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Top Five Caribbean Beach Towns to Plant Your Feet in the Sand

As summer sets in across North America, many of you should be dreaming of sunbathing on beaches away from bustling cities. Tropical regions, areas close to the earth’s equator, are perfect destinations for this purpose.

Last year, created a list of 10 best beach towns in the Caribbean and Central America for Americans to buy a piece of real estate, five of which are indeed marvelous and worthy of the money you want to spend.

For the ranking, the website took into account several factors, including safety, affordability, life expectancy, picturesque beaches, GDP, as well as local real estate regulations.

Tulum (Mexico)

Price per square meter in Mexico: $1,852

Nestled on the Yucatan Peninsula, Tulum is known for its picturesque beaches. In addition, it is tourists’ paradise, because of its other attractions, such as Playa Ruinas, the well-preserved ruins of an ancient Mayan port city.

Tulum is also famous for its culinary. Perhaps, for this reason, the expat population is continuously growing in the area. However, real estate is cheap here. A single-bedroom condo will cost just US$139,000.

Impact from COVID-19 Pandemic

Quintana Roo, the Mexican state where Tulum is located, has reported more than 2,000 coronavirus cases so far. As of now, the town is deserted. As Mexico is easing restrictions, Tulum may return to normal over the next one or two months.

2. Rodney Bay (St. Lucia)

Price per square meter in St. Lucia: $1,860

Home to one of the world’s most beautiful beaches –– Reduit Beach, Rodney Bay has long been a hunting ground for US travelers. The island is very sparsely populated and is the place where cruise ships come to dock.

That’s because Bay has the region’s popular bars and restaurants. Also available are the best shopping malls of the Caribbean. Real estate here is as cheap as in Mexico. says it found a three-bedroom home for $495,000.

Impact from COVID-19 Pandemic

St. Lucia did not suffer much from coronavirus. The country reported barely 18 cases and no deaths. As a result, the island is reopening for business, albeit slowly.

3. Dominical (Costa Rica)

Price per square meter in Costa Rica: $1,938

Dominical has long been surfers’ paradise in Central America. Beyond surfing, it is a place to enjoy nature’s beauty. The town is sandwiched between mountains and a deep tropical forest. Foreigners visiting Costa Rica don’t like skipping its beach. If you are looking for a thrill, this is the place for you.

Here, Spanish colonial–style homes with red tile roofs are available for as little as $250,000. Wherever you buy a home here, you should be able to see the ocean nearby. Property laws in Costa Rica are not so stringent, you can expect to register the property in your name quite quickly.

Impact from COVID-19 Pandemic

Costa Rica is among a very few countries in Latin America that were least hurt by the pandemic. These days, there are not many foreigners hanging out on its beaches, but Dominical should return to normal soon.

4.Playa Bonita (Dominican Republic)

Price per square meter in the Dominican Republic: $2,078

Decades ago, it was a quiet fishing town. Thanks to its spectacular beaches and affordable real estate prices, Playa Bonita now has a growing population of expats. There are many restaurants serving European cuisines. Here $230,000 can fetch a two-bedroom condo.

Impact from COVID-19 Pandemic

With more than 500 deaths, the Dominican Republic is one of the worst-hit. The country has reported more than 17,000 cases, but the curve is flattening these days.

5.Caye Caulker (Belize)

Price per square meter in Belize: $2,322

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A tiny island a few miles off the coast of Belize, Caye Caulker is a magnet for nature lovers. Nearby the island is Belize’s popular Barrier Reef.

Wherever you go on the island, you will see people relaxing in hammocks right above the shallow ocean waters. If you are tired of work, then this is the place to go for relaxing.

Here luxury condos are available for around $200,000. says the property laws on the island are as simple as they are in the United States.

Impact from COVID-19 Pandemic

Belize has reported less than 20 coronavirus cases. Yet Caye Caulker is almost deserted. Now, the country has begun welcoming tourists coming on cruise ships.

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