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Cuba and US Halt Feuds in Support of Hemingway

The BBC is reporting on a Rare Project to Save Hemingway papers through a landmark joint effort between the Cuban and US governments. We applaud the effort to bury the political hatchet in favor of literally ernierescuing these literary treasures. Hemingway, who lived in Cuba for 21 years, represents not only a cultural bridge between the two nations but also was not distracted by political disagreement. Although the United States is a long way from normalizing relations with Cuba, we view this latest cooperative effort as hopeful and symbolic.
Cuba is less than 100 miles off the southern shores of Florida. Can you imagine the value both nations could provide in terms of cultural, industrial and educational exchange if the two countries moved toward deeper cooperation? My prediction: In less than 5 years this site will be reporting on a landmark partnership between a Cuban contact center and a client sponsor based in Canada or the United States. What’s your prediction?

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  • I want to predict normalized relations, better human rights, and a mutually beneficial economy. I want to predict cultural exchanges to share the art and literature between Cubans and Americans. But we've been making such predictions for decades and continuing the same failed policies with Cuba. So I won't predict or get my hopes up. We elected a new president who promises change, so I am not completely without hope.