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Google Develops the “Most Human-like” Chatbot

Search engine giant Google is claiming that it has developed the world’s most human-like chatbot ever, adding that it would release it over the next few months.

Unlike other virtual assistants, Google’s chatbot talks theoretically on just about anything and tells you more than what it is programmed to. This is precisely what distinguishes it from other bots.

Named Meena, the virtual assistant is an open-domain chatbot, meaning any individual can use it.

The Silicon Valley-based firm says the bot is more human-like because it was trained on about 40 billion words of real social media conversations.

Meena can “further humanizing computer interactions,” says Google. With the help of this virtual assistant, people can improve their skills in foreign languages and make watching video games more joyful.

There are hundreds of thousands of chatbots around the world, but most of them are designed for limited purposes, such as customer service. But Meena can be used by an individual as a teacher or a guide, as it is an open-domain chatbot.

The announcement comes amid reports that chatbots in contact centers are leading to reductions in customer calls, email, and other inquiries.

Google has not disclosed a precise date as to when it would unveil the chatbot. “We are evaluating the risks and benefits associated with externalizing the model checkpoint, however, and may choose to make it available in the coming months to help advance research in this area,” the tech giant said in a blog post.

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Narayan Ammachchi

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