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Digital Divide Data Wins “3S Award” From Global Sourcing Council

Digital Divide Data, the social enterprise that provides disadvantaged youth in Asia and Africa with the education and training they need to offer IT services to global clients, has been given this year’s 3S award from Global Sourcing Council.

3S award is given out to companies in recognition of their exceptional achievements in sustainable and socially responsible sourcing.

“Being recognized with the 3S award will enable Digital Divide Data to create this opportunity for thousands more young men and women–and help us inspire others to use the Impact Sourcing model to build bridges to opportunity in the global economy for hundreds of thousands more,” reacted Michael Chertok, Co-founder of Digital Divide Data.

Digital Divide Data is one among the five social organizations received award for exhibiting social responsibility.

“It takes a village of like-minded individuals to grow and scale the socially responsible enterprise that produces profit with purpose,” said Wanda Lopuch, chair of 3S awards. “Our goal is to provide the winners of 3S Awards with skills and contacts that will empower them to take their winning programs to the next level.”

Luke Bujarski of NSAM meets up with Jeff Puritt of Telus International.

Wanda Lopuch, who founded Medical Data Management,  is reputed for having a passion for promoting sustainable capitalism.

Other winners of the Global Sourcing Council’s 3S awards this year are:

Alter Eco: A South American organization that works directly with small-scale farmers who grow quinoa, rice, sugar and chocolate, providing value and market for their products.

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VOS: An eco-friendly shoemaker that gives back to the local communities in South America.

HarVa: A start-up that focuses primarily on skill development, BPO, community-based farming and microfinance in India’s countryside.

Prana: A fair trade apparel maker and one of the first ones in the United States. The company is working to reduce negative impacts on soils, water supplies and other natural resources.

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