its tropical climate. In addition, the country offers affordable medical care. And the cost of living is also very low, according to the report.

The report has described Ecuador as the land of diversity, adding that the country is the perfect combination of climate, culture, and affordability. It offers the conveniences of modern living including high-speed fiber optic internet and American dollar currency.

According to the report, Colombia is a more developed country than most in Latin America. Already, thousands of expats have moved into this Andean country to start a new life.

Moreover, the report says, the dark days of Colombia’s past are gone and that it has been transformed into a thriving country.

It seems Panama’s pension program, Pensionado, has earned the country a slot on the index. The program was created to ensure retired Panamanians could live with dignity as active members of society.

Panama has warm weather, and the country is never threatened by hurricanes.

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Mexico, according to the report, is already a haven for expats. More than 1 million Americans and a half-million Canadians call the country home today, living there either full-time or part of the year.

Mexicans have a zest for life and are known for a “live and let live” attitude. “A retired couple can live well in Mexico on a fraction of what they might spend back home,” the report added.

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