Nearshore Americas

Navigate the Nearshore With Confidence

We help companies build successful entry and partnership strategies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Capitalizing on the advantages offered in Latin America and the Caribbean is often a complex undertaking. We can help reduce the level of complexity while guiding your organization toward a rational, sustainable path into the region. Whether working with a technology services partner, or setting up your own operations, we can provide vital support all along the way.

We can help with:

  • Analysis to undercover real operational costs in 25 leading markets of the Nearshore
  • Site analysis, discovery and selection for new captive and delivery center operations
  • Current wage and salary data for a range of job software/IT and BPO job classifications and skill sets
  • Cautions, hazards and personal-safety risks within specific Nearshore markets
  • Vetting providers of software/ IT, call center, knowledge process and back office services to ensure you have the right match, at the right price
  • Establishing connections with well-positioned, in-country contacts, including legal and government agencies
  • Managing your visit: Expert guidance on who to talk to and what to see during on-the-ground familiarization activities
  • Reinforcing higher-performance and better outcomes for investment and trade promotion agencies
  • Country and tech cluster positioning: Identifying and capitalizing on niche Nearshore services
  • Mergers and acquisitions: Targeted strategies to capture immediate market presence

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Client Testimonial
Q/A Interview 

Angela Moran,
CIO at California Coast Credit Union
San Diego California

What was Nearshore Americas able to do to in order to provide support to your organization?

California Coast Credit Union engaged Nearshore Americas to evaluate and select a strategic partner in Latin America.  Our goal was to find a partner to assist with maturing our software development capabilities to accelerate time to market with new feature development on our digital banking platform. Additionally, we were seeking a partner with centers of excellence in QA Automation, Data Analytics and DevOps. Nearshore Americas assisted every step of the way, from RFP creation and evaluation, to site visits to contract negotiation.

Where there any specific benefits CCCU gained from working with us, that would have been hard to find with other consultants?

The benefit of working with Nearshore Americas is the relationship equity Nearshore Americas has built with the nearshore vendors in Central and Latin America over the years.  The depth of these relationships enabled our consultant (Kirk Laughlin) to have open, honest dialog about the specific challenges in a given country.  Another benefit was flexibility.  Kirk was very understanding when presented with a last minute constraint that changed the direction of the engagement. We found the Nearshore Americas team adapted to changes in requirements by presenting the pros/cons associated with the change, all the while being supportive of the decision.

Would you recommend a colleague to Nearshore Americas? If so, what would you tell them? 

Yes, absolutely. When looking for a strategic partner to further the goals of your business, Nearshore America’s understands the value of building solid partnerships.  The relationship is what you draw upon to get past the inevitable bumps in the “nearshore” journey.