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EPAM Systems Hunts for Remote Tech Workers in Uruguay

EPAM Systems, a US-based digital transformation and product development company, has been looking for software experts in Uruguay, with local media confirming that the company has already hired around 30 people in the capital, Montevideo.

All new hires will be working from home, as the company has yet to set up a local physical office.

Company officials told a local news outlet that their goal is to become part of the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technologies (CUTI) and measure the depth of the local talent pool before planning any large-scale expansion in the country.

EPAM is also hiring remote workers in Chile, Argentina and the Dominican Republic.

EPAM has long indicated that it wants to tap into Latin America’s talent pool to strenghten its nearshore offerings. In early February, the company’s regional head Hugo Gómez commented in a press release that Latin America is fast becoming one of the world’s most exciting technology hubs and locations for emerging tech talent.

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Based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, EPAM expanded into Latin America seven years ago with a delivery center in Mexico. In 2021, it expanded its presence to Brazil. The workforce in the region surpassed 1,500 a few months later when the company acquired Colombia-based software maker S4N.

The IT consultant, whose market capitalization reached nearly $40 billion this year, employs the majority of its staff in Belarus and other Eastern European locations.

Narayan Ammachchi

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