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Level 3 Launchers First Latin American DDoS Scrubbing Center in São Paulo

Level 3 has unveiled its first Latin American DDoS scrubbing center, to protect against distributed denial of service attacks, in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. This is Level 3’s ninth DDoS scrubbing center, with other centers located in Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington.
The Broomfield, Colorado-based Level 3 runs as many as 17 data centers in Latin America, with two n Bogotá, Colombia.
Scrubbing centers filter customer data for virus, while reducing latency and improving network performance. They even play a key role in handling unpredictable traffic spikes. The centers operate around the clock, detect anomalies in data, notify customers of threatening conditions, and then help mitigate the issue.
The São Paulo center is carrier-agnostic, meaning it is able to scrub traffic regardless of the network IP address. Level 3 seems to have set aside a large sum of money for expanding security offerings and functionality, because it has recently launched even a security operations center in London.
The new DDoS scrubbing center signifies an expansion in the company’s security service functionality for Latin America and the availability of additional dedicated security personnel for the region.
DDoS attacks originating in Latin America are growing in frequency, complexity, and size,” said Chris Richter, senior vice president of global security services at Level 3. “The São Paulo location enables us to help customers in the region predict, detect, and mitigate malicious activity.”
According to Level 3’s own study, Latin America is source for only 12% of DDoS attacks worldwide. “Every day, our security team monitors approximately 1.3 billion security events and mitigates roughly 22 distributed denial of service attacks. The team identifies and removes, on average, one control and command server (C2) network per day,” wrote Level 3 in a report published last year.
The São Paulo DDoS scrubbing center provides more efficient mitigation of attacks, helping customers in the region recover from malicious activity with less downtime, says the company.

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