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Google Shuts Down Cuba Government’s YouTube Channel

SOURCE: KNIGHTCENTER The government-run Cuban website Cubadebate denounced Google for closing its YouTube channel for a supposed copyright “infraction” in a video related to the trial of anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles.

YouTube —owned by Google — sent a notice to Cubadebate on Wednesday, Jan. 12, attributing the closure to a copyright issue, explained ANSA. The video in question is a clip of the court appearance in Miami of the Legal Fund for Posada Carriles. According to Cubadebate, the video was edited from a longer version that circulated on the web and had been reproduced on various sites, without authorship.

Cubadebate said Google’s decision was an “attack on freedom of expression,” and demanded that the channel be re-established, reported Notimex. The news agency EFE also added that the Cuban website criticized YouTube for being “full of videos with manipulated and tendentious information about Cuba, including images stolen from Cubadebate.”

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