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Faces in the Crowd

What started as a job Leksi Bauer took because “rent was due” has become a fulfilling eight-year career at Capgemini Guatemala. He joined in 2007 and quickly found a niche, supporting HR clients across the world manage training programs and travel safety protocols. He was so good that Capgemini had him begin handling similar projects internally. Now, as the curriculum director at Capgemini University, he develops the global training program for all new recruits and many other initiatives the firm rolls out across all its offices. “From a global perspective, the university makes sure we have a standard,” said Bauer. “Everything is distributed in a standard fashion across the world.” He loves the work itself and that it allows him to interact with so many people from different cultures. “It’s the most understated benefit of working in the outsourcing industry,” he said. “Last year, I had the chance to travel to India. What a great country.”

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