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Want to Make Friends in Brazil? Start a Corporate Facebook Page

Brazilians are known internationally for being outgoing and very social people. And that is reflected in the online social networks universe. Today, Brazilians grow the most in terms of Facebook usage. With more than 48 million registered Facebook users, Brazil is just behind the United States. For companies, approaching these users online is a good brand strategy, which can be quite rewarding.

According to research conducted by the website SocialBakers, which focuses on social media marketing, the Brazilian corporate pages of global brands are the ones that grow more rapidly on Facebook today. Among ten different pages of companies worldwide that have the fastest growing number of “virtual fans,” five are from Brazil.

And most of the companies that are already investing in strong online marketing campaigns, most of are from the local retail industry, and mostly linked to young people habits. The brand “Halls,” is in third place on the list. In fourth is the popular chewing gum “Chiclets,” and at fifth place is “Trident.”

Curiously, all of those brands are owned by the same local producer: Kraft Foods Brazil. According to a report from IDGNow Brazil, the IT specialized news website, “These brands are thought of for the young public, and invest in communication and sharing fun content, always with good humor. They also invest in design, and are usually very colorful.”

From the 20 most popular Brazilian corporate pages on Facebook today, only three of them are online enterprises – Hotel Urbano (2.5 million fans), Peixe Urbano (1.3 million fans) and BrandsClub (966.000 fans).

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For local IT companies, there is a large space to grow in the country when it comes to online advertisement. Even giants of the sector do not show strong numbers in terms of “fans.” IBM Brasil has 11,818 likes and SAP Brasil gathers 8,699 likes, while Oracle Brasil has only 1,800 likes.

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