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Faces in the Crowd

Cristian Sarbu wakes up early everyday with a passion for this industry. He adores the opportunity to work with customers so closely that he feels like a part of their organization and stay connected around the clock to people across the globe. While serving as the order-to-cash practice and solutions leader in Latin America for Genpact, Sarbu always believed that his job was special. “The industry dynamic in BPO/BPM is unique,” he said. “There is a speed of change that only a few can feel outside.” The Romanian native is transitioning roles and heading from Guatemala to Poland to wear a new hat. No matter the location, however, this globetrotter will take the lessons he learned in both Guatemala and Mexico to his new position. And as always, Sarbu will continue to pride himself on being a leader who can inspire a team. “During the last seven years I saw amazing talent flowing into the organization, and I am very proud of being able to impact the career of a few of them,” said Sarbu.

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