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Faces in the Crowd

Manuel Alejandro Gil Martín is a software engineer from Cuba who now lives in Chile. He loves when his passions blend into his work, so as an amateur guitarist himself he was thrilled to work on the personal website of renowned Cuban singer/songwriter Silvio Rodriguez. One of his other joys comes from working in social media and collaborating with people across the world, which is something he got to do firsthand while creating Cuban Outsource, a social network that allows developers and recruiters on the island to find one another. “I marvel at how social networks have become a new way to be visible to millions of people overnight,” he said. “I love how people collaborate in open source software creating amazing products.” In December, Manuel began working as a software engineer at Signature South Consulting in Santiago, where he spends his days overseeing software, coding, doing DevOps, and loving his new work in his new country.

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