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Endeavor to Mentor Half A Dozen Latin American Entrepreneurs

Argentina’s Emiliano Kargieman, the founder of nano-satellite developer Satellogic; Chile’s Matias Sjogren and Mexico’s Carlos Frigolet are among the 31 entrepreneurs to have been selected by the business incubator Endeavor in the latest round of its mentoring program.

New York-based Endeavor, which now supports 948 entrepreneurs worldwide, links up small and mid-size businesses with seasoned entrepreneurs so that they can gain the advice and contacts they need to grow their companies into bigger businesses.

“Not only are they innovating economies from Chile to Greece and Saudi Arabia to Indonesia, they are showing the world that excellent talent and big ideas can thrive anywhere with the right mix of support and mentorship,” said Endeavor co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg.

According to reports, Endeavor-supported entrepreneurs created more than 200,000 jobs in 2011.

Emiliano Kargieman’s selection is not at all surprising, because his company Satellogic is building a constellation of inexpensive, mass-produced nano-satellites that stream real-time data. He is also the co-founder of venture capital firm Aconcagua Ventures, which focuses on investing in high-tech startups in Latin America to develop them as global businesses.

Satellogic, according to Endeavor, will be able to provide commercial-grade resolution images in real-time data streams, at the fraction of the current cost, thus reducing barriers to obtain real-time satellite data and democratizing access to space-based services.

Chile’s Matias Sjogren and Rafael Concha work for BioFiltro,which harnesses the power of nature to create an energy-efficient, chemical-free, and odorless wastewater treatment technology. Another Chilean entrepreneur to be selected was Gonzalo Muñoz of TriCiclos, a post-consumer recycling company.

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Mexico’s Carlos Frigolet’s Purafiltracion sells systems that eliminates 99.5% of gas pollutants. In light of Mexico’s energy reforms, Carlos’s business appears to have huge growth potential.

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