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Faces in the Crowd

Paula Becerra has been with TMF Group for most of her life. She has now worked for 24 years in her hometown of Santiago, Chile, after starting as a trainee and later crafting the internal payroll-processing team. Becerra has since risen to become a manager who oversees some 120 clients — large banks, energy firms, telecoms — and is entrusted with critical clients due to the special care she shows during regular in-person visits. This attention to relationship management has been critical to success recently as TMF urges more companies to adopt HR services on top of payroll. While it is incredibly rare in this day and age to stay with one employer for so long, she has remained loyal, largely because she believes that the company has had her back since day one. In her early days, Becerra’s boss and mentor, Cristian de la Cerda, always offered flexibility and support — even when she was a professional, student, and mother all at the same time.

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