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FutureSource Summit: Attendees Reveal Intent to Invest Millions in Mexico

With about 45 days to go before the inaugural launch of FutureSource Summit in Mexico City, organizers of the event say they are excited by the response from sourcing buyers, a number of whom have disclosed intentions to invest in Mexico.

“We founded FutureSource Summit largely to provide a premium, exclusive channel for corporate IT, BPO and sourcing leaders to deeply examine the Mexico outsourcing investment opportunity,” said Kirk Laughlin, Managing Director of Nearshore Americas and FutureSource Group, which is the main organizer of the conference. “There is no other U.S.-Mexico outsourcing conference like it, and judging from the response – we’ve clearly struck a chord.”

U.S. and multinational firms attending include  Walgreens, State Street, RealD, Honeywell, Staples, CIGNA, ScotiaBank and Cisco, among many others. Scheduled for November 6-7 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City, the Summit is designed to showcase how large US, Mexico and multinational businesses  – both outsourcing buyers and suppliers – can set up shop in Mexico utilizing the infrastructure, talent pool and and low-cost that Mexico offers.

For participants, the summit offers a stage to find out where to invest in Mexico and who to work with. “For those planning to expand their operation to Mexico, this is the greatest opportunity,” says Marcela Lopez Carrillo Member Services Director at FutureSource Group, who has conducted one-on-one interviews with each of the buyside conference delegates.

“The matchmaking portion we  believe is an important feature given our core focus on enabling ‘high-touch’ introductions and networking”

The summit includes a matchmaking session wherein foreign outsourcing buyers will be able to talk with their potential Mexican partners and learn more about business climate in the North American country. “The matchmaking portion we  believe is an important feature given our core focus on enabling ‘high-touch’ introductions and networking,” Lopez added.

Nearly half of the companies registered to take part in the event do not currently have operations in Mexico.  A number of  the major banks and financial institutions attending currently rely largely on India for back-office support.  Lopez revealed that more than a dozen firms she spoke to are toying with plans to invest between US$10 and $20 million in nearshore outsourcing ventures over the next couple of years.

“One senior executive of an IT services provider told me that they had set aside $20 million to spend on development of captives in the nearshore region,” she said A key goal of the summit is to identify the opportunities that technology has created within the Mexican economy and allow foreign firms to examine and decide how they can take advantage of these resources on offer. Another key objective of the conference is to provide a setting for leading CIOs and sourcing decision-makers from Mexico to gain key insights in best practices for managing global IT and BPO vendors.

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The summit will comprise several panels and sessions that will discuss the significance of Mexico as an emerging hub for global outsourcing companies to serve customers in the USA and Latin America. Visit FutureSource Summit for conference details, agenda, registration and sponsorship information, speaker roster and details on the venue.

Narayan Ammachchi

News Editor for Nearshore Americas, Narayan Ammachchi is a career journalist with a decade of experience in politics and international business. He works out of his base in the Indian Silicon City of Bangalore.

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