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Faces in the Crowd

Nearly five years ago, Carolina Pinett saw an advertisement in the paper. A company had just come to town and needed workers. Pinett started as an agent at KM2 Solutions in San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, before rising to supervisor then operations manager then client services manager. With the violence that has plagued her country in recent years and as someone who uses a wheelchair, her life hasn’t always been easy. But her career path has been fulfilling and something she truly enjoys. “I love it,” said Pinett. “It’s a completely different experience…and you always learn something new.” The company calls her a standout employee, and she attributes this to having spent some time in nearly every role the company offers. But even she knows that her talent for motivating her team comes down to innate abilities. “You need to be a true leader to be able to lead people,” she said.

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