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Faces in the Crowd: Melissa O’Brien

Melissa O’Brien is research vice president for customer engagement at HFSResearch, a consultancy offering its clients insight into the major innovations impacting business operations, from automation and artificial intelligence to Blockchain, the Internet of Things, digital business models and smart analytics.

Melissa leads the company’s research initiatives for digital front office services, including customer engagement operations, digital marketing, cognitive assistants and CX design and consulting.

Her research analyzes the trends and agents of change that are driving customer experience across the enterprise, and focuses on key dynamics within retail, CPG, travel and hospitality with regards to customer-centric strategies, intelligent operations and service delivery.

At the Nexus 2009 event in New York City on May 16, Melissa will moderate a panel entitled ‘Mastering Digital Channels to Manage and Fuel Exponential Growth’, and which will offer insight into how to create successful, long-term customer engagements across digital channels by mapping the customer journey, gathering and applying the right data, reducing the hassle for customers and producing a meaningful, outcomes-driven package.

Participants on that panel include Michael Truett, head of customer success and engagement at Newsela; Julie Casteel, chief strategic accounts officer at IBEX, and Frank Zimmerman, global head of partnerships at Nosto.

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