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Google’s Serious Ramp Up in Latin America: Boosts Staff by 50%

Source: Webpronews

More details of Google’s plan to hire 6,000 new employees have come to light.  It seems the search giant will focus an unusual amount of attention on Central and South America, making a special effort to step up operations in that area.

Bill Faries reported earlier today, “Google Inc., the world’s biggest Internet-search company, is opening new offices in Latin America and boosting staffing levels by 50 percent to capitalize on its fastest-growing region.”

Faries then added, “Revenue from Latin America surged 80 percent last year, outpacing every other market, Vice President Dennis Woodside said in an interview at the company’s Buenos Aires office.  Google, which has about 500 people in the region, has opened branches in Santiago, Lima and Bogota to take advantage of the growth, he said.”

Meanwhile, Daniel Gertsacov, Google’s head of new markets for Latin America, gave an interview in which he stressed the importance of Peru in particular.

All this comes at an interesting time for the company, considering that just one week ago, Google lost its managing director of Latin America to Facebook.

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Google’s hiring spree should more than compensate for that loss, however, assuming a couple dozen people on its payroll aren’t already able to step up and fill the opening.

Kirk Laughlin

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