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Ninoshka Linde of AGEXPORT in Guatemala

Faces in the Crowd

Ninoshka Linde recently became director of the contact center and BPO commission of AGEXPORT for Guatemala. She previously worked at Invest in Guatemala and continues to be a true believer in an industry that “will have a great and positive impact in the life of thousands of Guatemalans and will benefit my country with employment,” said Linde. The organization is focused on promoting sustainable growth that aims to triple the number of agents in the next five years. One key initiative is the Finishing School project, which aims to elevate English skills to foster human capital development in the country. Its pilot program ran for six months and generated nearly $1.7 million dollars for the industry. As it becomes fully operational, they are projecting this figure to grow to $30.2 million next year.

Jared Wade

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