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Chile Tech Talent Digital Talent Up: Chile's New Program to Boost Tech Talent Pool

Digital Talent Up: Chile’s New Program to Boost Tech Talent Pool

Chile’s investment promotion agency is teaming up with IT services exporters to train young graduates in digital skills in an attempt to deal with the worsening tech talent crisis.

InvestChile’s program, known as “Digital Talent Up”, will get underway in the first month of 2023 and that it would fund more than a thousand boot camps during the one-year period, according to the agency itself. Talento Digital and CORFO have also joined forces with the investment agency.

“This initiative allows us to fill in the gaps, promote a high-value sector and improve the skills of our professionals,” said the executive director of InvestChile, Karla Flores.

The country of 18 million people is running short of 10,000 tech professionals, forcing domestic IT services exporters to look for talent elsewhere in the region.

The shortage has scuttled the growth of IT exporters, a majority of them are local. There are around 70 companies providing IT-BPO services in Chile, according to the InvestChile’s data.

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Chile’s authorities are pushing for a digitalization of the country’s economy, but it needs 2.2 million job seekers with digital skills, InvestChile noted, citing previous reports released by the likes of McKinsey and OECD.

The investment promotion agency also considers providing training in English language skills as part of promoting the country’s technology services industry.

Narayan Ammachchi

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