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New E-Book Showcases Curitiba’s IT Services Ecosystem

It’s been called “Silicon Valley South” and is one of many locations to be nicknamed “the Silicon Valley of Brazil.” Although Curitiba differs from the original Valley in several key ways – less traffic, for instance, and more trees – it does share one essential similarity: a concentration of technology expertise and software development experience.

Curitiba is capital of the state of Paraná, which is home to more than 260 software companies and six software clusters. Those providers embody more than 50 areas of business intelligence and more than 30 areas of IT specialty. Clients of Curitiba include ExxonMobil, HSBC, Nokia, and Wipro. IBM, Dell, and HP were among the first international tech companies to set up operations in Curitiba.

One of those six clusters is particularly focused on taking Brazilian development skills to a global clientele. Curitiba Offshore is home to 14 software companies, providing services from R&D to application development to systems integration and infrastructure management. The Curitiba Technopark connects IT companies with R&D centers and the area’s many universities in an effort to boost collaboration and innovation. And the city’s emphasis on sustainable urban planning has helped it attract an educated group of people looking for a better quality of life.

KPMG referred to Curitiba as one of the world’s most attractive business locations, and Gartner called it one of the world’s leading IT and software destinations. Find out what’s attracting IT providers and IT buyers to this green Brazilian city in the new e-book, Curitiba, Brazil: A Higher Vision for IT Exports. You can download it here.

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