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New Findings Show BPO Vendors Prepare to Tackle Enterprise “Big Data”: BPO Outcomes and Alsbridge Launch Special Webinar

BPO Outcomes – a leading online publication focused on improving global business process performance – will hold a special webinar on July 24 to focus exclusively on the risks and advantages of leveraging third-party organizations to help enterprises analyze and make sense of rising amounts of corporate information – also known as “Big Data.”

The webinar, featuring guest speaker Ben Trowbridge from leading consultancy, Alsbridge, will examine the potential value business process outsourcing firms have in serving corporate clients with high-performing analytics tools and services. Also participating in the webinar is Terence Sandiford of Capgemini, and Dan Berthiaume, chief editor of BPO Outcomes.

The webinar, entitled “Analyze This: Your Business Process Analytics Strategy May be Hurting your Business,” will begin at 2pm EST on July 24.

“Big Data” represents the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. There’s big money to be made here, but mining “Big Data” is no easy – or inexpensive – task,” says Ben Trowbridge of Alsbridge. “The major investments needed in hardware and software along with the inability to find the right resources at the right price are driving companies to Big Data outsourcing.”

The issue of BPO’s impact on the analysis of corporate data is an increasingly popular issue among senior IT and finance executives. More than half the value of corporations, experts say, is driven by patent portfolios and IP innovations that come from mining corporate data.

The one hour webinar will tackle some of the biggest questions that senior finance executives face when contemplating the services of third-party outsourcers. Those issues include:

  •     How to avoid the further build-up of information silos
  •     Examination of the business value of Social Media analytics
  •     What the BPO market can learn from the maturity and standards established in IT
  •     The inter-mingling of BPO and big data and what it means to finance executives

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Registration is free, but interested attendees must register prior to the event in order to attend.

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Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is an award-winning editor and subject expert in information technology and offshore BPO/ contact center strategies.

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