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Faces in the Crowd

Liberio Chirinos grew up in Maracaibo, Venezuela, where he got a degree in business administration and cut his teeth at the national oil company PDVSA. After that was his big move. “I emigrated to the USA in 2001 to get a better future with big dreams,” said Chirinos. He found work at Aramark in Florida and stayed there for over a decade before he “decided to get a better job” and found a home at CGS in Tampa. Four years later, he is still at it in his role as an order support agent dedicated to a telco customer for CGS. He spends his days delivering resolutions to all the client’s problems while overseeing billing and statements via the company website. Transitioning to a new life in a new country hasn’t always been easy — but it has been rewarding. “I learn that without sacrifices in your life there is not victory,” he said.

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