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El Salvador Invites India Investment; Ambassodor Cites IT, BPO Opportunities

Source: The Economic Times

KOLKATA, India — The Central American republic of El Salvador is keen on trade and investments from India and stronger bilateral relations between the two countries.

Speaking at an interactive session fielded by the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata on Wednesday, the ambassador of El Salvador to India, Dr Ruben Ignacio Zamora Rivas said that the nation can open up the vast markets in Guatemela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, besides being an ideal hub for access to the US and European markets.

Dr Rivas said that currently India exports pharmateuticals, fabrics, textiles, electrical goods and auto parts to El Salvador, but there is ample scope for trade in the areas of IT, agro-chemicals, BPOs and medical services from India. He said advanced countries of the world have realized that the future of global trade and commerce lies in China and India, and given proper importance, the economic hub is sure to move to Asia in the next few decades. Currently, several American airlines are using El Salvador as a maintenance center for their aircraft.

One of the smallest, but densely populated Latin American countries, El Salvador has emerged as a very dynamic country in the region, playing a leading role in integration of Central America. The country offers liberal entry rules for Indian citizens and permits are handled by its diplomatic mission in Delhi set up about four years ago. Dr Ruben is also keen to strengthen cultural relations between the two countries and is in favour of exchange of cultural troupes between the two countries and .translation of books authored by eminent writers of both countries.

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ICC director general, Dr Rajeev Singh, offered all assistance to Indian entrepreneurs keen to do business in El Salvador and strengthen bilateral economic ties between the two countries. The interactive session was also addressed by the honorary consul of El Salvador in Calcutta, Sharad K. Khaitan.


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